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Telstra Day: iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $699 (Save $500) + Plan, iPad Air 4 64GB Cellular $899 (Save $200) + Plan & More @ Telstra


Looks like Telstra are having a one day sale on Thursday the 5th August and for those still looking for an iPhone 12 mini this looks like the cheapest deal so far (even though new iPhones will be announced in a month or so this still seems like a pretty good deal).

It says up to $500 off the iPhone 12 range but not more specific details.

Given that the iPhone 12 mini 64gb has an RRP of $1,199 and the cost of the cheapest plan is $55 it is safe to say that the iPhone mini 64gb will be $500 off based on the total minimum cost of $754.

Other deals include:

  • iPad Air 4 64GB cellular for $899 ($200 off so the same cost as the wifi only version)
  • Apple Watch SE 40mm $404 ($100 off RRP)

Guessing full details will be out tomorrow for all the deals.

It says specials are available both online and in store.

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        • Ok thanks for the update.

        • Which phone did you purchase? I am thinking of iPhone 12 128GB or 256GB, not sure which storage option to go for.

  • You think they would have at least one plan slightly discounted…

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    I wasn't able to buy online - but went into Telstra Store and was able to buy an iPhone 128GB Black outright. The team there were super nice. There was a loophole where you had to sign up for a plan, buy it outright and then cancel the plan.

    • Are you an existing Telstra customer? Do they do a credit check on outright phones? Could you please update me? Thank you.

      • I was not an existing customer - thats why they had to sign me up to a plan and then cancel. I think they did a credit check because they asked for my work details, job roles and how long I had been in the position for but they didn't ask for pay slips or anything.

        • Thank you for the update. Appreciate your detailed reply.

  • I have visited telstra store, jbhifi store and using the telstra app too. Here are my experience to share getting this super deal.
    1. Telstra store, you can ask the staff to buy outright or instalment if you
    a. Sign new plan
    b. Attached the purchase to your existing plan (whatever plan, mobile, data,…)
    2. Telstra app
    a. Buy outright or
    b. Instalment purchase with a plan
    c. Buy over telstra plus reward, need to have existing whatever post paid plan and minimum points depending on the device you choose to pay outright or instalment payment
    3. At jbhifi, if you have a friend or a nice staff work there you could have the price matching. Or in case you don't meet the one, you could ask them to sign a telstra plan m2m and attach that order number to have legit reason for them to price match the price for you.

    For me, I ended up to have the deal at jb hifi to use my gift cards, yes need to pay the cheapest plan m2m $45 / month (my friend not work today), then I can cancel it. If you are a student you could sign a cheaper plan.

    Have fun Telstra Day

    • But you still have to pay the cheapest plan for a month…

      • -1

        Because my friend don't work at jbhifi today and I have gift cards which I have free on Telstra loophole last 2 years, need to use them mate.

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    I’m existing Telstra customer, no services with them for over 5 years. Just reinstalled app & bought 2 new phones. Both outright without any new plan needed.

    • I’m in the same boat as you, but can’t buy it. “Something went wrong“ every time.

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    Thanks Ordered 12 mini. Telstra picked up Boost ID and an outright order went through without any issues

  • I'm a Telstra customer having my NBN with them. Our two phones are with Boost. I just bought the Iphone 12 blue 128gb outright with no plan for $1,029. Text message and email confirmation and will be notified when it is in stock and ships.

    Not sure why some people are still trying to game the system by getting a plan to only cancel it a month later…. Just buy the phone only.

    • +1

      …because they might never have been a Telstra customer before.

  • I’ve been trying to buy outright with no plan for ages and it keeps giving me a error.

    Tried using my phone and iPad and doing on the Telstra app. Nothing works.

    • I was on Chrome on my PC logged in with my Telstra ID. I still had to go through the id check in the purchase process.

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    The Telstra rewards store is not discounting the price on the s21 ultra 5G, only the iphones.

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    Is it possible to pay with Afterpay?

  • Anyone else have issues with Telstra 'Identity Verification' tried License and Passport both times has an 'Error' - had the same issue about a year ago trying to order an Xbox

    • yes trid a friend's account, cant pass through the verify step even all the detail is correct

  • +2

    Update: Order has been dispatched.
    Confirming its the phone without the plan

  • Bought outright iPhone 12 256GB without plan via Telstra website on computer.Thanks OP.

    • Hey mate, can you confirm if it hit your credit file?

  • Watch SE is out of stock for a while. Is anyone able to order??

  • I was able to order an iPhone 12 Mini outright through Telstra Plus as I had a few points (saved me an extra $30). I did not get a plan, i do have a Telstra pre-paid though (long life - back up phone).

    • +1

      I didn't even check Telstra Plus. That's actually a better way if you have at least 1000 points. It's $696 and there is no stipulation that a plan is required.

  • Just bought iphone 12 mini outright, no plan attached. Not sure if this mattered, but I already had a Telstra account and a prepaid number that is apparently still active on my account.

    Form asked for drivers license number during checkout, but didn't state anything about a credit check (hopefully it won't do a check).

    Tracking said it will arrive 08 Aug, but who knows if this will go through.

    • Tracking said it will arrive 08 Aug

      I cant see a date anywhere, mytelstra page says "Hardware delivery Waiting for stock". Where do you see 8 Aug?

    • Tracking said it will arrive 08 Aug

      Very nice! Did you get the tracking ID in an email? Or are you tracking it through Telstra's site?

      • +1

        Got email that had link to tracking. Downloaded the my Telstra app and it said the same thing. There is not tracking number per say, just has expected delivery date

    • They deliver Sunday?

      • Mine is arriving on this Saturday!

      • I just got tracking from StarTrack, ETA is 9/8, so Monday. Telstra still has 8/8 lol. But good news is that it's coming

  • About to pay outright and it says "Our new plan is paid by AutoPay only. Your payment will be debited at the beginning of each payment cycle. You’ll receive a receipt to confirm payment, not a bill."

    WTF is AutoPay and what payment cycles? Edit: pressed the button anyway Thanks OP!

  • iPhone 12 for $400 off. That’s a steal. Thanks OP

    • +1

      $400 off iPhone 12 is good. That brings the iPhone 12 price to some reasonable level compared to other brands.

  • I have been uming and ahing about purchasing a new iPhone but with the release of the 13 im not sure. Is this worth pulling the trigger on a 12 or 12 mini? Cheers!

    • +2

      I was waiting for iPhone 13 but once I saw iPhone 12 is $400 off, I couldn’t wait and bought iPhone 12 256GB for $1,199. Once iPhone 13 releases, I assume iPhone 12 series will be discounted by a couple of hundred dollars at most, so $400 off is quite a good deal IMHO.

      • Sweet. Cheers for the information! I compared the iPhone 12 to the 12 mini and only noticed the physical size and battery life are different. Are there any other differences?

        • +1

          I got mini and then asked same question, lol This is the only other difference imho:

          Both phones have access to wired 20W charging (charger sold separately) and wireless charging (ditto). Support for the latter goes up to 15W for the iPhone 12 and a lesser 12W for the iPhone 12 mini. Sure enough, we found wireless charging to be slower on the iPhone 12 mini than with other phones in the range.

          • @nuker: I just pulled the trigger on a mini! This personally for me doesn't make it worth the extra $$$

            edit 1: like many othe people here, I have not been able to get past the error page :/

        • Yeah that's why I bought the mini. A really good price and does not sacrifice much compared to the other models. Mostly just less cameras really.

        • iPhone 12 mini is quite a good phone apart from the battery life compared to the big brothers in iPhone 12 series. If someone wants to use the phone more for multimedia and entertainment stuff, then the bigger screen is better.

        • Mini at this price is a bargain if you can live with screen size

      • iPhone 12 256GB was $1,259 /to $1,279 for the end FY sale everywhere

        • -1

          Wasn’t that iPhone12 128GB model? Can you please tell me which retailers were selling iPhone12 256GB model for the price you mentioned?

  • Just went to office works. They price matched whatever they had available in store or on their homepage. Got a white 128gb for $740.
    Good deal I thought.

  • Soo… what chargers? Plug or wireless MagSafe or both for mini?

  • +1

    interesting turn of events. i go into officeworks a couple of days ago to buy the S21+ at 1397, they didn't have it in stock, nor could they get it in. I had to order it online.

    I go into JB-HI fi to pick it up today before melbourne's 6th lockdown. Only one lady working in phones, stood there for about 15minutes because she was helping another guy. The S21+ were 1649 anyway which annoyed me greatly, thinking i should have ordered it online.

    I go home and get a text about telstra day, never heard of it. Picked up an S21 ultra for 1348.

  • Has anyone received the shipped notification?

    • Nope, ordered on business though, can just turn up from previous experience lol.

    • Yes, ordered last night at 1am, got shipping notification at 12:30pm today

  • I have been unable to purchase. Trying for the last 3-4hrs, tried over the phone, tried the chat. The chat has had me waiting for over an hour for a reply.

  • I got the mini for my daughter 18 who has a 7, she doesn’t like the Mrs Xr so didn’t want a 12 screen size, even though the phone is a tad smaller. Couldn’t use one myself, pro max all the way lol.

  • +3

    Please be very careful when you fill in the Delivery Address in your order.

    There is a bug (potentially in Front-end) that if you do not click “Edit” and re-fill in the delivery address before you submit your order, there will be a small chance that an unexpected Delivery Address will be used (in my case, it used an address which is hundreds metres away from my real residential address) and you will not be able to cancel the order or change the address after submitting your order (confirmed with 3 representatives). The order will go to Accepted->Stock Allocated->PONR (point of no refund) phase immediately in 1 minute that’s why you will get no chance to edit/cancel it.

    Luckily, the random delivery address in my order was a unit block with no unit number, so most potentially it will be redirected to the local Auspost that I can pick it up.

    Just my personal experience with Testra system FYI

    • +3

      The Telstra system is absolutely terrible for addresses. I cannot enter my apartment number. It comes up ok, but as soon as I click it, it then just shows the road address. This is unbelievable to see. So I cannot change my address. This is however for my account. Luckily for delivery I could enter the address ok. Why in the year 2021 somebody cannot enter a personal address manually I have no idea.

    • +2

      Same issue here, delivering mine to a random building down the road from me. Telstra reps haven't been able to amend the delivery address, neither could Startrack without Telstra's instructions, chicken or the egg situation. Been escalated with Telstra and am awaiting a call from them but have low expectations.

    • +2

      So frustrating. Mines being delivered to wrong address. Completely random address in same suburb

      Edit: 45 minutes on the phone. Lady called StarTrack. They told Telstra to change it in there system and it’ll be fine…. It won’t be fine. I guarantee it

      • Also in the same situation. Telstra attempting to escalate the issue to StarTrack. I was told if the order was cancelled, they won’t be able to honour the Telstra day price again… incredibly frustrating situation due to a potential system glitch. Wondering if you guys have received any updates?

        • +2

          So Telstra assured me the address was updated with StarTrack. It hadn’t been.

          Today I got a text saying delivery attempted (at the wrong address) and I would need to collect from post office. So this Arvo when the package arrived at post office I just showed them the tracking in the aus post app. She matched name with my licence and I just said I moved house and haven’t updated my address haha. She didn’t care. I got the phone. I felt like I was doing something illegal but it’s my phone.

          • +1

            @BarryBargain88: Same. They didn't get back to me either. Now the status of the parcel is NHCL (Not home card left) and I got an SMS saying a card was left (at the wrong address) and I'm not quite sure if they will put it to AusPost or keep trying redelivering.

  • Do the iPhone 12s come preinstalled with any Telstra apps?

    • +1

      No iPhone stop having customisations for service providers since a couple of years ago.

  • Just purchased a 12 mini online - back order stock since I didn't want the black which is still in stock

    here's hoping i'm not waiting forever while telstra earn interest

  • Can I go on a 24 month repayment of the phone and add a plan then cancel the plan straight away and keep paying for phone only instalment ?

    • You have to pay outright if you do, and if you have at least one active services, you can add this monthly repayment hardware only via Telstra Plus store purchase.

      • Ok I have a Telstra nbn service and a Telstra $49 sim only plan now no contract. My plan is to get the phone on repayment plus the $55 plan then cancel the $55 plan. Is that possible ? Or get the phone on repayment and upgrade my $49 plan to the $55 plan then cancel the $55 plan and get a sim only plan somewhere else? In the end I still have the Telstra nbn service.

        • +1

          You cannot get the phone on repayment + monthly plan then cancel it, you will effectively have to pay outright to do so. Once you cancel them, no matter what, you have to pay outright. The repayment needs to have an active monthly phone plan regardless.

        • Oh if you are a telstra customer and have or don't have service with them, no matter. In telstra plus rewards store, you can buy the phone outright if your point meet the minimum for the phone without any plan or service. You also can do instalment purchasing but you must have one post paid service to do so in telstra plus rewards store too.

      • Only left 64GB Green iPhone 12 mini from Telstra Plus Store.

        • Thanks. How long will the wait be for the back order you reckon?

          • @k3nnis: Maybe 3 to 5 days. Have fun

    • I have same experience. You have to contact telstra chat first, tell your reason to cancel the plan (covid 19, financial hardship,…), and ask them help you set up instalment payments plan for the device. If they can help you do it straight away, it good. If not they may promise to set up it and cancel the plan for you through the Telstra Credit Management team, you need to call them with phone number and keep the case number with you which the chat rep provides. Remember do not cancel the plan at first, if your plan cancel before doing instalment plan set up, your account with that plan will be finalised, you could not have account number link to that plan to tell the Credit Management team help you set up instalment payment plan for the device. Be careful as your customer ID is not the account number, one customer ID can have one or several account numbers for different plans. Hope it help you.
      P/S to sum up you need call Telstra Credit Management team to arrange it if the chat rep could not set-up for you but promised to do so through their backen team. You must provide account number link with that plan (you can ask the chat rep find this for you) not customer ID.

  • Thanks. No worries.

  • Does anyone know if purchasing outright will cost a credit check ?

    • If you haven’t been Telstra customer in the past, then most probably it will do a credit check.

      • Thanks mate I am an old customer and my Telstra app did have my info recorded but it still asks me for ID.

    • I just went to office works and they price matched.

    • edit: Telstra chat rep confirmed a credit check will be done even if it is an outright purchase for an existing Telstra account

      • +2

        Not entirely true.

  • Yes it will ask for your ID check.

  • So… anyone have their back orders ship yet? :P

    • Received my shipment update a few minutes ago.

      • guessing it wasnt a backorder ?

        • +1

          Not sure about it mate.

    • just got shipment update for my backorder too.

    • Has anyone got the iPhone shipped without choosing a plan?

  • +1

    Has anyone got the iPhone shipped without choosing a plan?

    • +1

      Yes. My has shipped & been delivered. No plan.

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