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NordicTrack S20i Treadmill $1299 (RRP $2299) + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas) @ NordicTrack Fitness


Great deal if anyone after a proper treadmill
$1000 off RRP with free shipping to most postcode

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    Do these get locked down if you dont pay a monthly subscription?

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      Does that happen to any treadmills?

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        Does that happen to any treadmills?

        Suffice to say that if it did there'd be a second question: How do you remove a treadmill from a human body cavity

        • "Unfortunately, Tread Lock is not yet available without a Peloton Membership, which means Tread+ owners without a subscription cannot access Just Run at this time."

          That's strange.
          If they can build the feature for a subscription surely it can't be hard to add it to the menu for someone who doesn't have a subscription
          Or they could add the feature to the general settings menu which I am sure doesn't need a membership to access.

          "We understand this is an inconvenience for some and have waived three months of All-Access Membership for all Tread+ owners."

          At least it's free for 3 months.
          I wonder how many people will forget to cancel their membership in 3 months and pay for the fourth month.

    • I was gonna ask the same question. Do they have any built in programs that you can run without the iFit subscription…It's not listed on the website.

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        You can modify the screen and run other apps. The iFit subscription is a training program, but not essential to the operation of the treadmill.

        • what other apps would work with the treadmill?

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            @kiwibayer: I use Bitgym https://www.bitgym.com/
            on my Nordictrac 2450 it's about US$10 a month
            I had to unlock the Android screen (10" I think) on the 2450 and it will run other Android apps now
            Ifit is around $400 a year it comes included with the 2450 for a year.

            • @bluegrass: Nice, I'll look that up :)
              does it control the treadmill too? :o

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                @kiwibayer: No, you do that manually - which I prefer, but personal preference I suppose.
                Neither does it have voice commentary. The Ifit one will instruct you and 'yell' at you which I found grating as they were not Australian voices ….

      • Ifit has a free mode where you just manually change the settings

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      no they dont

  • Keen to know people's experience with this treadmill

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      The incline-series (X22i and X11i?) models were super popular last year (during lockdown) amongst ultra-running friends. Rock solid. The screen is hackable, so you can avoid lock-in with the training program. The 5" screen is on the small side, but it's a fair few $$$ to upgrade. Overall this brand has an excellent reputation. They tend to rotate through the specials regularly, so if after a different model it's worth waiting.

    • I have experience with the brand and an older model. I've been using the treadmill since 2009 and it's running, no issues. I've maintained the belt etc.

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        Cheers for the input, is it easy/economical to keep the treadmill maintained? Could you please outline some info for totally newbie if I was buying this or something similar, what are the essential to keep it working 10 years +? Thanks.

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          Yeah it is, you just use a silicon based lubricant or a specific dry lube for treadmills and place it under the treadmill band. I also lubricate the incline arms as well, and clean them to remove dust build up.

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      I found it to fast

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    5" screen! Almost as big as my phone from 5 years ago

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      Objet d'art. Cut out the middle man and go straight to the clothes horse.

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      took me a second, but then 😂
      take my + please…

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      Haha. We bought a treadmill 5 years ago and it got used exactly for the purpose you mentioned after 3 months of it being used by everyone in the family. We then sold it off to someone on FB marketplace. The incline feature on it made sure the clothes were perfectly dry :)

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      Looks across room to treadmill covered in clothes

      I feel simultaneously seen and attacked.

      Shut up and take my upvote.

  • Are there any reasonably priced + solid treadmills which have the screen in front of you at head height?

    It's a pain to crane my neck downward while watching movies on the iPad.

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      Would recommend a separate TV mounted to portable stand

      • This reasonably priced treadmill just got expensive and even more bulky

        • Can you keep a treadmill inside the house and just roll it out to a tv?

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            @cute as ducks: If you have floorboards/tiles, and appreciate HIIT as you lug it to the TV room, then yes.

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              @yojabbajabba: Then perhaps something like this for OP's iPad or similar but higher at head height.

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                @cute as ducks: haha thanks but I'm aware there are plenty of workarounds. I'm just wondering why treadmills themselves don't let you at least adjust the screen height for people using the built-in console. Maybe it's a safety thing; perhaps looking straight ahead takes your attention away from the machine underneath you too much?

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                  @andresampras: I think you are right, it is a safety thing. I would imagine plenty would headbutt into it, spill their water onto it and electrocute themselves, faceplant onto the conveyor belt or fall off the balcony from lack of concentration.

                  • @cute as ducks: lol I can't tell if this was complete sarcasm, but the slapstick visual made me chuckle

                • @andresampras: You realise how much that would cost right… For a feature that's not even a feature.

                  • @King Steuart: OK, I'll bite.

                    No I'm not sure how much added cost would be incurred on a $2000 machine by adding a height-adjustable console. Do you?

                    What's 'not a feature' to you may well be appreciated by someone else. Sometimes it's the little things that add up to a standout product.

                    • @andresampras: What I mean by not a feature is that you have to break out of the ifit program to install media apps and that technically voids the warranty so why would they accommodate a screen to assist with that?

                      I've got my Nordictrack permanently set up on the edge of my gym area which just happens to be next to the gaming area with a 75" so I just watch stuff on that.

                      • @King Steuart: Some treadmills have huge screens and built-in TVs and HDMI inputs, not sure why you're talking about voiding warranties.

                        I can't have a treadmill anywhere near an existing TV, hence my original question.

                        EDIT: anyway this has gone on a bit. It was just a casual question, I'm not desperate for a solution.

          • @cute as ducks: Depends how fast you want to move. Walking pads slide under a bed or lounge.

    • I have a NordicTrack (don’t remember the model off hand) that came with an attachable tablet stand that mounted to the top of the main display / controls, can have a look at the model number tonight if you need

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    Does it work with Zwift ?

    Zwift also supports some treadmills as well as bike trainers.

    I use Zwift when on bike trainer and it is a great way to both beat the boredom of stationary trainers and for the training plans etc.

    • For any treadmill to become 'smart' for zwift, you just need a footpod - i use the garmin footpod for mine (there are heaps on the market - stryd, polar, etc). You set it up (calibrate) once in the app and away you go.

    • I am in the process of looking for a treadmill for zwift.

      On my research you have the "officially supported" list https://support.zwift.com/en_us/supported-running-hardware-S...

      The next step, is you want a treadmill that transmits data via bluetooth.
      Now this is where it gets tricky. Some bluetooth is only to connect to a speaker type, and wont transmit data

      Then you have the nordic's which only connect to the iFit. This wont work, and you need to go to iFit, manually download file, and then update to strava etc.

      Now I think these types of treadmill will work :
      Horizon Studio Series : https://www.horizonfitness.com/studio-treadmills

      This site lists that they are compatible with exporting the data.

      The only thing is its not controlled by zwift. so it wont change the speed of treadmill, increase / decrease tilt etc.

      Then you get an issue if you are connected to the FitU app, I don't think you can be connected to something else at the same time.

      I think another one will work was a previous deal : LIFESPAN APEX TREADMILL (no stock for 5 weeks i think)

      But trying to find more details on these treadmills is very difficult, as there are very little reviews, and if there is a video its not in English.

      As mentioned you can get a foot pod, but I have family members who want to use it, and the good thing with Zwift is you can get free child accounts.

  • "1-18 KPH Speed' is that mean limited at 18kph?

    • It means the maximum speed is 18 kph

    • +1

      yep, not designed for olympian level runners

  • Does anyone know if it will be very noisy if I use it in the early morning or late night? Don’t want the neighbours to complain, living in an apartment.

    • I have following one. Its has good shock absorbers, never had any problem. https://www.lifespanfitness.com.au/collections/treadmills/pr...

      • This has better features it seems

        • yes. Has colour display can watch video. Also fitlink plus app sync with apple health. Its good for people who wants to keep track on their work out. also has built in heart rate sensor.

      • yeah it seems ur one has better feature too, how much did u paid for yours?

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          all the treadmill has shipping cost around $130. bought it from catch with 10% discount so $1259 including shipping not to mention catch do drop shipping so you will get it directly from company, It came within 3 days.

      • How noisy is it?

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          I didn’t find it that noisy. when my wife do it I can here foot step from other room, rather then that I didn’t here any noise coming from treadmill when it’s running.

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    It's even cheaper to not buy that treadmill you won't use!

    • +2

      It's free to run in the streets

      • +6

        I used to run on the road but it was wreaking havok on my feet and knees because I'm a big dude, I ended up copping a stress fracture in my foot that put me in a moon boot for 3 months and made an overseas holiday really boring due to mobility issues. Now I only run on a treadmill and haven't have any issues in years. Put over 3000k on mine last year, and watched heaps of tv at the same time. I can also run rain, hail or brutal heat.

        I personally find treadmill running preferable from an injury and comfort perspective.

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    Proform pro 5000 was on special for $2199 last week on Costco online (this one was 4 CHP motor model)

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    What's this like to hang clothes from on coat hangers in a spare room?

  • +1

    so what's the conclusion? Are you locked into the subscription?

  • +2

    I picked up a used NordicTrack T10.0 late last year and it is a very nice machine. Previous owners had clocked up a whopping 50km on it after 6months 😀

    Never been a treadmill runner and only got into street running over a year ago and I now run full-time on the treadmill. I thought the video guided runs would be a gimmick but was convinced by wife to get a treadmill that supports them. Now that I have it I wouldn't run without them. The iFit runs are really well produced, the trainers are engaging and the locations are beautiful and you get to learn a bit of the local history. Having the machine change incline and speed to match the video works seamlessly. They recently introduced the ability to adjust the intensity of the whole run when you adjust the incline or speed on the machine if you want to make it more or less challenging. You can also have it adjust to your heart rate if you have a compatible chest strap (any bluetooth ANT strap is fine). You can run the machine manually and it has some built in programs but would only use that if I really had to. iFit comes with a whole bunch of other workouts (weights, yoga, HIIT etc.) which don't need a machine. We use these regularly too.

    iFit has been a gamechanger for our family. We've scrapped the gym membership and are getting way more volume of exercise in. So much easier when you just need to find 15 - 60min sometime during your day and don't have to travel or coordinate with fixed timetables.

  • Pulled the trigger on this. Will see how it goes…

    • Once you get it, can you report back if you need subscription to play the fitness programs.

      • +1

        Shall do. It hasn't even shipped yet so it may be a while until I come back to you.

        • Also keen to find out about this,

      • +1


        5 " LCD Display

        Two 2" Digitally Amplified Speakers

        6 Month iFit Membership Included / iFit® Bluetooth Smart (BLE) Enabled

        • +1

          What happens after you finish the 6 month membership and you don't want to renew.

          Will the screen become useless without an active membership?

          • +1

            @Kista: I highly doubt this would be the case. From my understanding, the membership gives you the ability to use the IFIT program, whereas anything local to the treadmill itself should be visible without one.

            If the 6 month membership is included as an activation code or similar, I will see if I can provide an idea of what it can do without the membership. I got a notification saying it left Sydney on Saturday but it goes to a local delivery partner. Will see how it goes…

  • I'm not a no all about treadmills, but I have become aware that you need to service them fairly regularly, specifically lubricating underneath the belt/track with silicon spray(?) and adjusting the belt/tracks alignment when needed. Failing to do this will generate excess frictional forces that will burden the motor which in turn will either destroy the motor or cause circuit board issues, from my experience/limited understanding. I'd hate to spend this sort of money and not be aware of this. I own a Nordic track and an in the process of trying to fix the circuit board. I've already replaced some mosfet transisters and looking for where else the board has failed, probably a relay.

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