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Log in Daily to Get for Free: 160 Primos, 26 Level-up Books, 69k Mora, 16 Weapon Ores, 9 Foods @ Genshin Impact


Go to the link and log in to get the free stuff everyday.

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  • I only see 60 primogems up for grab, not 160. Where's the extra 100 coming from?

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    Don't promote their trash behaviour.

    They have and should be able to do this in-game, and to require it over 30 days is disgusting just because some employee wants their metrics for their other site to get pumped.

    This is not a deal.

    • -7

      Its still a deal even if you don't like what the company is doing. Its like deal from Harvey Norman.

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    I like it that I dont need to log into the game to do this

    • +1

      you can even start a script to automate the process for you so you don't need to visit n click the page every day haha, I found some vids on YouTube with step by step instructions

      • I found reddit thread about using script may result in ban, so i would still use manual check-in for now/
        I know what it does and how it works for this one https://github.com/AyraHikari/genshin_impact-daily,but still not 100% confident about the script in term of security

        • oh scary, I've been using it for quite a few months now >< so far no one in the video comments complaining about bans yet.
          but it's honestly a lifesaver, I never remember!

          -edit- oh wait yea all the github scripts got taken down recently I think? but theres other ones from other providers that work now.

  • Thanks, never did this prior to account linking, more primos to hoard for Baal 👍

    • Yoimia's bait dont summon till baal/anaversary.

      But Sayu's lilypichu cant contain the inner simp, tempted to pull. What to do?

      • Wait for Baal and Baal only, 4 weeks away!

        • How many u got saved? Im on 19k

          • @Chchnu: 19250 and 15 intertwined fates, should be plenty but have plenty of time to save more