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Inno3D GeForce RTX 3060 Ti iChill X3 OC LHR 8GB Graphics Card $999 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Can't say this is a bargain but it's as low as it gets right now for a full sized 3060 Ti that's in stock.

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    H O L D

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      The Door?

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      Yep -$300 to go!

  • Pepes who want gpu asap< me, holding the door! HOOODDOOOR! HOOODDOOOR!!

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    !!!! D L O H

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    its easy to say HOLD. But when you have an rx 570 its profanity hard. Mind you im still holding

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      I feel you. "I'll get this $100 570 to tide me over until the 3060ti comes out at a fresh price" - months and months later and it's still tiding. To be fair, the card's grown on me and a 'few' 'tweaks' in registry and such has 'helped' [Pulse 4gb], but I'm bloody done with it…

      Prices somewhat fall and all HODL breaks loose

      • Iv had an issue for like 6 months now with the card. AMD is aware of it Driver timeouts may be experienced while playing a game & streaming a video simultaneously on some AMD Graphics products such as Radeon™ RX 500 Series Graphics.
        The recent driver update has seemed to resolve it, after installing yesterday i have no more timeouts. So its stopped me from upgrading.
        I almost pulled the plug on the last 3060 ti deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/641997

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          Yep, 21.7.2 fixed a heap of niggling things it seems. The next driver will invariably be WHQL as well and probably tidy a few more things up. AMD slowly getting their butts into line with driver releases & though when you look at "known issues" it's the same stuff over and over somehow :s (mostly for the newer cards thankfully haha)

      • What tweaks? I just built a new PC and took my RX570 with me, but it's doing the trick at the moment (although I don't play anything new and game at 1060p60).

        • another thing thats stopped me from upgrading is im only playing mobas and im hitting 140 fps on the ultrawide xiaomi 34, with a 5800x cpu
          in terms of next gen or current games i dont bother.
          once i upgrade then ill start playing them

        • I don't think it would be helpful for you then. I have a 144 monitor and turned off a bunch of stuff to help maintain frametimes. Guru3D's AMD section is useful and fun if you like tinkering (even for tinkering's sake)

    • Same boat here. In January 2019 I bought my rx570 4gb for $209 brand new.

      No way I can justify an upgrade any time soon with these prices.

  • Should have gotten these cards on release, when nobody wanted them and were waiting for 3080 stock.

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    3070 at this price or no deal

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      Agree. I got the evga 3070 with a backplate from PLE in December for $950.

  • All you clowns keep holding for another 6 months and yelling HODL. Meanwhile anyone with half a brain bought on launch and will have had more than a year's use out of their GPUs by the time you lot get your MSRP cards.

    Best part is when those MSRP GPUs deals were posted idiots on here were shrieking "This is OzB not OzRRP".

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      If I listened to Ozbargain commenter's advice, I'd have no graphics cards or CPUs in the household and no functioning PC. My favourite comments were the "RRP, no deal" when the cards were sold out in minutes. Absolutely clueless to market conditions.

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        Oh you can tell I've touched a nerve with some of these clowns 😂

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        first, i didnt kno wat to buy when everything dropped so i waited.
        after it all got sold out, i remember i got butchered for this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/598074, i ended up cancelling the order.
        so here i am still waiting with a rx 570.

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      whats wrong with saying HODL? Why should we pay way above rrp for these cards? Why do you get to call us clowns? Whats with the superiority complex?

      Im sorry? Not everyone can buy the 30 gen when they came out? They may not have the money, they may not have been planning to upgrade yet, and they may not have been quick enough to grab them since stocks run out so quick?

      How can anyone tell the cards are going to jump in price so much, that ETH mining got so big that it messed up the whole GPU market by tenfold? Could you have done that? Are you jesus reincarnated? Did you warn us peasants since you are so visionary?

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      If you don't have nice things to say, don't say it. What can these insult bring to you apart from a brief moment of satisfaction.

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        Utter tosh. Anyone who wants to "HODL" is free to do so. And I'm free to point out the idiocy of people that have been braying in these threads the past 6 months.

        I have no issue with those that can't afford cards waiting until some semblance of normality returns to thr market, I do however find the same tiresome comments in every one of these threads by the OzB "but muh rrp" crowd to be annoying.

        Hope that's ok with you two delicate souls.

    • Hindsight is such a wonderful thing, no?

      • Hindsight looks even better with rtx and in 4K.

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      The fact that YOU cLoWnS keep paying these ridiculous prices is the reason they're still inflated after almost a year.

      Hand in your ozbargain licence.

  • 290x just died and im still HOLD

    • omg I have to rma my evga 2070, my bladder is full and I am standing beside a water fountain, I can't hold for much longer!

  • 6600 xt and 5700g are just around the corner… Do you guys think the 6600 xt would be enough for 1080p 240fps e sports?

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      Yep the card is designed for 1080p gaming but I’d wait for reviews first.

      • Sounds like a plan. Might just wing it and try if I actually end up acquiring one on launch 🤞

  • At this point might as well wait for 4000 series being a year away.

    • Yep and by then we can all buy the 3000 series.

    • Beyond parody at this point.