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adidas Performance Ultraboost 21 $129.99 (Was $269.99) Delivered @ Hype DC


A good deal with free express shipping and my first post just trying to help people.

8 sold out.
9 sold out.
10 sold out.
11 sold out.
12 sold out.

Thanks to ozzzie from the comments.

Fyi some people's Commbank app will have $15 off $100 spend.
Stack this with CR and price is down to around $110.

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    Just wondering if anyone would buy this it at RRP ?

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      Nah. Only when it's on sale.

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      people who never discovered Ozbargain would

      • got these for 99 but grey color from few weeks ago deal

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      Bought a few pairs of UB20's during the last Adidas sale. Think they worked out to around $68 each. Ended up returning them as I found them pretty ordinary even at that price point.

      Rebel have been having a few sales that stack with cashback deals.

      Nike Structures and Pegasus under $100 are infinitely better shoes..well for me anyway with a wide midfoot. This doesn't mean I wear a wide toe box shoe ie. 2E/ 4E. Just a normal width shoe, with width in the middle.

      Structure/ Pegasus also feel much more solid/ stable.

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        I Stopped reading at Nike.

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          You can actually run in Nike Pegasus (I can't, orthotics don't fit the shoes), but ultraboost are just not good for running at all.

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            @callumds: The new ultraboost 21 are way worse for running than the previous 20. Nike seem to have nailed it with the next% though for running

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          I agree 90% + of Nike shoes are rubbish. New balance make a better shoe on average. But a pair of structures for $100 is a way better deal than UB's at this price. I actually kept a different Adidas shoe…One of the Falcon series with cloud foam. For around $50 it's a pretty good shoe and better built than the UB in my opinion. But I like a solid all round comfort shoe.

          • @tunzafun001: I agree, I was just pointing out that Nike make better running shoes than Adidas.

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        It is all a matter of what works best for your foot. I wouldn't touch Nike ever again cause they don't work for my feet. The UB20s on the other hand are perfect for me. Always best to try different brands and see what your feet are most comfortable in.

      • Pegasus are first Nikes after what feels like forever. I've been very impressed.

    • I buy most of my shoes at RRP because I like to wear 4E and they can be hard to find on sale.

    • For Nike, hell yeah.
      It's only Adidas that people realise they are spending money.
      Branding is everything.
      Never seen a decent discount for Nike. That's why it's not my favourite brand.

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        Define "decent discount".

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          The one that brings Ultraboost 21 equivalent shoes to around ~$100-$105 price range (or under, of course) after cashback etc. That's a decent discount for me and I would reckon the definition for Mi2 may not be very different.

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    What is it with Hype DC (among others) not stocking half sizes?

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      Yeah I was thinking the same thing. With the ultra boost i can wear half a size larger without an issues (size 12). If I buy the 11.5 they seem a bit too snug at first but the sock stretches a bit and after a few weeks they fit perfectly.

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      They've probably looked into sales history and what sizing people generally go for - im assuming the half sizes are less popular so to cut down on wastage they only stock full sizes.

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        Its just another compromise buying products living in Australia. In the States every store has half sizes. No point in buying shoes which aren't going to fit properly

    • 10.5 needed ……. sad face

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    I own my own pair, and to anyone who hasn't tried these shoes yet and always hear that they're super comfy, they are, but they're not worth the exorbitant RRP. Only buy 'em if they're on sale (like under $150)

  • Any of you know if it has a snug fit on the heel/achilles tendon?

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      It's okay but I say the dedicated running lines from Asics, NB, Saucony, Mizuno, et al have a better fit though the heel cup. Most secure heel cup fit I've used would be my Salomon trail runners

      For my feet , Ultraboost are very comfortable for walking, way too squishy for running and absolutely terrible for trail running (okay the latter was an unplanned run which was done when I was away)

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    Fyi some people's Commbank app will have $15 off $100 spend.
    Stack this with CR and price is down to around $110

    • Damn, didn't have it.

    • Good pick up. I activated the offer. Do i need to buy these shoes through the Commbank rewards site?

  • I just bought triple black version 4.0 months ago.
    Would this v21 better shoes?

  • Is this like the older model UBs where you need to go a 1/2 size up ?

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      1/2 up only if you have wide feet

      • Dang if only knew this before buying my pair a while back.

        Should've known though since Adidas always runs narrower than nike

  • is this good for flat feet people? can't seem to figure out if it's for neutral or over-pronation.

    • Can't speak for the UB21, but I have flat feet and wear the DNA4.0 and UB20 all the time. They work great for me.

    • I have flat feet and I wear the Ultraboost 20s, a generation before these. Comfortable fpr long periods of time (standing up for 6hrs a time), didn't need my special insoles that I needed with other shoes to wear them.

    • +1

      Depends on use

      Have alphatorsion. Comfortable for walking but Def exacerbates the overpronation with the chunky heel.

      • User name seems questionable

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    I got a black DNA 4.0 and a white UB20. Do I get a UB21 in another colour… so tempting!

  • I wear 10.5 2E in New Balance, so would size 11 be ok for me?

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    Some might be able to get $15 cash back for $100 spend via Commbank rewards when paid with Commbank Debit/Credit Mastercard.

  • Does anyone own a pair of 21s yet? I'm keen to know if they look as ugly in person as they do in the photos? I know the heel helps with cushioning but I don't think it was really needed and help destroyed the looks.

    • I have both U20s in triple black and U21s in triple red. The U21s look great imho. The heel is about 2x as high as the U20 though.

    • I have the triple blacks and the grey ones, the heel is certainly chunky but I don't think they look that bad. It's all subjective though

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    269 for rubber, 129 isn't to bad but geez

    • +2

      will make you run faster than Usain Bolt

      • +1

        That must be what the UB stands for

        • I want to, I wanna sell a unbreakable rubber cup for $178, it doesn't do much other than not break.

          But not sure what age group your in.

        • Indeed

    • Lol why dont you make your own rubber and sell it at whatever $x if you think it's so overpriced 😉

      • I want to, I wanna sell a unbreakable rubber cup for $178, it doesn't do much other than not break.

        But not sure what age group your in

        • Best use out of Rubber is when you make a Rubber if you know what i mean.

  • Are these any good? Of course they are the only darker colour in my size.

  • If I normally wear size 11.5 OG UBs, will these newer size 11 fit?

  • I’m considering actually doing some long distance running, would people recommend?

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      I found these horrendous for my wider than normal feet.

      I had to go home and put on my old runners.

      • Did you go a size up? I have a right foot that's wider than the left

      • These ultraboost are narrow than normal so if you have wide feet then please go at least half size up.

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      They may feel comfortable (padding wise), but they're not good for your feet/ankles/knees as they don't provide enough support.

    • I’m considering actually doing some long distance running, would people recommend?

      My recommendation would be to not listen to random recommendation from the Internet. Having said that, go to a store like Athlete's foot where they have a machine for measuring your foot and walking/running geometry and get a shoe that suits your profile.

  • +1

    Called up rebel sports and price matched, they emailed me a 140$ coupon.
    Are there any better runners to spend the money on?

  • Dont forget 2.8% cashback on sale items via Cashrewards and $15(Targeted) via Commbank rewards. OP i think you should add it to post.

    • idk how to. I put it in the description of the post

      • All good, most people here are like hawks will read/notice every bit and most know about it anywya lol

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    Thanks, Great deal :)

    • no problem

  • im still waiting on my UB from the last deal, meant to be here 21st july. hypedc keeps saying they are in touch with startrack and startrack lost it lmao

  • Got a pair

  • Dispatched

  • Received my pair today, ordered on the weekend