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Breville The Smart Oven Pro $309 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Breville The Smart Oven Pro $309 delivered for prime members. Seems like a good deal. Last best was $299.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Looks good.

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    I have this one and haven't used the oven since. Or the toaster actually either. Probably not very energy efficient for toast I guess. Cleaning it is a lot easier though than my regular oven

    • i know there are heat/warm functions, but do you think it can be used as a microwave as well?

      • there's another version with a microwave built in in the US only.

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          We have it now too! It’s called the Combi Wave… pricey though

          • @jackary: While it would be good to reduce another appliance, don't think I'd want to combine these two.

            Usually the oven is cooking for longer and wouldn't be able to do quick heating in the microwave until it finished.

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            @jackary: Yikes, pricey indeed. Cheers

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              @pandaman: Convection Microwaves are usually up there in the range of buying two seperate units for some reason.

              The Combi Wave is going for $649 from HN and GG, JBs so pretty similar to other units (with S&P grinders, cutting board and ChefSteps subscription via redemption)

              Apparently the air fryer part isn't very good though.

              • @bamzero: would be alright if I could program the perfect frozen pie heat routine.

                nuke it a bit, wait for temp to equal and middle to thaw. nuke it hot, toast it crispy.

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      Have done the same, but my heater elements are quite uneven, some spots cook faster than others.
      More recently buttons have started playing up, double pressing or sometimes acting like I pressed a different button.
      Fan stopped working a while ago as well. It is nearly 5 years old now though.

  • There is cash back as well

  • Isn't there a newer model nowadays with an air fryer mode !?

    Edit: Yes there is! But $170 extra

    • I was thinking of getting the air fryer one but one review was right. The bottom element was hard to clean. Last time I was in Myer, I question myself as well, how to clean it. So not buying the air fryer one.

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    I've got one just like this except instead of actual labels telling you what mode you're on it has these stupid pictures which are absolutely useless, forcing you to pull out the manual every goddamn time.

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      The Egyptians managed to tie pictures to a meaning, it can't be that hard to memorise in 2021.

      • Learning hieroglyphics is a pretty suboptimal solution.

        Good design doesn't require the customer to work just to use the gadget they paid for. The customer is never wrong, the design is.

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          Whoever downvoted you has obviously never worked in UI/UX design. In this case you're correct - the customer is always right. If it's too hard to use or people have to learn a whole new thing then it discourages most and your product gets abandoned.

      • Just for fun, here's a picture of all the icons. Now think about the fact that this oven has two heating elements - top and bottom - and the fact that half these images look like they do the same goddamn thing.

        • Haha let's play. Not looking at the manual but I would assume:
          Grill (?)
          Defrost/from frozen
          Reheat/warmup (?)

          • @jasontworld: Which is really useless when all I want is bake, grill and reheat.

            • @Tacooo: True, i got the newer one and all I do is switch between the "bake/oven" and "toast"

              • @jasontworld: By the way, you were right for a decent amount of them. Problem is I still don't know what a "cookies" function does. I never bake cookies, nor do I want my oven determining how to cook them. I just want a heat setting and a timer, like the package intends.

                Also it was Toast, Crumpet, Pizza, Bake, Grill, Cookies, Roast, Warm, Defrost, Reheat/Preheat.

  • Wait is this a microwave as well?

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    Have one of these and cannot rate it enough. Does everything and the steam option pure as well as steam assist just make the dishes and options so much better. Costco had them at 199 delivered a little while ago.

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    Looks like this should be eligible to receive a salt and pepper mills and ChefSteps gift pack too.

  • Looks like it's back up to $349? same as the breville website (who also have free delivery)
    Had one of these for six years but the fan gave up a few weeks back and time for a new one.

    Used pretty much every day for heating something.

    • bought from breville direct, $100 off at the moment and free shipping.