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[VIC] Lychees $5.98/kg @ Sacca's Fine Foods (Braybrook)


Lychees $5.98 a kilo at Sacca's Fine Foods in Braybrook, VIC.

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    Lychees $5.98 a KG. Need 10 words to post a deal.

    To get to the 10 words, maybe…

    Lychees $5.98 a kilo. They are nice and juicy I tried them :)

  • Nsw or where

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      I t hink there's only 1 Sacca's Fine Foods in Victoria (Altona)

    • Braybrook, VIC and Airport West ? [ Also at Epping and Altona Gate]

      Two areas you can't go to unless you are within 5km at this time AND perhaps you don't want to because they are close to hot sport areas for COVID at this time….

      ALDI West Footscray
      Central West Shopping Centre
      67 Ashley Street
      Braybrook VIC 3019

      01/08/2021 4:00pm - 5:00pm Case attended venue 05/08/2021 5:20pm

      Altona North
      Aldi - Millers Junction Village
      302/330 Millers Road
      Altona North VIC 3025

      04/08/2021 3:00pm - 4:30pm Case attended venue 05/08/2021 2:14pm

      NB: there are other close by exposure sites too!

      • That Aldi is not in the same area as Sacca's

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          Same shopping centre.

          • @affinity: You’re thinking of altona gate aldi which is in the same shopping centre. The millers junction aldi is 2kms away

  • Cheap but doesn't look fresh to me. Colour changed already.

    • Ima not a lychee conersuer, whats a good lychee color?

      Also i see spiky and non spiky skin. Whats better.

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        Fresh Lychee should be Red/Pink, once it starts going yellow that means its been out for a few days. If the skin is brown/dark, don't touch it.

        Skins are no an indicator in the Australian grown ones as it has been mixed from different breed. Australian ones have to advertise their seed as big or small. While the small seed breed is more expensive, I find the big seed (standard breed) taste better and often many in small seeds anyway.

        • there's nothing wrong with brown dark lychee if it's been stored properly. My grandparent used to grow a variety that is very sour when picked fresh, even if it's pink red. You'd to leave it to dry within a week and it became very sweet and more palatable. But dried skin lychee is very prone to damage during transport.

        • Just to clarify, second paragraph is referring to spiky and non spiky skin.

  • i thought those lychee are from Vietnam instead of China.
    but anyway, for Lychee lovers

  • Too far away for lockdown limitation for me, but good information, I will check my local grocery later.

  • They look like like good sizes. The seeds are likely gigantic though.

  • Good price but quality lychee should be bright red ones not these ones.

  • Buy frozen from Costco is an option. From Vietnam too.

  • Product of China