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Edifier Earbuds TWS NB2 $83 Delivered @ Amazon AU



Bluetooth 5.0 with Hybrid ANC
IPX54 waterproof (light rain, dust and sweat proof)
7 to 9 hours listening on a full charge (ANC on/ off)
Charging case can charge earpieces fully 3,5 times
Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and USB-C cable

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Cheapest according to camel : https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B08HXFBWMJ

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    meh earbuds, Edifier needs to get off their profiteering ass and update the w830BT headphones, it's the sole reason their name got known…keep the 90+ hours battery life add USB C, some better codecs and fix the crappy ear cushions. rant over ;)

    • They have the W820 out on Ali.

      • The w820nb?, they look like cheap crap, 50hr battery life is good but nothing like the w830bt

        • Well your options are limited. They've only come out with that model and the W600. Perhaps look at what Soundcore Life Q-series has on offer.

        • Well your options are limited. They've only come out with that model and the W600. Perhaps look at what Soundcore Life Q-series has on offer.

  • For a fraction more you could get the new Edifier Neobuds Pro

    • A fraction? Where?

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      Neobuds pro start at 133 AUD (excluding shipping from HK)

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        Mine worked out to $107.50 when I ordered them. So really wasn't much more for the latest and better bud.

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          More of a complement than necessarily better actually. Loses in ear detection for the Neobuds, gains so-called HiRes Audio.

          • @adrianhughes1998: Same HiRes as the new sony WF-1000XM4 which is getting rave reviews. Also newer 5.2 bluetooth chipset. You can hear a difference listening to tidal hidef (compared to the Soundpeats H1 which I got not long ago).

            • @Sammyboy: It doesn't have Bluetooth 5.2. HiRes over Bluetooth has issues there's been articles about written about it. It's probably just tuned better so it sounds better.

              • @adrianhughes1998: Oops my bad with the 5.2. Its definitely more than tuning. Its the same codec that the Sony uses with their new hires buds. Hasn't been any issues so far too. Been playing well with Tidal master audio

                • @Sammyboy: Does your phone also support LHDC? As it has to be in the developer settings for it to actually works.

                  It's articles like this that give me pause too: https://www.soundguys.com/ldac-ultimate-bluetooth-guide-2002... and folks like TechSpurt in his review saying there are stability issues with the HiRes

                  • @adrianhughes1998: Most android phones do including the Samsung s21 Ultra which I have. Apple has not plans to support it yet though

                    • @Sammyboy: Yeah. I re-read the article and will have to skip on these buds. Highly doubt it's true HiRes and just a marketing term because it meets the core definition in some aspects only aye.

                      • @adrianhughes1998: Thats your call. Otherwise get the Sony WF-1000XM4 if you want HiRes buds. Don't forget Edifier has been pumping out HiRes speakers for a while too. I have the S3000 Pro speakers which support HiRes and sound fantastic for that price

                        • @Sammyboy: Don't think Sony will meet it either. Wired hi Res but I don't think Bluetooth is yet at the stage where it can support it properly.

                          Everything Edifier to me sounds pretty sweet usually

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                            @adrianhughes1998: Dunno. I'll compare these to my wired Shure SE535 and see. Have the hi-res bluetooth adaptor for those too. So will be interesting to compare

                          • @adrianhughes1998: Dunno. I'll compare these to my wired Shure SE535 and see. Have the hi-res bluetooth adaptor for those too. So will be interesting to compare

                            • @Sammyboy: Currently tossing up now whether to get the NB2 Pro.

                              Need stronger noise cancellation than what I have already with my first-gen TWS NB

                              • +1

                                @adrianhughes1998: Believe it or not, the best sound isolation I've managed to get are from the Shure SE535 with the foam tips. Its not active noise cancelling though. But with the Shures its like using industrial ear plugs. It blocks out everything. Used to use them on red eye flights and it would block out everything from engine sound to screaming babies.

                                • @Sammyboy: Very good point ☺️

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                                    @adrianhughes1998: Depends what you are looking for I guess. If you want to block out all noise completely, and not require the option to hear a bit of outside sound at a press of a button then isolating is the way to go. You get better sound for music too. If you just want to block out ambient noise, esp low frequencies and require being able to hear other outside sounds then ANC is the way to go. Unfortunately with Shure, their bluetooth adapters suck. I have the RMCE-BT2 and the stupid dongle part on it is a pain in the ass, especially if exercising. Then they released the true wireless secure fit adaptor, but they really sucked and have been discontinued and now recalled. Shure seems to have been caught off guard with the demand for bluetooth solutions and have really fallen behind there.

                                    • @Sammyboy: Thanks mate. Watched a few more YouTube reviews and caved and bought one haha at $106 before shipping.

                                      Hopefully won't take too long for it to arrive.

        • Where did you buy this from?

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          Well that's interesting: neobuds pro will get LDAC in a firmware update stated here: https://min.news/en/tech/0f3190bbd0f6c4f94fce0b90d53a0a35.ht...

          Also Neobuds S coming, with Snapdragon Sound. Which is only supported by SD888 at moment, so that's useless.

          • @adrianhughes1998: Yeah its using LHDC at the moment which is another Hi-Res Bluetooth codec which is supported by Android since 8.0

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              @Sammyboy: How did the Neobuds go? I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago at the $99usd perk.

              Was contemplating getting the wf-1000xm4 but can't justify the price and reviews for the neobuds have all been pretty great.

              • +1

                @Broomstick: Our shipment just went out on the 20th August. Can't wait!

              • +1

                @Broomstick: They are pretty good. Mics are better than the Soundpeats H1. Clearer sound and not as bass heavy as the H1 too. Sounds pretty good listening to master audio in Tidal. Finally these are enough to make me stop using my Jabra 65t. I cant justify $400 for the xm4 either. I did switch to foam tips though for some sound isolation and more snug fit too.

      • +2

        I've got both now, including the Jabra Elite 75t's, galaxy buds+, Sennheiser MTW's in the past but definitely think the sound quality and noise cancellation of the Neobuds Pro is the best of that bunch! Call quality I've been told is better than all those other models too. I think Edifier nailed it with the Neobuds Pro and they're comfortable for long use! My only gripe is that there isn't wireless charging but that wasn't a deal breaker to me.

        • Where did you buy the neobuds pro from?

          • @bullettime: Sorry for the late reply mate, I bought them from Edifier's Indiegogo campaign

  • NB2 Pro is only a tad more expensive on AliExpress, so might want to go for that as another option.

    Think the only difference is the ANC is a bit stronger and perhaps one or two other different things.

  • Really good price

  • +2

    I found edifier tws nb2 pro for sale at centrecom for $89


  • I have a pair. Had them for 3 months and the right headphone sounded hollow. Told Amazon got a replacement in a few days - will see how these go.
    I think they are good a good wireless earbuds but i hadn't used anything besides my Xiaomi Wired headphones and Bose QC 35' prior to this.