Help Me Find a Mattress for a Sore Back

I'm moving in a week or so but with lockdown in VIC I can't get around to shop for a bed which I desperately need. I like firm beds as my back gets pretty sore during the night. Can anyone recommend a good online option that does delivery and perhaps a 30 day return policy if need be? I know of Koala but they seem a bit 50/50 to me from the reviews I've read and I don't want the bed to fall apart in a couple of years. I'm happy to spend some $$$ for the right option, Queen size required. Thanks


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    I’ve stayed in a few cheap motels and got a sore back. Try commercial suppliers.

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    I had a very firm mattress up until a week ago. I am in my early 50's and in the last month or two my sleep had turned to agony - I would wake up every morning sore and hobble for the beginning of the day. I noticed my legs were not supported and were hovering above the bed because my calf muscles are big and held them up. I am a front sleeper but I wasn't sure if this was because my bed was so terrible or was natural for me.

    I decided to go all in and bough a "Sleeping Duck" king mattress (kept the same bed base) as they have excellent reviews and I couldn't be arsed shopping around, they have all sorts of return it or swap medium for firm options etc. I got medium. It took a day or 3 for my body to sort itself out in the new mattress - I think it took this long for my sore muscles to heal but I sleep well on it now. I so sleep more on my back and sides now, will see how it goes for a few weeks but at the moment I won't be changing anything, I am happy with the mattress, sleeping well improves life in other ways.

    Thank you for listening to my Ted talk.

    • +1 this if you need to buy a mattress blind, not as cheap as other options but more customisable if it's not perfect.

      The other online mattresses generally only have one level which is generally medium-firm

  • Good luck finding a new bed, but a new bed won't fix the pain. If you're not already going to a physio, get on youtube and do whatever you can. 15 minutes a day of good movement will do a lot more than a better bed ever will.

    • A new bed can sometimes fix the problem. For sure it might not be a complete solution, but it can be. My husband’s back sorted itself out with a new bed. I’m not saying beds are the sole source of back pain but it’s definitely worth a shot along with anything else - walking, physio etc.

  • I bought a koala mattress, they only had 1 firmness. Its a good mattress if you sleep on your back but not so good if you sleep on your side due to the firmness.

  • try they review mattresses including bed in a box style. they seem independent but who knows for sure. i purchased 2 Eva mattresses after reading the reviews on this site. the queen purchased in Apr 2018 is great but the king purchased Nov 2020 not so good in that partner movement is very noticeable. could be because Eva "removed the micro springs in the top layer". if you are also after a base do not purchase the Eva base as the headboard mount is very flimsy. also choice australia recently recommend the Emma mattress as the best bed in a box mattress. you can read choice magazine reviews via flipster if your local library has a subscription. Eva didn't score as well in this choice review. my 6'2" grandson & his partner purchased the Emma king mattress & love it. good luck.

  • why does your back get sore? maybe look at the root cause?

  • Get a memory foam mattress, it is best to try in store. I have a king-size, but I am in Tassie thou.

    But in saying that, I recently bought an AH. Beard Domino Decathlon medium mattress as my memory foam was too hard for my bad shoulders as I am a sideways sleeper. This mattress is the bees-knees, it has individual pocket springs and is so comfy to sleep on; I still use a mattress topper, thou. I tried a medium firm one first, but that was still too hard, so I thought I would try the next one down and see how long it takes for my back to hurt; it took 30 seconds for my back to hurt in the medium memory foam mattress 3 years ago, but this time, it did not hurt, I just laid there while customers were coming & going. The mattress cost $1350 thou.

    There are better mattresses than Koala. When I did my research a few months ago, this is what I found. The top mattress brand is Sleep Maker -

    Sleeping Duck also has a great reputation -

    King Coil are great, but you have to get near the top of the range or they get sag issues -

    AH. Beard are an Aussie brand, both my memory foam & my latest Domino are by them, some people have trouble with them. Like I said, they are Aussie, so you can take to them and they will help you out as they are local and they have a 10 year warranty; you just have to follow their instructions when they email you to say to turn the mattress around or they could void your warranty -

  • I had regular sore back until I swapped to full latex mattress, haven’t looked back. Bought from the Comfort Shop. Not cheap but last a long time.

  • Thanks everyone, good recommendations

  • I have spinal atenosis so disc issues etc. The most comfortable I've found is a 120$ air mattress on Amazon. You can adjust the firmness to your comfort level, it supports me fine (weight around 85-90k), and I'm not waking up contorted like I used to with a spring foam. Ymmv but with Amazon's return policy it might be worth it.