Fresh Fruits in Sydney (Delivery)

Hi All,

I’m trying to find a decent online or market place to buy weekly fresh fruit that I can choose. Could you guys please recommend me few options so that I can look into ordering them ?

We got Woolworths and Coles around but can’t go there all the time and cherries are expensive.

We usually buy Cherries, watermelon, mandarin, dragon fruits etc anything but apples.


  • Don’t eat cherries?

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      Not sure what you mean ?

      • if cherries are expensive, don't eat them

    • They are also not in season at the moment, so they’ll be imported cherries at this time of year, usually from the US, which is why they are expensive.

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    Unless you're ordering large quantities, like boxes and boxes regularly for an office, this isn't going to be an economical venture.

    Get a nice basket installed on your shiny new bike and grab whatever you fancy from supermarket, makes for a nice ride.

    • Omg did you help me decide on the bike on that other thread ? If yes thank you mate I’m really enjoying the bike. But it’s really compact size with no place to install a basket.

      You are probably right we won’t be ordering a lot of fruits. But the local fruit shops around us sells bad quality fruits.

      Do you reckon Woolworths has cheaper and quality fruits vs Coles or Aldi ?

  • Four Seasons has a discount for seniors and nurses

    • Four Seasons has a discount…

      I didn't know they sold fruit! Must be quite chewy…

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    How about Harris Farm?

    • Yes reliable quality if a bit pricey. Recommend you check out their ‘imperfect picks’ in fruit and veges. I ordered pink lady apples for 16c each on Wednesday.

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    Buy bulk from Flemington market and divide with friends. I haven't done it for a long time now but but previously I and a group of friends would take turns going there on a Friday early morning. It ends up much cheaper. We also regularly got flowers - our homes were always colourful and smelt great.

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      Yay. Go to a crowded place during a pandemic!

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        Do you always accept information without your own sensibility filter and context adjustments?

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    We buy every now and then from these guys:

    Good quality and range overall, delivered to our door.
    Of course a bit more expensive than Aldi and co, but it's a different proposal of value.

    • Yep. Delish is very good.We use them every week.

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    I second Harris Farm

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    The Growers at Top Ryde have started doing deliveries now if you are in that area.

    They also have an Asian and Continental 'supermarket' section which is useful… Also the only place in the area I have been able to buy Pepe Saya cultured butter.

    From your list of fruits, I think only mandarins are in season which would be why they are all expensive

  • Paddy's at Haymarket does good prices on good quality without buying bulk.
    I would strongly suggest eating fruit more seasonally. Out of season fruit is either stored long periods and deteriorates, or is flown from the northern hemisphere at substantial financial and climate change cost.

    Eating fruit is season gets the best fruit quality at the cheapest price.