Please Check Your Suncorp Benefits Account

In my account , someone else purchased gift cards
Please be careful
Check your accounts if you see any activity that is suspicious

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    Is it The Holiday & Hotel Card. $20 eGift Card?

  • Ok now that is scary, I know personally I have a few accounts, and they did get randomely linked to each other. Some newly created accounts had the same purchase history as myolder ones, then I checked them a couple months later and they were now unlinked. I just put it on the fact it was the same name, but if this now happened with some totally unrelated accounts…

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    Sorry - that was me. I couldn't find my details. Can you send those giftcards through?

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    Hmm I see a $20 Holiday and hotel card has been purchased in my ePurchases. What can we do?

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      It's the complimentary gift card from the 10k draw months ago.

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        Thanks for that.. don't even remember entering it.

        @OP if it's the Hotel card, check the transaction history - there won't be a payment method attached to it.

        All actual purchases have my card as the payment method.

  • Check your regular credit card online account and see if the purchase was charged to this.

    If so contact cc and suncorp security systems

    I noticed a few days ago some doubled up details on some cards I purchased, these are now gone, so there maybe some system hiccups that have caused this.

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    "A little while ago, you entered the Suncorp Benefits $10K Dream Draw. As a thanks for entering, The Holiday and Hotel Card are giving you a $20 eGift Card towards your next staycation, romantic getaway or family trip. You have until 6 August 2022 to redeem and enjoy your $20 Holiday and Hotel eGift card^. "

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      I got a $20 Holiday and Hotel Card eGift card too, but I have no idea why. Are you quoting from an email?

    • Thank you, was freaking out for a while

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      Yeah I freaked out too but then found an older email from Suncorp explaining it. I wish they'd changed the gift card email to make it clear.

    • No word from OP, but yes got this was well and not long after an email like the regular purchase order for gift cards for the $20.

      Thinly veiled advertising.

  • I was freaking out and just about to call them but Google showed me this, noice

  • What can you get with a $20 Holiday and Hotel Card?

    • Poo-poo on a stick I reckon.

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    Is this a scam?

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    Glad im not the only one. I was going to cancel my card associated with Suncorp rewards

  • I got this as well. Thanks everyone for the due diligence. I don't even recall what I entered.

  • freaking out in the same way.

    Thanks guys

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    I also got the $20 Holiday and Hotel Card, but from AAMI Club (part of Suncorp). No explanation why I got it, but when I looked into where you use it, it gives $20 credit towards fairly expensive accomodation and tours. I’m not expecting to use it as I think I can get better deals elsewhere.

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    I wonder if anyone got the $10k dream draw gift card.
    I bet not…

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    Thanks all
    I got a mail that card was purchased and after 8 hrs I got mail from Suncorp saying this is a gift for entering some comp

    Thanks everyone

    Odd way of gifting someone !!!

  • A few sub $30 activities to choose from

    Eg featherdale wildlife park entry, her is bay whale watching, etc…

  • Btw if anyone wants my $20 gift card pm me

  • Just found that if you do not have an existing Suncorp product, you wont be able to purchase any discounted eGCs now.

    • But would you still have access to previously bought/stored eGCs?

      • Yes, login access still exists.

  • @neoika
    Thats good to hear :)