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[Backorder] PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT $567.58 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


OK, you've been HODLING…
Here is the bargain of the year!!!
I checked with Amazon support, they say it is a "Radeon RX 6700 XT"…
Let's see what actually arrives. If not, they said they will make it right ;)


Mod Note 8/8: Purchase at your own risk, as Amazon Product image is for a AMD Ryzen 7 CPU.

Mod Note 11/8: Be aware that the listing now states AMD Ryzen 7 CPU. See comments for further discussion..

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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        • Amazon au is in Australia and amazon US is in the USA so has to travel a few thousand more Km, so pretty obvious. Higher probability of item being damaged or lost in transit. I'll never by a motherboard from overseas again especially because of warranty.

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  • What a bargain if they are a video card. Even if it is a mistake, I am sure that Amazon will send video cards as they will only lose $1,000+ per video card.


  • I am confused is this for the video card or the CPU?

    • Most likely CPU, price is indicts it. Chances are you will be sent the CPU, then complain, send it back, and get a refund and possibly apology credit.

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    Still alive do they have 10 containers hehe .

  • I'm here for the comments today

    • I'm fairly busy today I can't comment too much to my neg friends .

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    Wouldve jumped on the deal, but sold by Amazon US so nope. I got Doc Marten shoes when they were on deal and they were obviously display stock (one shoe had more wrinkles than the other). Amazon US refused to take it back, or do a swap. dont remember what they offered but definitely wasnt full refund + shipping.

  • Just spoke to Amazon and they told me the photo is only correct and they have already checked this before, they're gonna get the page updated to show the correct item.

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      So it’s a CPU?

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        Well i just spoke to another Amazon CR and he said I will definitely be getting the RX 6700 XT LOL.

        Ill add screenshots in a minute.

        Edit 1: https://imgur.com/a/kbleJt7

        Edit 2:

        Manish | Customer service
        Sure, I assure you that the item is the same GPU Chipset Radeon RX 6700 XT and you can proceed and place the order.
        As now the issue is reported the team will surely fix complete information on the website in next 48-72hrs.
        We will be shipping the items after August 31, 2021 once we get items in stock.

        Edit 3: Everyone should just wait 48-72 hours to see what happens when the page is updated, or you can purchase and just cancel as there is no stock until the 29th anyway.

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          They have been taking orders for approaching 24 hrs surely if anything was wrong with the product info it would have been fixed by now ( forget the pic ) .

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            @popsiee: I just spoke to 4 Amazon CE's in a row on chat, the first one seemed confused by the difference between a CPU / GPU (my original comment here) and the last 3 said that it is indeed the GPU and the page will be updated within 48-72 hours. If its a mistake they will just cancel all the orders anyway.

        • That's promising, let's hope so!

        • you can purchase and just cancel as there is no stock until the 29th

          I've ordered, and my plan was to wait a few days and see if they update the page or send email. If there is an issue, I will cancel before it ships. However… there is no cancellation option on my order page. Just 'track package' and 'archive'.

          • @chriise: If you click on 'track package', there will be a link to cancel.

          • @chriise: Yeah, just ping them directly and they can cancel it for you before it gets shipped.

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    Decided to bite the bullet and order it on zippay. If its wrong then only my zippay count is out for the time it takes to be corrected.

    If they update the listing before then to fix it we can just cancel before being charged anyway.

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    Amazon is keeping us in suspense here as this thriller movie slowly unfolds XD

  • This looks like a rice error, I'm surprised still available

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      I'd like to see how rice can go wrong..

  • Well if it is the gpu, well I just submitted a RMA for it, DOA it seems :(

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        Building a new PC and got one of these 6700XT red devil and it was dead on arrival. Sending it back, not happy.

        • Sorry to hear that. I hope it gets sorted quickly

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    It's been up for more than 12 hours at first I thought nah price error, but now I'm giving it a go

    • Not price error, description error.

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    I actually pulled the trigger on this, but for a different reason.
    I wanted a Noctua fan from Amazon US, but didn't want to pay up to $49 for the free shipping.

    Bundled with this (probably to be cancelled order), I get free shipping!
    If the CPU ships, well amazon should return it, peoples bad experiences with change of mind returns should be different to shipping the totally incorrect product.

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      You clever cookie

      • I'd also love a $579 GPU though… but we will wait and see.

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    Not sure it will be gpu or not, but after my order I find this under your order, "View printable order summary" show:
    Check yours in your account and take your own risk.

    Items Ordered Price
    1 of: PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Red Devil 12GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Dual-Fan Ray Tracing AMD RDNA2 Architecture AMD Infinity Cache 1x HDMI 3x DisplayPort 1
    Sold by: Amazon US (seller profile)

    Condition: New


    • I plan on using this exact receipt to argue my case if a CPU shows up.
      The receipt and item showed a GPU.

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        Best they can do is offer a refund as its purchased Amazon US, which is a third party global seller

  • I should've just bought it before it went on backorder :(

    Edit: If I order from MemoryC will it also be a 6700 XT?

    Nvm MemoryC don't even sell 6700 XTs to begin with.

    • Just pull the trigger now and see how it goes. Everything would be decided by today. (You won't get charged for anything until end of Aug anyway)

  • Trigger pulled… let's see how this goes.

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    Spoke with Nikita who confirmed it's a GPU, receipt also confirms GPU

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    It's just changed to Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

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      Geez, took them a while.. wonder how many orders they've taken already

  • Looking forward to the updates in this thread.

  • commenting to remind myself to check back every now and then to see if I missed the deal of the year after Klarna/PCCG

  • I ordered while it was still available. No idea what's going to happen but have about 20 days to figure it all out.

  • Did anyone buy from Amazon UK. There was stock in Amazon UK..

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    Advice: If you have placed an order and in case you need to argue with Amazon that the product you received is incorrect down the track, make sure you quickly take a screenshot of the listing along with the relevant product descriptions and part numbers. I have a feeling Amazon will be updating the product information soon to reflect the correct item, or potentially take the whole listing down.

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    Currently unavailable.

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    For those that are still interested in trying their luck, it is still available on backorder at Amazon UK. Price is $600.14. Pretty much the same product description/listing as Amazon US.


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      I'll add some emphasis:

      To the extent permitted by law

      Amazon's conditions of sale do not override consumer law. They even say so in those conditions:

      "Nothing in these Conditions of Sale … is intended to exclude, restrict or modify any non-excludable right or remedy you have under law including the Australian Consumer Law …"

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      No different to any other pricing or (unintentional) misrepresentation error. Boils down to whether the vendor chooses to be nice about it by honouring the deal or offering compensation. Or they can just cancel the order and refund your money, leaving you with no recourse.

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    Guys, latest update from Amazon AU Customer support:

    The item has issues with the description and images, this is escalated already, this item will be removed from lists from site shortly.
    Unfortunately I may not comment on this as we just escalated.

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    This isn't the first time a product has had the wrong details on amazon. I bought a m2 SSD for $89. The description and details all said 2tb. I knew it was incorrect but chanced it anyway. Before shipping I was notified it was an error and it was ment to be 500gb and I could cancel for a full refund or keep it and get a $10 credit.

    As others have said the ASIN is for the CPU and highly doubt Amazon would take the hit.

  • Any new updates?

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      I think they still deciding who to blame.

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        In my opinion there are 2 ways this could go down 1: you get the graphics card. 2: There were hundreds of people who pre-order this item so I doubt they will send the wrong item to that many people most likely they will cancel all orders and give people $10 voucher

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          Agree, now that it's been escalated I think it unlikely they will send everyone 5700g's, given the return process for all those CPU's (which could have been opened) will cost them way more.

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          I'd be extremely surprised if they ship out CPUs given that they caught this error almost 1 month before they planned to ship it out. Most likely they'll cancel orders and possibly give out a voucher for inconveniences/opportunity cost/etc.

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            @quanticism: which is what im banking on. hopefully more than $5 for my troubles lol

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      That's what I was told a few minutes ago by costumer service:

      "The exactly same product will be delivered to you.
      All the information will be available on the product description page.
      Manufacturer of GPU
      GPU Chipset
      Radeon RX 6700 XT
      This is the information available on the website."

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        Except that half of the info is for the CPU.

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    anyone got an update on this?

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    If this is the 5700G its bloody expensive at $568, Id expect a better price for it from Amazon US. Weird listing in general.

    • 5700G is $569 from computer Alliance. Bit of a coincidence. Lol


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        Yea, most likely it should be the CPU, but someone stuffed up. So hopefully they will honor it haha

        Let's see, $568 is not much to lock up for a month for the potential gains.

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          for back ordering you only get charge when they restock and ready to ship

  • Edit: My error.

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    Guys anyone received an update?

    • Nope

    • +1

      The update is it shows 5700G now in my saved items.

      • in my Order list it still shows "PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Red Devil 12GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Dual-Fan Ray Tracing AMD RDNA2 Architecture AMD Infinity Cache 1x HDMI 3x DisplayPort 1 "

  • They fixed the title and mini description to say 5700G info, but the product description below is still the 6700 XT stuff.

  • About this item has been updated to reference the CPU. Still has RX6700XT as title.
    Can't believe how slowly they a updating bit by bit.

    About this item
    Play some of the most popular games at 1080p with the fastest processor graphics in the world, no graphics card required
    8 Cores and 16 processing threads, bundled with the AMD Wraith Stealth cooler
    4.6 GHz Max Boost, unlocked for overclocking, 20 MB cache, DDR4-3200 support
    For the advanced Socket AM4 platform

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      Product description in the body still has GPU info

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    Update: even though this item-whatever it is - is supposed to be on backorder and wont be shipped until late this month. Amazon already charged my CC as of 14 minutes ago at 2:01PM AEST. This seems to indicate to me that the item have already entered the shipping process. Good luck everyone!

  • So the linkt post is now fully updated to reflect the CPU. But when I check my orders it still clearly shows a 6700xt.

    Feeling pretty confident actually I am going to get a 6700xt.

    • +4

      Optimism more so than confidence perhaps?

      • Dare to dream.

        If not it will just get sent back. No real skin of my nose!

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    They've stealthily updated the listing to the CPU without alerting anyone, and customer support is saying the listing was incorrect and under investigation. I'd say it's unlikely to be the GPU at this point (which sucks). My orders still has the original listing as was posted here, but the reps only saw the new updated name until I pointed that out.

  • Title has been updated to reflect CPU.


    I ordered one as a GPU. Waiting to see what Amazon says lol

    • What did they say?

      • Yeah what they say

  • +2

    Contacted customer service again now the page changed to see what they would say.
    Screenshot of convo here.

    My rep said to go off of whatever is on the page now because it hasn't shipped yet, which means probably a 5700G. :(
    They let me have $10 credit after cancelling the order.

    Hope this is helpful.

    • +1

      Thing is you didn't ask if you'll get CPU or GPU exactly. The guy goes on saying if you want a refund.

      So I did some asking again just now and this is what I got

      Screenshot of convo here.

      I think we can still hope for the best!


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      I think it's probably too soon to ask for a refund given that it's not even in stock yet. I've had item listings suddenly change after I've received it (browsing my order history and wondering why I bought something that I didn't order) so it doesn't surprise me that the CS agents aren't phased by it.

      If you're going to take a punt and hope to snag a bargain then you should absolutely stand by your convictions and see it to its conclusion. Worst case scenario is that you go through the hassle of returning the item and wait for the refund. If that's too much risk to swallow then don't make the gamble. This deal is not for you..

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    Looks like the title and some info has been updated to be Ryzen 7 5700G though the description is still that of the RX 6700 XT
    I expect cancellations and refunds in the coming hours

  • Anyone still holding for hope? Or has most people cancelled there orders?

    • +1

      Haven’t cancelled yet

    • I'm still on HOLD

  • +3

    My customer service rep confirmed I will be getting the item on my invoice and to ignore the updated listing (taking her confirmation with a grain of salt). I'll hold out to see what happens though

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