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Buy $150 Worth of Capsules, Get a Free L’OR Barista Premium Latte Machine ($249 RRP) @ L'OR


Give the gift of coffee or treat yourself with a L’OR Barista Premium latte machine this
Father’s Day.

For a limited time and while stocks last,
when you spend $150 on L’OR capsules through our L’OR online store,
you will receive a L’OR Barista Premium Latte machine (valued at $249) for FREE.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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      • Yep. I started with a pod machine when I got married on a similar deal to this. Asked for a Breville Duo-Temp Pro for my bday this year, best investment I've asked for in a long time, use it almost every day and the pod machines are just not comparable in terms of quality or value.

  • Old man drinks Moccona dark roast - which pod is closest in resemblance?

    Cheers in advance (from a non-coffee drinker)

    • There are Moccona capsules available at the supermarket from $3.50 per pack of 10 when on special.
      I like the Intensity Level 12 the most. Not sure how it compares to Dark Roast.

      • Cheers, I ended up getting a bunch of each for him to try :)

      • Oh the Moccona capsules taste like crap. L'or is better but Starbucks is the best (for supermarket pods).

  • +10

    While Espresso machines (like Barista Express) with freshly grounded beans will give you the most pleasurable coffee like Cafes, it will take considerable amount of money and time to be invested in. If you are not a coffee snob, but like a decent cup of coffee, Nespresso Pods are fine as long as you maintain the coffee to milk ratio (Cappuccinos, Lattes, Flat Whites or Mochas) or Coffee to Water ratio (Americano, Long black etc.).

    Since, I can't justify paying ~$600 or more for an Espresso Machine and ~$200 more for a burr grinder, I'm quite content with my 2.5 year old L'Or Barista Nespresso-based Pod Machine. I usually drink at least 3-4 cups of coffee. Over the years, I tried to tweak a lot of things in order to make the per cup coffee worth each time. When I just started with this machine, I looked for suggestions to make a better tasting coffee with Nespresso-based machine, but OzBargainers told me to get a decent Espresso machine instead. 2 years down the lane, and I can assure you I've not regretted my decision to stay with the pod machine. I like Milk-based coffee, so my findings will be different to yours.

    Espresso: Measuring your coffee and your drink is very important (Watch Coffee Guru James Hoffmann's Understanding Ratio, for milk-based Cappuccinos, I usually go with 1:3 ratios, if you get the milk-frother version, remove the metal whisk for decent frothing. You can then milk 2-cups at a time, again, I measure 110-115ml of whole milk for each cup for ~40-45ml of Espresso. Every time I get new beans, I try to experiment with the ratios to make it taste as per my liking. Mind you each pod can contain 6-8grams of coffee so for a cup of Nespresso-based coffee your caffeine intake will be half of what you usually get from cafes.

    Go Green: Aluminum Coffee Pods doesn't break down easily and can cause massive environmental damage source. But, Aluminum is 100% recyclable. So use L'OR recycling options. I stopped using supermarket-offered Nespresso Pods long back to cut costs and save the environment. So, got Reusable Pods and Lids instead.
    Reusable Pods: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32898302490.html?spm=a2g0s.9...
    Lids: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32884613520.html?spm=a2g0s.9...

    Very recently I was looking for a grinder and got this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/383897911302
    It takes a long time to grind ~5min for grinding 8-10grams of coffee, but better than Spice Grinders as those tend to make uneven grind.

    Lastly, if you are not a coffee-snob, and would like to explore the world of decent coffee, $150 for this machine (which will include ~250 capsules) is well-worth it in my opinion. Again, as others suggested: DO NOT BUY INSTANT COFFEE.

    Ask me if you have any other questions.

  • +3

    Personal Experience:

    - Machine still kicking after 3 years
    - 3 fill levels
    - Accepts standard Nespresso pods and their proprietary XL ones
    - Has a milk frother
    - Has decent capacity (I get 4 - 5 cups on the largest setting)
    - Capsule bin has decent room

    - Nothing special
    - Pods you'll buy will last you a long time but watch the expiry
    - Milk frother does 1 cup only and also needs to cool down
    - Pretty bad for the environment (Pods are bad man)

    This deal goes alright.

    The pods are nothing to sing and dance about however its worth noting that ive had this machine from a mother's day sale 3 years ago and it's still kicking.

    You'll find pods go on sale on amazon a-lot.

    For your earth friendly folks there you can:
    - Get reusable pods
    - Dig out coffee grounds from the pods and mix it into your fertilizer and soil for nitrogen boost.

    Also think of this deal like buying a printer. Its free/cheap but the sundries cost alot in the long run.

    • Pods are bad indeed, so make sure to put the used ones in a container and send them to Terracycle in batches so they can recycle them.

  • They aren’t bad coffee at all. These are made in France.

  • thanks OP. bought the Doubles.

  • Got one last year. Got another one now for work.


  • anyone know if the frother is connected directly to machine or can be taken apart, i.e dont need the full machine to froth milk

    • Connected

  • Pod coffee is sealed within minutes of being ground and usually within an hour or so after cooling from roasting and unless it’s a bad seal, it’s good for years! Fresh as a daisy!

    I’m a coffee snob and that’s the 911 on pod coffee. As good as my barista setup but less mess and work

    So I wish it was a lie? Yeah but it’s not

    • I agree with you, I grew up with expensive Italian espresso machines and grinders and gave up when kids came in the mix and life got hectic - once you find a variety you like (aluminium pods only) and keep the shots nice and short, you can make a really nice and consistent ristretto with no mess. I like a piccolo latte and it’s great with the L’Or ristretto blend, I use the Aeroccino for my milk (when ready, you need to poor it into your glass straight away for the milk to remain silky, otherwise the foam and milk separates). I hate to say it (and I could not imagine saying this ten years) ago but this way, I get a consistently nice (but small) coffee, not as good as from my favourite barista but better than what most cafes serve (and a lot better than what some of my friends serve me from their fancy machines).

  • Bought thanks OP

  • Dayymmm I just bought the 150 pod nespresso welcome back for $105 last night then I see this deal…..

  • L’or pods are one of the better tasting ones , usually my 2nd choice behind illy pods. For reference , I drink espresso , pod strength >10.

    Seen lots of arguments about pod coffee being completely stale vs not too bad due to being sealed. Still not sure either way, most of it seems to be based on opinion.

    I find pod coffee taste is about 50-60% as good as a well made espresso. I do appreciate good coffee , but couldn’t be arsed doing it at home.
    Pods are so convenient, and in the end I drink coffee for the caffeine, take that away and I wouldn’t bother at all.

  • +1

    Looks a good deal and I would happily indulge, if…

    Every pod wasn't allegedly out of stock in the 50 and 100 pod variety, forcing you to pay a premium for many, many multiples of the 10 pod varieties!

    I'm not sure if they've all sold out in recent hours or if the deal has been stacked that way since the outset, but it's enough to keep me from buying…

  • FYI the quality of the machine is questionable (based on the two I have access too).

    I purchased one for myself and another for the folks. Machine 1 has a button broken (espresso shot) and Machine 2 was dead on arrival.

    Their phone number doesn't work, so I sent an email which asked me to go to the repair centre (even though Machine 2 was already broken). The repair centre they said they cannot fix it as it's an old machine with no more parts available and I had to contact them via email/phone (given the same details as I had tried previously).

    I'm now waiting to hear back from them via email (again) to see what can be done. We will keep Machine 1, because we can live without the espresso shot button, but Machine 2 will certainly need to be replaced.

    Some positives about the machine (that does work), it is quieter than my De'Longhi Nespresso Pixie and you can make 2 coffees at once if you can find the XXL capsules.

  • Got one, cheers. I know someone with one of these machines and they're quality and easy to use and clean.

  • there are only a handful of Double barista selection - 10 PACK or Organic 10 pack that are left. not even enough to make up the $150 total.

    Edit - seems they added some more.

  • I personally prefer using a kMix coffee maker: scoop in whatever blend of coffee-grounds (available in grocery stores) to your heart's desire, pour in some water, flick the switch and let it drip.

    I don't understand how pods aren't under large scrutiny for health safety, plastic rubbish aside. There were campaigns about the health risks of re/using disposable plastic water bottles. Yet here you have plastic pods being injected with hot/boiling water. Whether or not they're BPA-free, I can't imagine there wouldn't be a dose of molten plastic in each cup.

  • Can't get this deal to work is it expired..

    • I just checked, working for me!

      What combination are you trying to buy?

    • Some of pods you chose might have been sold out

  • Got one. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    For anyone looking for more pods, Amazon have some great deals on pods today:

    Cheapest unit price I've seen in quite a while.

    • Good price (and worth its own deal post), a shame I don't like the Onyx blend. Ristretto here all the way.

  • Hello PissLUR

    Thanks for contacting Jacobs Douwe Egberts about our L'or Double Supremo and taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Kindly be informed that for online order, consumer will be receiving BBD between 2 to 6 months. BBD that are more then 6 months will be given to the retailers since their processing and being on shelf take more time. Online order BBD unable to be selected due to it is standard selection by our system for packaging.

    If you would love to make selection for longer BBD in future for your coffee, we recommand that you may walk-in to the retailers and you will be able to choose the BBD of your choice. Thank you so much for your feedback, which will be passed on to our Brand Team.

    Kind regards,

    Consumer Care Team

    Jacobs Douwe Egberts Pty Ltd
    Level 1, 924 Pacific Highway,
    Gordon NSW 2072 Australia
    Australia 1800 033 450
    New Zealand 0800 454 9469

  • I got the machine and pods yesterday.

    Most of pods expire mid 2022, only 2 boxes expire this Dec.

  • lol had the same problem… i wont finish them in time

    some of them expiring in 3 months

    shitty practice

  • +1

    Thank you, I purchased this coffee machine. I tried it out today, it looks really sleek and makes a lovely cup of coffee.

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