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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF, Intel Core i5 4570 3.20GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD $169.99 + Delivery @ FuseTechAu


Standard procedure , we have more Optiplexs , go buy some they are great office PCs.

The Optiplex 9020 is an affordable desktop, Great for your work and studies

• CPU - Intel Core i5 4570

• Ram - 8gb ddr3 ( Optional upgrades available)

• Hard Drive - 128gb SSD - High quality brand from Samsung, gigabyte, western digital, Kingston (optional upgrades available)

• Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 4600

• Connectivity - Headphone Jack + Mic Jack, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0,2 x display port 1x vga

• Optical Drive - Yes

• Network - Ethernet

• Operating System - Windows 10 Pro


-Power cable-Vga Cable

We also have a selection of Cheap peripherals including Keyboards and mice


RGB mouse pad for +10 efficiency


We Also have some ultra budget Gaming PCs!!!!!!!!!!


Something with a tad more oomph


Warranty - 3 months warranty


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  • Running i7 model. Home lab Esxi. Virtualised pfsense.

    • Do u have a additional NiC

      • +1

        Same setup with pfsense on proxmox. Run it with Intel half height 4xNIC off ebay.

  • Would it be a good idea to buy one of these, upgrade the PSU and chuck in a RTX 3080 to be used as a mining PC? I know it's SFF so the side panel can be left open.

    • Asking for a friend.
    • +3

      Lol no.

    • +2

      There's definitely not enough space in length, width or height for an RTX3080 to fit in this PC.
      Also good luck finding a replacement PSU unless you want to leave it outside the case

    • +1

      Would be a few bottlenecks even if it were possible affecting the hash rate somewhat.

      • Thanks FR and T.

  • Nice price.. Got 1

  • +1

    Decent hardware to run firewall like pfsense and opnsense. Would need to a decent intel NIC.

  • I owned this exact PC

  • -1

    $30 post , good on ya op . That’s actually decent.

  • Do these have inbuilt wifi card?

    • They don't

    • optional extra

    • No

    • +1

      I think its optional extra but at no cost for the 8gb ram version

    • The order page has a tick box for wifi. Looking at the photos, doesn't appear built-in in the base config.

      • Judging by the seller not answering my question it probably doesnt come with the antenna

        • hello i am here, in between packing boxes. It doesn't come with antennas no , but you can add the wifi usb option, easy plug in and play

          • @FuseTechAu: Ok so the pic is wrong showing antenna sockets at the back of the case. Are the display port and dvi port there? Maybe the pic should be corrected because it was wrong in the last deal too

  • anyone use these to host servers and keep them 24/7 on? or should i look at something else for that

    • Possible, but a better choice would be an ex-lease server on eBay if you don't mind the noise and power bill.

    • Mines in 24/7 quiet. Running VMs

  • +1

    My work used to sell these to staff for $25 :(

    When I found out they had stopped doing it.. arrgg.

  • Can this fit a 3060? Is the 3060 too bottlenecked by this? I have a few ddr3s around and can updrade easily the ram

    • +2

      Nah not really. Need low profile gfx card and prop. PSU don’t have enuff power

      • CPU would bottleneck the 3060 even if you did move to a bigger case and upgraded the PSU

      • thanks

        • +1

          fyi, you can't upgrade the PSU as they're OEM modular ones

  • i dont see any usb 3 blue ports on the image??

    • The ones marked with SS (super speed) above the port are USB 3.0

      • ok thanks fr, i was just taking a closer look at that..cheers

  • Thinking about building/buying a NAS. Any thoughts on grabbing this and a few new hard drives or go with non-diy NAS?
    Usability is important for family but at this cost vs Synology, I can convince them to compromise.

    • +1

      Not enough drive bays for a NAS

    • Might as well buy a 2-4 bay Synology instead

  • Hey OP, can this support 4k monitor? If not, have you got any model that can do that?

    • yes, display port output can

  • Anyone know if these cpu's are soldered or socketed on to the motherboard?

    • +2


    • +1

      They're standard (not soldered) CPUs

  • Anyone who already have one, what would be the power consumption ? KWH?

  • Like to use it for home theatre but how if there's no HDMI output?

    • +6

      HTPC was a good idea twenty years ago.

      Now you want a fanless ARM box for front-end. Android, Apple TV etc.

      DP to HDMI cable works, but no hdmi 2.0. Can do 4K at 24 or 30Hz maybe, but not 50/60.

      • Yeah, 4k 30Hz using the DP to HDMI cable that's the Max I've been able to get using a variety of cables and TV's

    • Intel nuc would be better as they support ir remote out of the box

  • 240Gb storage,16Gb RAM, wi-fi and delivery for $290.

    Anyone know if this is a good deal for the money? I’m getting it for someone who desperately needs a pc, but simply can’t afford one.
    Luckily I have a couple of monitors I can give them,

    • i mean now that's a bargain.

      • How much for a mouse and keyboard?

        • $15 off eBay

  • Had mine now for going on 3 years. Refurb then. Apart from 1050 video card, ssd and additional 8gb, done nothing and not missed a beat. Used on a daily basis. PSU handles the video card without issue. Bullet proof…. Great value machines.

    • What kind of games will that setup handle ? Thinking about surprising my niece with a basic pc for games like hello neighbor and Minecraft.

      I have a spare 1070 but based on comments that would be too much, correct ?

      • My Card's actually a 1030, typo. Not a blistering performer but solid, quiet and does everything I require. Main reason I fitted the video card was to gain a hdmi port…
        Psu is comfortable with the 1030, ssd and 2nd 500gb hdd but wouldn't wanna load it any further..
        Be honest, I doubt you'd even fit the 1070 as my 1030 is very slim (small fan and low profile heatsink) and that leaves little wiggle room. For the minimal gaming I do, the setup is fine… Good general purpose machine…
        Hope this helps…

  • I bought one of these PCs recently and it's perfectly good for general office stuff, browsing, email, and videos. Very quiet too.

  • Thanks maniac.

    Could I install Linux on it?

    • Yes you can.

    • Yeah they run it well too, I've had and still use multiple ones of these for all sorts of stuff. Running all sorts of Windows and Linux. You can even use Batocera which is a Linux based game front end like Retropie for retro gaming too.

  • Hi,
    What sort of motherboard does it have?
    I have an intel Xeon e5 around, I wonder if I can use it.

    • +1

      e5 is a bigger socket, you want e3 Xeon.
      That is assuming the chipset will support it

      • Thank you for you reply.
        it's hard finding one of those refurbs which support a xeon e5. I have a couple around.

        • that socket was never really used by consumers, if you really want to use it look up refurb motherboards off aliexpress.

          However I suspect a moden quadcore i3 will perform better than a 8 year old 6 core

  • I am wondering if I choose the Yes option for the wifi would it include any adapter? Thank you

  • Bought one, thanks OP!

    • +1


  • Can you play MS Flight Simulator 2020 on this?

    • +6

      please do it and we'll upload it on our insta

    • Yeah i wanna see it run on intel graphics as well lol

  • Got one. Great price

  • Pickup available for Melbourne customers?

    • yeah can be done

      • Could you please answer my question above? " I am wondering if I choose the Yes option for the wifi would it include any adapter? Thank you"

        • hey, its a WIFI USB so its just a plug in one

  • -2

    Guys, what's your thoughts on getting this to use solely as a htpc? Will it run Windows 7/10 and 4k movies smoothly on my 65" hisense?

  • Sold out? Was hoping to use this as in the living room as a streaming set up.

    • think so, other products are working

  • If anyone missed out, there is a cheaper and reasonably similarly specced listing with a few units left on eBay

    Main difference is the processor: i5-4570S which has a lower TDP at 65W and is slightly less performant. I'm not using it for sustained cpu workloads anyway so makes little difference to me

    HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT i5-4570S CPU @2.9GHz-8GB RAM -120GB SSD Win 10 Pro

    $139 including delivery

  • I bought one of these from another deal and recently installed botacera to the ssd runs really well.

  • Does ram have to be the same brand as I just put in 2 sticks of 4 gig ddr 3 but the computer just keeps rebooting?

    • +1

      needs to be same clock speed mhz on all sticks i bleive. down load the manual and read it to find out.

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