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Private Internet Access (VPN): 110% Cashback for New Customers @ ShopBack


Was browsing the SB app and came across this. I previously signed up when there was 100% cash back and it tracked perfectly.

Make sure not to cancel auto renew within the PIA settings otherwise you won't get the cash back.

3 year + bonus 2 months is $109, and you should get $119.9 in cash back.

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$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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      • Windscribe used to work really well with Netflix (haven't had Netflix for >1y, so can't say if it's still like that).
        It's definitely working well to get US Amazon prime content.

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    I signed up when it was 100%. shopback shows $109 but says pending and can verify by October.
    Should i wait ?
    One more thing, My Netflix TV app can track PIA and says that i have a VPN/Proxy installed and don't let me watch US content.

    • there was news that dont turn off auto renew or else you may not recieve the cash back.


      • So you turn off after you get the cashback?

        • yeah turn off auto renew after cash or wait a month after is the work around.

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          Or simply Use a virtual/prepaid card to buy the VPN so they cannot charge you after first time

          • @USER DC: How do you use virtual cards?
            Last time I checked all services providing virtual cards were for US users only.

            • @SickDmith: Wise formerly transwise can use it and dump it

              Otherwise other online Only bank may also offer something like this like up, revelout etc

            • @SickDmith: revolut

      • I didn't turned off auto renewal.

      • Hi if anybody can clarify what op meant by " no cashback if auto renewal is cancelled". Because I remember getting $103 cashback tracked for NordVPN deal and certainly cancelled auto renewal. Is this clause only for PIA or all other VPN dealsas well ?
        But I haven't received money yet, Should I just turn on Auto renewal untill I get my money?

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          turn OFF after you get the cashback. setup reminder to check the cashback after 3 months or so

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      Very few VPN work with USA Netflix.

      • +1

        I've used Nord many times for all different countries and had no issues

    • They don't make any guarantees about it working, so I'd assume it won't or if it does work, it will stop soon. Netflix are pretty dynamite on stopping VPNs.

      Nord has a support page guide and tells you what countries/servers should work, so I'd go with them first it that's what you want.

  • Does this work with Netflix?

    • The above user says not

    • Hit and miss, mostly miss. However Windscribe wasn't consistent over the weekend either.

      • Windscribe works for me everytime..

        • No luck for me yesterday on Android TV and Android mobile. Any suggestions?

          • @Sunproof: I just run it via a SFF Desktop, Win 10.
            Wonder if it's an Android thing..

            I use the 50GB free account from a previous deal.

  • is there a catch for us usin pia for 110% cash back??

    • The catch is that shopback isn't reliable at paying out, this one is a big risk of overpaying

  • +1

    Signed up on the 100% cashback deal last time. Tracked fine with no issues from SB. VPN has been fine for my use case, no issues with speed on 500mb down (not in Aus atm).

    Concerned now about discussions around selling user data. That's not cool. Left Nord because of security implications, I'll be shopping around for a new VPN provider soon.

    • This sort of stuff always goes on. Half of it is misinformation or out of date information, but its constant. VPNs change owners, policies change, one company that was seemingly legit in that respect then become highly questionable. At the end of the day most of us have VPNs for very simple reasons, that is to not make it easy for ISPs to snoop on us during certain times (or all the time). As long as anything that "may" be getting retained by a VPN is anonymized i personally couldn't care. If they want to snoop on download & porn habbits its their time to waste. They have way bigger fish to try in this country.

      That all being said, its very hard to stay up to date on this stuff. So if PIA are recently doing something very naughty please share! :)

      • You're right. That would be the vast majority of use within the residential customer market.

        All I have to go in is what's been discussed above. It's a jungle out there when it comes to VPN reliability and security. For something that should be so straightforward, the almighty dollar is a powerful motivator to engage in questionable practices.

        • Is there a general consensus on a good VPN provider at the moment? Years ago it was PIA, but there seems to be a lot of concern around them of late and it's due time to switch.

    • What's the concern with nord?

  • If I have just joined a month ago, could I still cancel and reapply for this cashback?

  • bit regret that I jumped on Nord's 95% deal last week… hopefuilly CR will approve my cash back soon enough…

    • same, is there any clause to requiring us to do anything to recieve the cashback. I think mine is pending til 25th sept

  • Just signed up and paid. Tested a few servers and seems fine.

    Testing on Sony 75" X9000h and Samsung Note.

    Waiting for SB to track the cashback.

    What server is best for Netflix is it US from a quick google for best catalogue?

    For some reason PIA does not have a Korean server. So take note for anyone wanting a South Korean server/IP.

    • Unogs.com to search Netflix libraries in all regions.

      • Thanks

    • Cash back tracked fine. All is good so far :)

    • Cash back tracked fine. All is good so far :)

      • How much did you pay and what’s the tracked amount? Thanks.

        • +1

          Paid 109 CB is 120.63

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    If a VPN is literally paying you to use them, that means you're the product, which for service that is supposed to provide security and anonymity is not a good sign.

    • Ya I want to sign up but a bit skeptical on this deal.

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       Date    Store   Order Number    Cashback          
        2021-08-08  Private Internet Access VPN     PIA-XXXXXXX A$120.63        

    Available by 24 Oct 2021

    Paid A$109

    • Did you get 2 month bonus?

      • I don't think so:

        Aug 08, 2024
        1095 DAYS LEFT

        • +1

          so we got scammed 2 months??
          mine also renews on 9 aug 2024 (joined today)

          • @ChiMot: Same here. No 2 months bonus.

            • @nosrad: no tracking email from SB yet?
              i think hamza signed yesterday and got tracking today so one day delay

              • @ChiMot: Got my tracking email just now, about an hour delay.

                • @nosrad: same. just now.. lets catchup end of october :)

  • I have been using PIA for years and notice no speed slowdowns when downloading Linux ISO's behind the VPN on my 5G connection.

    • What do you mean when you say downloading Linux ISO's, are you talking about the OS? What are you trying to achieve?

      • gee.. ……. we say linux iso for all the things that we are not supposed to say in public forums

        • I'm a nerd but I feel like I'm a lost nerd today. Usually I'm up to date on stuff like this stuff but thanks for telling me haha.

  • I bought last time on the 100% cashback deal.
    Speed is not always the best especially on 4G or 5G.
    If you download eg. 250 megabit, the VPN won't handle it and go around 100 megabit or lower and nothing more.
    If you disconnect the VPN, you will get the full speeds on 4 or 5G.
    Each time you disconnect and reconnect, you'd assume you will receive a new IP address but it's always the same and most times you reconnect after 10 mins 👎

  • +1

    I'm on checkout page, and the order total says $98.20.
    Is this in USD? Am I safe to proceed??

    • Same here for the 2 year plan, it's in AUD. Couldn't find the 3 year plan for some reason

    • huh weird i could find 3 years +2 bonus, total 109 just fine

  • +1

    ShopBack is kinda scam. Never had any issue with Cashrewards. ShopBack still showing pending for last 3 months while Cashrewards approved all 2 months ago.

    • +1

      I had issues with both of them

      • I just saw, few of them are pending for more than a year in ShopBack.

  • Regardless of which VPN service you opt for since last week, Netflix has started blocking the region restricted library. I have subscribed for PIA, Windscribe, NordVPN, PrivateVPN and Keepsolid, none of them works for me.


    • I use Torguard with a special USA 'Streaming IP' which isn't shared.

      Cost more but it shows up as a residential IP for Netflix/Hulu/etc.

  • +2

    Purchase was tracked pretty quickly.

    Just make sure you go through the steps properly.

    Got $120.87 back.


  • i am new to shopback .Always used cashreward in the past with new issues at all. want to confirm if the cashback is through ShpBack App only? or it works through Desktop as well?

    • +1

      You don't need the app, going through the website is fine

      • i have purchased first time with Shopback. got the tracking confirmation also for $120.53. i have always used cashreward and never had any issue of cashback being denied.

        any experience on Shopback?are they good in providing the cashback money if all the conditions are met?

    • Our App allows for easier tracking as there is less third-party software interfering with the transaction.
      But as shiznit mentioned above, our Desktop site works as well :)

  • Purchased 3 years and waiting for CB Tracking

    • You might be waiting 3 years.

      • +1

        Took 50 minutes for mine to track.

  • is the $109 in AUD or USD?

    • AUD

      • +1

        thanks in that case ill use my coles prepaid mc.

  • Looks like I had created a free account with PIA but did not sign up for a paid plan. If I use another email address and sign up for this, will that work?

  • brought it but not tracked yet. the extension message didnt pop up on this purchases saying it had tracked dont know if its normal for this so im a bit concerned.

  • +1

    110% cashback?

    Yeah, your data is being sold a couple of times over.

    • sold 110 times to be exact

  • +2

    thanks op it tracked at $120.95 will put in a reminder to check if its confirmed on 24 Oct 2021

  • does this need to be installed on every computer or can I keep configuring it at modem / router level?

  • How to use this to download torrent from synology nas?

    • Use a docker. This works perfectly for me.


      • Duh i really need to learn this docker thing. Keep hearing it but dont know what how for

        • +1

          Highly recommend. I learnt it a few months ago and it's been great for home lab and self hosting stuff. Let me know if you have any questions

      • Have you had any issues with the binhex Docker after upgrading to DSM 7?

        It totally broke my setup. I've tried the uncheck recheck high privilege mode but still no luck.

  • do you guys keep it on all the time? even for banking and personal / work / email?

    • +2

      no, only when downloading linux distros

      • gotta keep those 4k atmos ISOs

  • tracked after exactly 1h, good stuff

  • Does the cashback also apply if I add on the dedicated ip option?

  • +1

    Sweet 10% profit and 10 points for every dollar spent via PayPal on my Amex.

  • title says "110% Cashback for New Customers @ ShopBack"
    Is this for new shopback users or new PIA users?

    • Pia

  • After Netflix stopped accepting VPN's I setup a Plex server, it works very well if you have okay upload.

    • you can get netflix USA from plex? for free?

      • No, Plex is a home media server program, it's for downloaded content

        • +1

          ah you mean instead of streaming (because vpn isnt working anymore) now you download first then use plex.
          got it. i prefer that way as well

  • Ehhh this is sus…

  • Is it 110% CB on everything? So I get the dedicated IP as well it would track the full amount?