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Philips Airfryer XXL Digital Black HD9650/93 $405 ($355 after Philips Cashback) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Hi Ozbargainers,
Those who have access to The Good Guys Commercial website can get this deal. Add delivery fee or free C&C.
* I am a member via G'day Rewards benefits.

Philips Airfryer XXL Digital Black HD9650/93 for $405 and then claim $50 cashback from Philips (valid from 2 Aug - 5 Sept):

Please check the link below for the Philips cashback details:

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  • I keep thinking I want this, but I think I'm going to go the Breville combi 3 in 1

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      Unless you need the other features of the 3 in 1 I suggest you get this instead.

      Nothing beats a dedicated basket style airfryer and nothing on the market beats this one.

      Source: own this model and friends have the try hard airfryers.

      • I see what youre saying but my microwave is on the verge of being disposed and an all in one definitely takes less space.
        Do your friends have the Breville combi for comparitive results?

        • No. Just shitty el cheapo pretend airfryers.

          • @MS Paint: I've read some pretty decent results with the combi. For a microwave with less litres than my current one it's larger in demsions. Reviews seem pretty decent apart from the plastic legs

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    If buy from ebay are we still eligible for Cashback from Philips?

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      Not 100% sure because of the below exclusions (retail store):

      1. To submit a Cash Back Offer (“Claim”), the Claimant must:
        a) Purchase an Eligible Philips Product(s) (as set out in
        Clause 16) from any participating Australian retail store
        during the Promotional Period and follow the steps
        below. Trade seconds products are excluded. Please note
        that Big W, Target, Costco and JB Hi-Fi Airport Stores are
        not participating retail stores for this Promotion.
      • Maybe another Ozbargainer may know form a previous purchase/deal?
    • Depending on which ebay store you buy from.

      For example, if it’s Good Guys or Bing Lee ebay stores, you will still receive an invoice from Good Guys or Bing Lee to claim the Cashback

  • Signed up and transferred some Super to SunSuper. Registered for TGGC, but the form keeps resetting to blank once you click 'submit'. It's only been 3 days and have no idea if the form was actually submitted. Anybody else experience this?

    • I'm with SunSuper and its take about 2 hours after submitting the form to get access into TGGC.

      • Oh did you get a confirmation email or something? I haven't got anything yet. The website says 3-5 working days for access?

        • Yeah that the website says.

          After register, I got a registration request confirmation from the website Imgur

          And about 2 hours later I got an activation email from TGGC, used that for setup account….

          • @sanglt: Ah, thanks! I tried it again. Had to turn off the adblocker / popup thingy. Now we wait.

  • Do you know if they will honour the cashback since its Good guys commercial? Also is this eligible for cash back as there is a little banner that says McCain bonus offer - is this on top of the cashback?

    • Yes, they will honour the cashback.
      The McCain promotion ended on the 31st July.

  • Its gone now 😭

    • Back in stock

  • The Promotion commences at 09:00am AEST on August 2, 2021 and ends 11:59pm AEST on September 5, 2021. All Claim Forms must be submitted (online) by 5.00pm AEDT
    on October 4, 2021. Detail Terms and Conditions here:

  • Hi guys, I got JB Hifi to offer a price against Costco's deal but I no longer need it, I have a link for this with JB hifi for $356, please pm if interested, link expures midnight tonight. If you have NIB there's also 6% off for jb gift card (1% service fee).

    • edit: I think you need to be within postcode 3020.

      • Hi cheapskateasianchic do you still have the link? could I have it please? Thank you

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