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20% off All Liquor (Max Discount $50) @ Coles Online (Excludes QLD, TAS, NSW)


Get 20% off ALL liquor on the Coles online website! Capped at $50. T&C's

Stack with any 6 for $60 wine deal for even better value

Happy shopping!

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  • …noice!

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      (Excludes QLD, TAS, NSW)

      Not noice al att….

      • Why would states get excluded from deals?

        • coles doesn’t sell alcohol in qld, might be that reason?

          • @diguinBR: Coles (Aldi, Costco, etc) aren't allowed to sell liquor in Qld because of their arcane liquor laws.

        • Move to Vic, oh, hang on…

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    Stupid QLD Liquor laws :(

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      why liquor is essential ?

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        Do you even have primary school age kids and work from home? :P

      • Because it taste addictive

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        Someone's got to pay for this mess.

        A $50 slab of 375ml 5% beer, the tax is over $28 ($23.62 excise & ~$4.50 gst)


        A $50 1l bottle of 40% spirits is $40 tax!

        So they need to sell 4 slabs of beer or 3 litres of spirits to pay for every covid test (over $100/test).

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          Just need to cover the monetary printers ink these days.

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    Useless website. Select products. Checkout. Choose local collect. Says not available. Choose different location. Accepted. Continue. Says none of the 6 products available. Won't bother with coles again.

    • Yep. Tried last time, and it just wouldn't let me check out.

      • Yeah, learning how to game the buggy site costs me a few hours last year when these deals were popping up. Now I'm getting ripper deals from these… $7-15 bottles of wine that are RRP $20-35, $25-35 bottles of spirits that are RRP $35-50, $40-45 single malts and gins that are RRP $55-75.

        I've just gone through a big restock these past few weeks mainly of bottles for cocktails and I think I've spent nearly $500 for RRP ~$700-800.

        One of the best OzBargains I've come across, I'm surprised it isn't getting more traction here (or maybe not surprised because the e-commerce is such a shocker)

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    NSW not included as alcohol sales already through the roof lol

    • THIS!

      • money is never enough.

    • That's strange. Didn't notice the NSW excluded bit and yet when I finally found something available the code worked for me.

  • Most things are "temporary unavailable" at my store…

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    Same for me too, “Liquor is not available for delivery or collection at this time“

  • Wow people were not joking about how unusable the website is…

    What an absolute clown show. Plus same issue with everything showing as not available.

  • I tried some alcohol that wasn’t on special, it seems to work ok

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    Woohoo, today is a good day for VIC. Eligible for this deal and zero local cases of CV19.

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      thats what you said after the 1st VIC lockdown.. and see what happend after…?

      • Location

        Ah. Explains it.

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    What a waste of time that was

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    Waste of time. Couldn't get it to work on anything I wanted. Not the first time a Coles online deal has burnt me.

  • Yep. They are doing $10 off $50 on booze (works in NSW) and it didn't apply. I had to call and they gave me a $10 credit. There's an IT problem, apparently. Gee, never seems to be an IT problem with a price error making booze cheaper…

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    Anyone having luck checking out?

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      i can as usual - belvedier 700ml $48, JD Gentlman Jack - $44 - probably the lowest for both for a loong time
      edit: also worth Loch Lomond original single malt for $40 - which i bought last time for the same price

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      Yep. Got a couple of whiskies and a slab of Balter.

  • Thanks for the code.
    Was already going to buy Lemon Ruski's for $10 a 4-pack. At $8 each, I had to get more.

  • I had to change my time and date for pickup for some reason, but I ended up getting 4 bottles of Pure Origin
    Tasmanian Vodka 700mL for $176 (normally $220) saving $44

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    Atrocious website and customer service. Last time, I spent over an hour trying to put an order through, eventually it did. Selected my pickup time the next day at 12-1pm. At 12:15 I arrived in the carpark to be told that it was out of stock. Complained and got a whopping $10 credit. Went to apply the credit to my Coles groceries order, didn't work. Told customer service, didn't get a reply.

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    Every beer they have is "temporarily unavailable". What a joke. Click bait advertising.

    • Report it. I do evey time.

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    Not again, I've spent almost an hour navigating how to order and when I managed to choose home delivered. Coles cancelled the order just before 30mins of delivery time.

  • Agreed that it's a crappy customer experience.
    I've found Richmond VIC has decent stock of what I've looked at, hopefully that helps someone.

  • No fireball?

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    Nice one. Used the suggested 6 for 60 as well.

    Blood Orange Gin 700mL 1 $44.00 (full price $50)

    Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 750mL
    Rapaura Springs 2 $48.00 (full price, part of 6 for $60 tho)

    Ouzo 12
    Ouzo 700mL 1 $41.00 (full price $47)

    Rapaura Springs
    Pinot Gris 750mL 2 $48.00 (full price, part of 6 for $60 tho)

    The Kraken
    Spiced Rum 700mL 1 $53.00 (full price $66)

    Terre de Providence Rose 750mL 2 $40.00 (full price, part of 6 for $60 tho)

    Estimated total*
    You've saved:

    If you apply the 6 for $60 and other discounts, the total is more like $198. But at full price, the total is $299.

    It does appear the discount in my case was around 12%, which is a little strange seeing the T&Cs say "Valid after savings and discounts" I would assume this meant other savings and discounts come first, then 20% is taken off.

    Saved a few bucks either way. Keeps me happy and the missus.

  • What a waste of 30 minutes lol

  • Ok, it could be glitch, but…

    I've put some whiskey in the shopping cart, checked promocode - yep, 20% applied, cool. Then I thought I'm out of milk so why not buy it as well - put it in the cart, went to checkout - and then noticed that discount amount is up a bit! Put some other groceries - yep, 20% is applied to WHOLE CART, not to liquor only!

    PS however when I tried to add some expensive item just to test - 3 kg of salmon - discount magically dropped from 20% of whole cart to $3 (and that's not even 20% of spirits in the cart). Looks like some glitch. Also I haven't found any gift cards…

  • 'Unable to process your request, please try again in a few minutes'.
    No liquor shows up, only non alcoholic types. In Victoria.

  • The promo code should be 'FIZZER'.. describes the promotion perfectly!

  • Got a free bottle of 700ml Glenivet 12YO with Asahi cans. It automatically appeared in my cart. Thanks OP

  • Used my Commbank reward with this too!

    Used free delivery odder despite living pretty close to that Coles lol… hoping nothing is cancelled as I didn't really order much

  • Even better if you have a good fly-buys offer, like "4000 points for $100 spend" - another 20% off so $45 off $125 total.

  • Glenlivet 12YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL ….. Out of Stock. Again! Everytime there is a 20% code, this bottle goes out of stock.

  • +1

    For first time Coles Online purchases SHOPBACK10 is stackable for an extra $10 off, as long as you're still over $100 after the 20% discount.

    • Noooo just saw this now :(

  • How do you get the discount? I added Southern Comfort 700ml, and Canadian Club 700ml to my cart, but the price hasn't changed.

    • have you added the code in the post?

      • I can't remember if I had to use a code last time. But this time I assumed it'd be automatically discounted, as I didn't see any code mentioned in the post. But I have since looked at the T&C, and found the required code, and it's working.

  • Yep I couldnt get it to work regardless of whatever I added (even non-special items). Major fail.

  • Same here. Can't even get the code to work at all.

  • +1

    In NSW and got the code to work somehow. Grabbed Chivas 18yo for $76.15. Thanks OP!

  • very shifty website. Cart was $131, but when i add the code it jacked it up to $150 and put in the discount ! so you only save $10.

  • No issues here with the code, but I ordered three 1L CCs and apparently they had just the one. For some reason, though, I was charged only $23.60 instead of $43.20, so I can't really complain, haha.

  • Received my order today and only ordered yesterday. Feel a little guilty with delivery as I'm not far from a Coles lol

    Got the Ink Gin, such a lovely colour!

  • Added a few different 'fizzy' products but no discount applied. No explanation on what 'Not yet qualified' message means.

  • FIZZ20 doesnt seem to work well "Not yet qualified" disappointing as I think it should work.

  • this code doesnt seem to be working right at all!
    my cart goes from $166.30 without the code to $184.40 when the code is applied
    final total is ~$145 when it should actually be ~$125!
    …the code is actually making my cart more expensive by $20!!

  • +1

    I'm really unsure how this has happened. I have been charged $143.39

    Calculated cart: $208.47
    Email states: $284.18
    Website cart added up: $184.59
    Front page states: $234.59
    Expected final price: $140.60

    Discounts added: -$50.00 -$10.00 -$31.50

    I have added and calculated all these discrepancies and some where along the lines they have over charged me $2.79.

    Not the end of the world and I'm still saving money, but all these numbers do not make sense and adding up has annoyed me a tad.

    • +1

      Paypal Charged: $143.39
      Cart: Should be $208.47 email states $284.17 Email states charged $143.39
      states an apparent 128.88 saving ;; 143.39 + 128.88 = 272.27

      $143.39 includes ?? -$10 , -$31.50

      full cart should cost $208.47. Alcohol cost included in this price is $181 with coupon included should cost $144.80?

      144.80 plus (other items) 27.47 = 172.27

      172.27 minus credit coupon of $31.50 = $140.77

      Random $10 credit is 140.77 - 10 = $130.77

      online cart states price is $184.59 on front page states $234.59 with 78.88 saving = $155.71

      Below discounts added -$50.00 , -$10.00, -$31.50 totalling = $91.50 off total cart.

      $234.59 minus discount = 143.09

      expected price $208.47 minus $31.50 minus $36.20
      ===== $140.30


      The 20 percent off code is apparently the $50 off but should've only been $36.20
      $10 off coupon is somewhat random, unsure why this was applied to my cart and confused matters further for me.
      $31.50 discount was from a prior issue I have had and was a shopping credit adding to my account..

      • 🤯