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Microsoft Surface Duo 128GB A$537 (US$398) AT&T Locked + $88 Shipping & GST (via Shopmate) @ Woot.com


AT&T locked but unlockable by microsoft via live chat. (for free)

Shipping via Shopmate.auspost.com.au

Package is 0.7kg and postage includes GST. $88

Has 2 hours left on deal at time of posting.
**edit. at expiry rolled over to show 3 days until expiry.

Device was $1400 USD at launch. (1500 for 256GB)

256GB also avaliable at $635 ($467 USD) + $97 shipping and GST.

Purchased one last month 6/7
Arrived Shopmate warehouse 15/7
Arrived 30/7
Unlocked via Microsoft 5/8

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          • @Draco: Worried that without beta program it maybe disaster or still sometime to wait.

            • @niknaks: I'm going for unmitigated disaster bring it on 😂

              • @Draco: Microsoft says it will try to get an 11 update out for the older device soon.

                Taken from verge article after the preso. Doesn't instill confidence.

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    If anyone is planning on using theirs as a WiFi only device then make sure to take out the pre installed AT&T sim. I didn't realise there was a sim pre installed and it Was causing me major battery drain.

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      There is? All I did was I put mine into Airplane Mode and then turned WiFi back on.
      EDIT: So there is! And out it goes!

    • Using it for a week as my phone was interesting but going to stick with it as a wifi device for the moment and see what happens with the software.

  • trying to get device unlocked via ATT but didn't realise I needed to confirm request via email link. Stuck in a loop as it wont let me resubmit as "original confirm request link" has expired but system still sees my initial request as pending. Has anyone experienced this?

    • On the Surface Duo reddit, I recall reading that some others had experienced the same issue. Try to get in touch with Microsoft and see if they can help. From what I read, either Microsoft or AT&T can provide the unlock codes.

    • I made the same mistake too. But I got in touch with MS help and they managed to give me the code. As for AT&T, the only value they add is just the case number anyway lol

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        Yea currently going down that rabbit hole atm. Hopefully will get mine soon. Thanks to you and @NewbiefromVic for confirming on right track.

  • For all "new" Surface Duo users, try out this app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.toolbox.sh...

    It's similar to "Floating Apps" but much simpler, faster and allows you to access 5 (or more if you can get the registered version) apps quickly. Makes navigation much easier on the Surface Duo.


  • Buyer beware. I bought from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/644081. It has developed a fault, Buydig say that you only have a 45 day window to return. They have referred me to MS. MS say they cannot provide warranty for Surface Duo which is located outside US although it was bought in the US. I am in the process of making a PayPal claim otherwise I am stuck with a dud.

  • After several weeks finally got my unlock code from Microsoft. I promptly chucked in an optus sim to go through process but I keep getting an "unlock unsuccessful message". I have contacted Microsoft to see if they can assist but was wondering if anyone had experienced something similar

    • After unlock, I'm using a Telstra SIM in mine and no issues.

      Some users have tried the following successfully.


      Try to find the code that can show network lock status. I did a quick search and found this link - https://mobilespecs.net/phone/codes/Microsoft/Microsoft_Surf... but not sure if it has that …

      Good luck.

      • You sir/madam are an absolute legend. Used the xda link and used the trial and error method as suggested by commentors ie (replace 0 at end with a number between 1-9). It worked at 7. Thank you very very much

        • Glad that worked :-) Hope you enjoy your Surface Duo as much I do. Definitely a bit of a learning curve, even as a long time android user, but so much potential / possibilities.

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