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Men's Superdry Pro Elite Jacket $99 (Was $249.95) Delivered @ Superdry


Mens jacket with zip front
Long sleeves with popper cuffs
Adjustable bungee hood
Two zip pockets
Single internal pocket
Adjustable button fastening at side
Bungee cord at hem
Superdry logo badge on sleeve

Womens winter sale


Mens winter sale


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    • +6

      This is super weird. Why was OP downvoted for posting a link to another product here? I never understand the voting system on this forum.

      • +12

        Every community has stupid people.

        • +1

          I think becuase he dropped in that item without comment.

          OP is men's, that's women's.

          If he added a comment and said "oh this looks nice and comparable for women" then that would be better.

          • @tonyjzx: That just makes the neggers look extra stupid.

            • -2

              @Clear: I'm with the 'neggers' on this one.

        • What he posted is barely a bomber jacket, its thin jacket in the style of a bomber jacket.

          This is a Bomber Jacket.

          • +1

            @nephilim: Now if the issue was that then they should have said.

  • +27

    "Pro Elite" super premium plus ultra.

    Feels like a Smartphone release.

    • -3

      or a sanitary product for the ladies

      • +4

        "Pro Elite" super premium plus ultra tampon.

        Has a nice ring to it.

  • +17

    10% off (for new customers) with SDWELCOME10

  • +10

    I purchased this previously for $79.20 and even at $99 it's definitely worth it. High quality and so warm.

    • +1

      how is the sizing?? do they run small??

      • +3

        They do. Order a size up from what you normally get.

      • +2

        Confirming they run small

        • +1

          Runs smallish in the body fit but longer than usual in the arm length is what I found with this jacket.

    • +1

      Too warm? How's the ventilation? Mine's not so good, too warm.

      • +1

        Haven't had an issue of it being too warm. Then again I live in a cold place.

      • Probably too warm for Queensland then. Although been a coldish winter. Sounds better if can try on.

  • +16

    Super dry more like superoverpriced

    • +1

      There's been a few outlet stores for Superdry around Melbourne now, 50-70% off with seemingly unlimited stock. Speaks volumes

  • +3

    Contrary to what the name suggests, I think the overwhelming majority of Superdry jackets are not waterproof or water resistant to even the slightest degree. The quality is not bad - but definitely doesn’t justify RRP.

  • +8

    ask yourself if you really need this

    • +10

      That is not the ozbargain way!

      • +10

        haha true but i try to minimize my impact on the environment (and my wallet)

        • You're absolutely right! Just acknowledging that bargains sometimes override that rational part of us.

        • +3

          This jacket is made from recycled products and has a little tag on it saying just how many plastic bottles were used in the lining if that helps. Impact on your wallet remains the same.

  • +1

    4.9% on CW

    • +10

      Chemist Warehouse?

      • Sorry. I meant CR. Cash rewards.

  • +2

    I know they're different, but for a cold weather jacket, this or Macpac Halo for same price?

    • +1

      I guess it comes down to polyester vs down. I imagine the polyester won't breath as well and will be a bit more sweaty.

      • +1

        Down is no good if wet

  • +3

    looks like a hobo outfit

    • +7


  • +1

    Thaks OP. Didn’t buy this jacket. But bought a couple of joggers.

    • How do Superdry Joggers go for sizing? Do they need to be sized up?

  • Good for outdoor climbing?
    Easy to move in?

  • Can online orders be exchanged/returned in store?

    • +1

      Yeah they can be returned at any store and can be swapped at any store that has stock. You just need proof of online order.

  • "Superdry logo badge on sleeve"

    This is what a lot of people are buying.

    On another note….I assumed Superdry was Japanese for the longest time. They are a British company. Which for some reason turned me off them. I felt duped.

    • +3

      I knew that from the get go. A lot of companies want to get into that fashion 'zeitgeist' where people will pay over the odds for china made shit. Like supreme, champion, i could go on…

      So these guys got very rich by alluding to a Japanese aesthetic. Thats it.

      You could aim the same things are macpac and kathmandu which goes for that outdoor aesthetic when a lot of is just casual streetware.

      • This ain't a new thing. Huge price mark ups on clothing apparel based on a loose product association has been a thing for close to 100 years now ever since Adolf Dassler promoted his running shoes through Olympic athletes.

      • I'm sure you're right but for some reason I don't feel the same level of icky with macpac and kathmandu - don't they at least have some outdoors cred?

        Whereas Superdry came up with a Japanese-sounding name, added some characters (katakana?) and tricked me. They made it personal haha

        It's like if I decided to start a clothing company called 'BRASILIA' with blue, green, yellow brand theme.

        • Superdry's Japanese-associated marketing is meant to be a little ironic. The Japanese "極度乾燥しなさい" is somewhat nonsensical/gibberish, and is meant to be a crude mimic of Nike's "Just Do It" in meaning and style. It's also a parody of Japanese brands using nonsense English to make products seem more Western and fancy to Japanese consumers, and a parody of white people using Asian characters for the 'exotic' factor without knowing what it means (e.g., Chinese symbols in tattoos)

  • By the time I decided to get one, no small sizes left… looks like only M and above available now.

  • +1

    Are these just like wearing unbreathable plastic bags …

    … where the "SuperDry"

    … is just pie in the sky

    … coz you end up SuperWet

    … from your endless sweat … ?

  • +3

    Cheers OP. Got myself a new hiking bag and sports bag :)

    Used code: "SDWELCOME10" for an extra 10% off

  • This jacket looks pretty bad to me

    • bit baggy or funny proportions.. need to try it on really

  • Got this today, it's not very bulky but surprisingly warm.

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