Looking to buy MY22 Kia Cerato Sport Plus


I'm looking to buy a new MY22 Kia Cerato Sport Plus. Current driveaway offer is $31,690 without any colour option or extras. Looks like price has gone up a fair but since 2018.

Anyone recently purchased one or know how much further discount I could realistically expect?


Edit: Thanks everyone for the response. Probably looking at getting a used Subaru Impreza instead or god forbid, a used VW Golf!


  • Not much discounts atm but I got a novated quote for the GT version for 34k

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    I guess its been 12 hours since someone asked what discount they can get on a car..

    Cerato Sport Plus.

    Double negative?

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    Great car, I purchased one just over 12 months ago. It would cost me $5000+ more today if I wanted to buy it again.

    Realistically you may get free mats and a tank full of petrol thrown in but discounts are just about a thing of the past due to shortages of chips needed to run a vehicle's computer systems.

    It's been suggested that it may take 1 to 2 years before things return to 'normal'.

    • May I ask what kind of fuel economy you have been getting? Reviewers state much higher numbers than what KIA provides but I know they are testing the cars and like to use a heavy foot.

      Any insight/owners experience would be appreciated as we are also looking to purchase one.

      • @ ZachBlasphemy Around town I'm getting mid 7's, while a recent long highway trip gave me low 6's.

        I was getting a bit better than that but recently for some unknown reason fuel usage has increased.

        • Thanks for the response.

          Those numbers seem to line up with what I was expecting.

          Hopefully you can figure out what's causing the increased usage.

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    Just bought one a few weeks ago in WA. Got $900 off and a full tank.

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    Looks like price has gone up a fair but since 2018.

    Features have also increased, but yes…price is up

    Expect to pay full retail, and anything over that is a bonus, in the current car shortage environment (though stock of cerato seems to be not that bad, so might be able to get a bit)

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    My sister recently got the MY21 one. No discounts but got free mats.

  • limited supply on cars, means very little deals

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    Get the i20n instead , shares the same motor but with more power output and its due in the next few months also.

    a much better car in every way and pretty much along the same price-point , well maybe a few extra $ but you get a car with warranty on track days also and its a hatch so easier to park and on fuel due to its weight.

    Here's all the info you need to know

    • pretty much along the same price-point , well maybe a few extra $

      $31,690 drive away, vs $32,490 + ORC (dealer delivery, stamp duty, licensing)… Gonna be about a $5k difference between those 2 cars

      Plus the Sport+ is auto only, i20N is manual only