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[NSW] ClipFresh Microwave Pasta Maker $3 @ The Reject Shop (Parramatta)


Can't find the price tag in store, maybe local store only. I wonder how much was it.

CFMW2775 Pasta Maker

This Pasta Maker is a new utensil allows you to cook all kinds of pasta in the microwave.

The link to product website: http://www.clip-fresh.com/products/cfmw2775/
Time saving as you don’t have to boil water first.
The insert serves as a drainer and a doser.

You can use it to cook a wide variety of pasta:
spaghetti, short pasta, fresh pasta, noodles, etc…

  • Size: 265 x 171 x 110mm
  • Volume: 2L

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    The reject Shop got quite a bit of attention today during the 11 a.m. covid briefing in NSW. Specifically, why the hell is it open?!

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      What could be more essential than browsing for plastic kitchen gadgets like a microwave pasta maker?

      Anyway, being a Professional Bargain Hunter (thanks Gerry) is probably on the list of essential workers. You just have to get tested weekly when you're bargain hunting outside your LGA.

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        They get away with it because they have a single aisle of Tesco food products. Mainly junk food, but apparently enough to fall into the grocery category .

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          Probably operating under the same loophole that lets Bunnings keep trading because they sell take-away sausages?

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            @newdad: We're screwed with this premier, let's be honest .

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      This one?

      The Reject Shop Parramatta
      Westfield Parramatta, 175 Church Street 1:35pm to 1:50pm on Friday 23 July 2021

      Anyone who attended this venue is a casual contact and must get tested and self-isolate until they receive a negative result.

      • yes, maybe not worth the bargain here

    • The question is: is this essential? Why is the OP out there browsing?

      • Local tobacco shops are open. Plenty of traffic outside. Construction sites are going. JBhifi myer and the like are OPEN for click n colelct. FFS, not sure whether essential means everything under the sun.

        I guess Sydney as redefined "lockdown".

  • is it just a microwave safe bowl ?

    • Yes.

      You can grab a bigger jar and microwave-cook pasta in it.

    • I just use the Sistema microwave rice cooker and works a treat. Just 2 min intervals so the pasta doesn't stick together :)

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    Noticed your Visa card got declined.

    No real point, just saying.

    • +1

      Fortunately, his MasterCard came through with the goods which means he won't be boiling pasta on the stove tonight.

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    • Also noticed the Indo Mi Goreng 5pk for $1.10 is a good deal too.

      • Could've been in the reject bin where there's only 4 packs or short dated because they did a manual price override it seems?

  • +1

    getting that essential shopping in I see

    • +1

      and in Parra LGA, no less.

      • +3

        Shows his commitment to bargain hunting. Even during a pandemic, in a know hotspot suburb, and in a store that had an "Isolate Immediately" order placed upon it for a period on Friday.

        His bargain hunting credentials should never be questioned.

  • Mi Goreng and veggie soup, that's enough food for a good 2-3 days

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    Related: ClipFresh make the best liquid/air-tight food containers, hands down. They used to be stocked in Target, Bunnings, Reject Shop but are now practically impossible to find.

    Apparently reject shop have this: rejectshop.com.au/p/clipfresh-container-600ml
    Just not quite the size I'm looking for (There's a similarly-sized, square version I find perfect)

    Anyone seen em around anywhere?

    • +1

      I feel you. We're gradually losing them to wear and tear in our house. Every once in a while I'll search for them, but the dream appears to be over.

  • not sure nonna approves microwave pasta!

    • Maybe the Nonnas in all those TV ads plugging jar sauce…

  • Essential shopping :-)

  • Definitely essential during this lockdown for cooking the indomie.