Do You Like Spam (Canned Meat)?

Someone mentioned to see a poll on who liked Spam.

I often find most people often love it cult following or hate it, find it cheap and nasty.

I'm curious to know how much this also has to do with culture/ ancestry and upbringing.

Poll Options

  • 3
    I like Spam and I'm of Pacific Islander descent
  • 3
    I don't like Spam PI descent
  • 28
    I don't like Spam - other
  • 37
    I like Spam and I am of European descent
  • 38
    I like Spam - other
  • 38
    I don't like Spam SEA descent
  • 42
    I don't like Spam EU descent
  • 43
    I don't like Spam AA descent
  • 58
    I like Spam and I am of Anglo-Australian descent
  • 242
    I like Spam and I'm of South East Asian descent


  • +8

    Spam is delicious

    • +1

      Especially if eaten straight from the can

    • Chop into small cubes and fry with eggplant in oyster sauce. Delish

      • never heard of this…need to try it. Do you eat it with rice?

  • +18

    fried spam is the best, never had it out of the tin though

    • +4

      The Woolies home brand version of SPAM says on the side of the can that it can be eaten straight out of the can. Tried a small bit but it's much better fried.

    • +1

      It is like cat food but strangely appealing.

      • +4

        How do you know what cat food taste like.

        • My cat's breath smells like cat food.

    • +1

      One time we went camping and made (uncooked) corned beef sandwiches for lunch and made everyone gag. I'm sorry for my crimes against humanity.

  • +8

    spam and cheese toastie, the taste of sleeping over at my grandparents as a kid <3

  • +60

    Isn't this one of the questions on the Census?

    • Yep, trying to get other people to do their homework for them

  • +8

    SPAM is good once in a while when you have nothing else in the pantry. It's terrible any other time.

  • +6

    Spam is popular in Hong Kong breakfast dishes too.

  • +5

    Unpopular opinion: Spam is amazing anytime, anywhere. There's always an occasion for it. Goes particularly well in fried rice.

    • +2

      Unpopular? I would say it's the opposite.

  • +1

    I love spam and my cholesterol loves it too :P

  • +4

    Random poll options…

  • I am indifferent to Spam

  • +2

    Spam Sushi

    Spam Musubi is a popular snack in Hawaii. It is a type of sushi that has marinated cooked spam in sushi.

  • +26

    Well, there's egg and bacon
    Egg sausage and bacon
    Egg and spam
    Egg, bacon and spam
    Egg, bacon, sausage and spam
    Spam, bacon, sausage and spam
    Spam, egg, spam, spam, bacon and spam
    Spam, sausage, spam, spam, spam, bacon, spam tomato and spam
    Spam, spam, spam, egg and spam
    Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam and spam

    Monty Python

    • +3

      Well I’m convinced.

      I’ll take 2

    • +1

      It’s funnier when you don’t explain references imo.

      • He's giving credit for the words, rather than taking the credit himself. Otherwise, most? people would think he'd created that nonsense (which it is, but brilliant nonsense). Sadly, he might have to go further and explain that his real name is not Monty Python.

        • his real name is not Monty Python

          @ strangeloops66. Ahh, maybe it is and I'm a very naughty boy.

  • +1

    Spicy spam-ghetti is fast and delicious.

    Spicy spam cut into cubes and fried then toss through cooked spaghetti, top with spring onion, parsley and some dried chili and you're done.

    The low salt spam pan fried (tastes exactly like a ham steak) and served with a slice of pineapple goes great on a hot afternoon.

    Having said that I understand the hate, it looks terrible straight out of the tin, and couldn't imagine eating it without cooking it further.

  • +6

    Where's the option for "haven't tried it"?

  • +1

    I don't like Spam PI descent

    Finally, a poll option that relates directly to myself. Although from my childhood memories heading back to Fiji to visit relatives, I recall them not being particularly big spam eaters.

    More a Hawaiian/Guam thing to be honest. Not even sure if I can lump in the other Polynesians (Samoans, Tongans) as big spam eaters?

    • +3

      More a Hawaiian/Guam thing to be honest.

      True, Haiwaii is among the top consumers of SPAM (top consumer of SPAM of all US states).

    • I added that option because i was actually curious if it was just Hawaii.
      Seems the like of spam might be affected by US Military influence.

      I also I forgot to add Japan and Korea to the poll.

  • +13

    Pam fried egg x1-2 sunny side up
    A slice of spam pan fried and chopped
    1.5 bag of mi goreng

    Nothing like being reminded ill never be in the 100k+ tax bracket

    • +2

      Fat cats don't know what they're missing out on

    • Poor Pam the Spam.

  • +4

    Pan fried spam with freshly made rice is actually nice.

    I don't like it to the extent where I will actively go out and buy SPAM, but if I have SPAM at home, why not.

  • +2

    I liked Camp Pie. It has been discontinued.

    • used to love that when I was a kid. I think I had it once as an adult about 20 years ago and was disappointed, since then I have not had spam again to my knowledge.

  • +1

    Spam and cheese toastie, damn now I want one.

  • +1

    There's a reason unsolicited emails are called spam.

    • Why? - Because they are full of crap?

  • +1

    Damn I haven’t eaten spam in ages but now I want some after this thread!

    • +1

      I haven't eaten it for years but I just put it on my shopping list for tomorrow

  • +3

    I will mention that there are luxurious hamper gift set of SPAM in South Korea that you could buy as a housewarming gift.
    SPAM being something of a value started during Korean War, when South Korea was a developing country, in extreme poverty. I think they were smuggled military rations.

    That stayed even though South Korea is a developed country now. I wouldn't say it's prestigeous like the article is suggesting, but I don't think SPAM has that much of a bad reputation in Korea compared to Australia.

    • Love budae jjigae.

      SPAM in SK is made with higher quality ingredients.

  • You'd have to be desperate

  • +2

    Reduced my spam intake in recent months, mainly due to the less generous discounts. As I used it in place of bacon, it makes little sense when it's the same or dearer per kg.

  • Ahh… The meat of many uses.

    Buy yourself a gift

    And a virtual tour at 0500AEST on Wednesdays and Fridays

    Austin, MN - one of the few places where I have experienced yellow tap water.

  • +1

    There are better alternative nutritional sources

  • I often see luncheon meat from China sold in tins at asian grocery stores, but have always stuck with spam. Ones from China any good?

    • +1

      Give them a go next time you see them, they're just as good in my opinion and cost less than spam. I mean there's probably a bunch of toxic chemicals in there but you're not eating spam for the health benefits are you.

  • Use a lot of butter to fry spam to make it crispy on outside and inside is so fluffy!

  • +3

    Instant noodles, pan fried egg and a couple of chunky pieces of pan fried spam.

  • I like it. Hate the smell of it out of the can, but I slice it up, sprinkle curry powder over it then chuck it on a sandwich.

    • Like, cold spam with Keen's curry powder?

  • +1

    Do i like it? Yeah
    Do i love it ? Hell no

    Iv eaten it but it isnt anything great

  • Relatives in Vietnam always ask me to get these for them when i visit them.

  • +3

    in defense of South east asians, we like pretty much anything

  • I don't like spam. I don't hate it either. It's not something I'd use if I had, say, ham. But I do keep a bunch of it in the pantry in case I need some meat and am out of the fresh or frozen kind. Ditto to canned tuna. Don't really like it but will eat it if needs arise.

  • +1

    If there is anything better than spam fried rice, I have not discovered it.
    The trick is to fry the chopped spam first to firm them up and caramalise with a bit of sugar.
    If you are worried about healthiness, just up the veggies. You can incorporate quite a lot of veggies in fried rice.

  • My friend loves Spam so much he brought it on our ski trip to eat on the slope as we ate muesli/cold sandwiches. We were also on a uni student budget and all are SEA descent

  • Spam is only good for camping

    Otherwise always get fresh ham

    • Chuck it in the embers for camping fried spam!

  • +3

    Does this poll actually show that the majority of ozbargain's demographics are mainly from SEA?

    • Clearly yes, though I don't think we needed this poll to confirm it.

      • I actually thought the demographic here was quite diverse and surprised at the concentration.

        • -2

          Just make a comment regarding the quality of made-in-Cxxxa goods and you'll quickly discover the lack of diversity by counting the downvotes.

          • +2

            @dcash: I know a lot of people in SEA hate China as well.. so…the reason why that gets down voted is everything is made in China and it doesn't always correlate to cheap crap.

    • Only that the SEA OzBargainers love a spam thread.

  • I can’t look at spam without flashbacks of lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne. I still have some stocked from last year.

  • +1

    Corned beef is heaps better. Specially stir fried with onions, potatoes, garlic and a bit of tomato.

    • +3

      Sooooo Filo. Nice.

    • +1

      You have activated a forgotten memory.



      I need me some sinaag now.

      • tapsilog!

        • +1


  • I like the idea of eating spam but the reality never matches my expectations.

  • +8

    Biased population. Pretty sure OzBargain is 75% Asian males.

    That being said, Spam is delicious.

    • -1

      low key way to find out what type of Asian, seems to be a lot of SEA.
      Next poll do you like durian? :P

  • Spam goes perfectly with any instant noodles, especially shin ramen

  • Haven't eaten since I was a kid but have recently discovered how much Korean people love it! Introduced by there by US soldiers in the early 20th century. I was in the Korean supermarket last week and the variety of different brands of spam was seriously impressive.

    • Haven't eaten since I was a kid

      How are you still alive? ;)

  • I love spam!!!!!!!!! eat it with hotpot yum or pan fry it.

  • +1

    Luncheon "meats" are to your gastrointestinal system what smokes are to your lungs.

  • Haven't had it since I was a kid…used to have it as a poor family's ham steak. Grilled with a grilled pineapple ring on top. If mum was getting fancy there would even be a glace cherry in the middle lol
    Can't bring myself to eat it now.

    • I have a lot of friends who call it a poor mans food, cheap and nasty etc largely Australian background though.

      I actually don't see spam as a substitution for ham, but a product on it's own.

      • I liken it to polony/devon/luncheon/whatever processed meat you'd find in the deli section.
        I don't think there's anything "dodgy" in there, it's just not for me.
        Probably not too dissimilar to sausages at the end of the day really.

  • +1

    Sliced Processed Alien Meat - sure, why not?

    • Haha this is a good one.

  • EA descent. Tried Spam for the first time at 33 years old. Super salty. Maybe thinly sliced and pan fried with mayo, but otherwise not a big fan of it.

    • You need to eat it with rice or bread.

      Otherwise it's like overpowering in saltiness.

  • Prefer the Bacon SPAM or the less salty version. I havent really met any non-asian descent people that actually like SPAM so the poll here is a bit surprising. I normally have a can in the pantry which i use when i got nothing else, its just super convenient as itll last forever.

  • Thick slices of SPAM on a toasted sandwich with cheese is AMAZING

  • +1

    stop spamming OP

  • I had enough of Spam.

  • +1

    Poll confirming my hypothesis that OzBargain is 80% Asian-Australian dads.

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