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62% off PowerG PG310 20V 1/2inch Impact Wrench (ALDI Xfinity/Ferrex Compatible) - $29.99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Autobarn


Not bad for an Aldi Xfinity/Ferrex compatible powertool with 320Nm @ 2000rpm. Only 30Nm less than Xfinity/Ferrex and more than some of the big brand tools. Also has the exact same 5yr warranty via ActionSpares.

I currently use this as an all in one tool for camping to power the lights that went on sale recently for $8 as well as some additional AliExpress AddOns to do the following:

Accept hex bits (log splitter, driver for screw tent pegs etc):

Log Splitter (needs above):

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    the thing you refer to is impact wrench (320nm)

    i think the impact driver is $19.99 but only 130nm






    20V CORDLESS IMPACT DRIVER SKIN ONLY $19.99 (only 130Nm)





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      Yes I did mean Impact Wrench. After a couple of edits, I couldn't edit anymore after the first comment… 62% Off too so got that wrong as well.

      I bought all the $10 tools for $8 when they had 20% off 2 weeks ago. The work light isquite bright with 2 settings. The compressor is decent for a small car/suv. But use it more for the high volume inflator for air mattresses and getting the fire bbq going camping.. better than taking the big blower with you.

      The heat gun is utter rubbish… probably used 10% of the 4.0ah battery before it got to any semblance of 500degree celsius if that.

      • Have you tried the impact driver? if yes, is it any good?

        • Have never owned an impact driver, i'd imagine as mtg stated above, 130Nm isn't great for an impact driver. However, my comment below maybe of interest

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        For the heat gun I found you need to use the nozzles to actually concentrate the best, else it doesn't seem to get hot at all.

        • Review on Heat gun (autobarn) says “ It’s dodgy it only works half the time if your lucky”. That’s what his girlfriend says too.

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      Interestingly however, compared to Xfinity/Ferrex, these have a button at the bottom near the battery that has Low/High/Brake mode. So with the Hex shank add-on, could possibly make an awesome impact driver.

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        Does it can used xfinity battery?

        • Oh i just saw it, thanks

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      I can recommend the air compressor and worklight. The air compressor particularly is amazing value I use it to pump up the kids bike tyres, soccer balls and basketballs

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        Agreed with the compressor!

        Although I had to replace the black rubber feet with these as 3 of them popped off (aged adhesives) on first use. Makes it a lot quieter on the floor and gives the 4.0ah battery 2-3mm clearance off flat ground


        • lol i had the same problem too. screwing them in might be the best solution

          • @mtg: Super glue works fine, I was surprised.

    • Anyone know if the polisher is a DA? Specs don't mention it

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        Box says it is DA.

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          Yeah so does the ebay ad, but I ended up getting it. This is the cheapest I have seen a DA polisher ever

    • Just a word of warning, I picked up a number of these tools and for some reason the impact driver, unlike the rest (I also got the wrench, polisher and angle grinder) has an extra pin on its battery connector. I have no idea what this extra pin is for, but it's not in line with where an extra pin would be on an aldi tool, and therefore it prevents you from using an aldi battery.

      Anyone else run into this issue and can think of a decent solution?

      • i looked at my aldi impact driver and it only uses 2 pins. is there a marking next to the pin on the connector?

        i would be inclined to open it up and remove the pin (just tape it up and leave it inside the tool). maybe you could test it first with 2 pieces of wire connected between the +/- terminals on the battery & tool.

        • Yeah, without further testing I am expecting that there is a second circuit in this device and they want to draw more power, although it's battery operated so maybe they are just concerned that the pin will get too hot from prolonged use, don't know why they would do that for the impact driver but not the wrench which I would assume would be higher load.

          • @Jackson: the thing is less powerful than the aldi impact driver so i would be inclined to thing it has nothing to do with power.

            the powerg battery is shown in this image. i can make out (left-right) - / temp / ? / + . on the aldi battery the ? is charge.


            my gut feeling is it will work perfectly with just + & - . tape some reasonable gauge wire between the tool & battery and test

            • @mtg: I will check later but I think the one in questions is the ?, will check tonight and do the testing

            • @mtg: Ok so it's definitely the pin labelled T that is the extra. Looking online people say it's for a thermistor that might be measuring the temperature of the battery when charging, so I guess this might also measure it while in use? Maybe they think the use profile for an impact driver is more likely to stress the battery than a wrench, maybe they envisage driving hundreds of long screws into hardwood deck or something?

              Currently tossing up whether to open it up or to just chop the pin off (I really should test it first like you said if the latter).

              Edit: just tested it with wires like you mentioned and it works in both directions, didn't test it under load though as it was a bit awkward, but I expect it's fine. Now to pop it open and see if the pin can be removed

              Edit 2: upon opening it up, the pin is definitely moulded into the black plastic pin block, as such I think my only option is to cut the pin down, however if the metal was soft/foldable enough I could potentially bend a dog leg into it and still get it in to the Aldi battery, but it's probably more trouble than it's worth

              • @Jackson: OK so I did my best to bend the dog leg into the pin, and the battery now clips on and works fine. I am not sure of the pin is actually making contact but I would hazard a guess that it is. Nice to know it doesn't take much to do, for the time being it's going to go back into he box until my 10 year old ozito gives up the ghost

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    Tempted but already have 2 impact wrenches.

    Good price if the torque rating is real.

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    how do you install the new tip? it is just a case of unscrewing the 4 screws?

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      Yep thats exactly all it is. You'll lose a bit of grease in the process so best to re-do it. Awesome add on

  • Got a few - thanks Mtg and Dsp26

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    Is this impact wrench any good? Seems to be 50% more power than the brushless ozito PXC impact wrench?

    To OP, using this to split logs is very interesting. Do the tools you linked work well? Have you tried on large rounds of wood? ie. 60cm in diameter.

    Also where are you seeing the specifications like 320Nm @ 2000rpm?

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      Haven't put this to its full potential yet like I have with the Xfinity. Xfinity definitely has more torque than ozito. The 350Nm Xfinity Impact wrench is the sole reason i started trying out the ALDI tools. But wanted a spare set to stay with my camping gear. With this PowerG at $30, I ain't going to complain about having 30Nm less. In saying that, both toolsets dont work as well with the Xfinity 2.0ah batteries. They work exceptionally with the 4.0ah that have the high current Samsung INR18650 cells.

      See spec comparison here between the two:

      And some other comparisons:

      The log splitter works exactly like the videos on youtube. You're not meant to drive it directly in the middle of thick wood, it's meant for breaking off chunks at a time of DRY wood.

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      Just to add to dsp26's experience, I own the Ozito one and its OK, at first I thought it was rubbish because it wouldn't undo wheel nuts but after putting the 4Ah battery on rather than the 2Ah, and applying a bit more force to the nuts, it eventually get things off most of the time

      I haven't used the Power G one yet, but it's advantages are that it's slightly smaller, and it has a button that toggles 2 different features based on the direction setting. If tightening, the button will limit to the middle of its 3 speeds. If loosening, the button toggles a "brake stop" mode, which means it just stops after about 1 second (or maybe half a second) , don't know how many revolutions that is, nor why it would be useful? (feel free to let me know). Also on paper the Power G is more powerful, but not sure how that translates in practice.

      Disadvantages are that the Power G has a 3 stage trigger, meaning 3 speeds, whereas the Ozito PXC has much finer control, maybe 15 or 20 speeds from what I could tell. Also the ozito has 3 LEDs around opposite sides of the drive, whereas the Power G only has 1, but the one seems to do the job.

      Of course the Aldi batteries are also better the 4Ah has Samsung cells and a percentage readout rather than just 3 LEDs, and they can be had cheaper than the ozito ones.

  • Availability is an issue. Not available at most of the places.

    • i think must have shipped all their stock to qld :)

  • How much are batteries and chargers for these.

    • i think you will find it will be cheaper to buy them from aldi when they are on sale next $49 for 4ah battery

  • Would this work with ozito Battery

    • no

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      Not unless you buy an adapter - I bought one from a guy that makes and sells them on Gumtree

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      Possible with a conversion.

      I bought the powerg heat gun for $10 and converted it to use my ozito batteries.

      You'll just need a spare charger to use the mount off it.

      The powerg tools are made in a modular way that allows different battery mounts to be swapped at production time, so modifying them is easy

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      Contact this fella for Xfinity>Ozito converters and vice versa:

      Prefer ALDI Xfinity 4.0ah batteries because of the high current output Samsung INR18650 cells in them. I've bought them as low as $19 from ALDI as months old leftover stock. Keeping in mind their powertool sale happens May every year, and their Garden tools (where they also sell the battery and chargers) sell around Sept/Oct every year.

      at this moment in time, my local ALDI is out of stock of the May batteries, but have heaps of the 2amp chargers for $14.95 (from $19.95), which is still cheaper than the PowerG 2.5amp charger at $29.95

  • I would take the advertised Nm with a grain of salt

  • Can use with ryobi or makita batteries ? Any adaper for them ? Plan to buy few these. Good price

  • Thanks OP. Ordered my first electric impact wrench. Hope it’s worth it. Also ordered a polisher and the blower for drying my car after DIY car wash. Just need the battery and charger. Otherwise I’ll make do with the full priced PowerG ones.

  • Does anyone know if the 13mm drill is also brushless? Doesn't look to be but if it was would be worth me grabbing

    • i presume not if it is not advertised as such

  • these are great tools. i bought the lights (super bright), inflator (works but a foot pump is probably better for large items), heat gun (I actually really like this. used it to heat plastic pipes to get on a barb fitting etc)… now I've just bought the buffer (was waiting for a good price).

    Never owned an impact driver before. Dumb questions but whats the difference between an impact wrench and an impact driver with a wrench bit in it…. wouldn't the later be more versatile ?

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      Sorry, I had incorrectly posted the deal originally as Impact Driver, when, as mtg pointed out, I meant Impact Wrench.

      The wrench has triple the Nm torque rating of the driver, 320Nm vs 130Nm. So it made sense for me anyway to get the wrench hith the hex shank (driver) dual head mod so I can use it as both. Especially since my log splitter tool works better with the extra torque a drill/driver would never have. it also means my driver bits like screw tent peg sockets work in one tool.

    • the impact wrench is used with sockets, undo bolts, nuts, wheel nuts etc

      the impact driver is used for driving screws but, as you say, with an adaptor you could do sockets. i think the 1/2" shaft on the impact wrench is going to be able to cope better with bigger/tighter nuts & bolts