[SOLVED] Video Card for ~ $1000?

I'm not willing to wait more than a month to get a new GPU since I don't have one after selling my RX 5700. I'm a pretty avid overclocker so I'm looking for one with good cooling. I'm definitely willing to go to the used market if I can save like 10%, but anything less and I'd rather go brand new. I've been looking at this 6700 XT but I feel like I could do better. Bear in mind I can't fit more than like 53mm height in my case.


Edit: If it means anything I'm aiming at 1080p165hz and have a Ryzen 5 3500X.


  • If you are a avid overclocker i would suggest signing up to ocau forums. Think its a 3 month wait then you can access the buy and sell there for used cards.

    • I'm not willing to wait more than a month

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        More advice for the future if he is willing to buy used cards. Won't be his last graphics card if he is a avid overclocker.

        • Good advice. I think I'll check it out myself as I'm not in the same rush OP is. Can you pick up some good deals and is it trustworthy?

          I didn't neg you btw.

          • @chriise: I've been on OCAU for over 20 years and never had any issues buying or selling. It's the only place I sell my old phones and computer gear.

          • @chriise: you're still gonna be looking at like $800 or 900 for a 3060ti or 6700xt

    • You're still looking at like $900 for a used 3060ti or 6700XT on overclockers, that's even if you find someone selling one, most of the latest "sales" are people wanting trades. So don't sign up expecting to find super bargains. Everyone knows how hard it is to find new generation cards.

  • OP you could join the Ozb lottery for the $600 RX 6700 XT "GPU" at amazon:


    But even if real, I don't think they expect to ship before end of Sept.

    • Yeah I thought about it before it was on backorder but by the time I made up my mind it expired.

      • The UK listing I linked to is still live I think, but longer delivery time.

  • Isn't the 3060TI on par with the 6700XT, or better even in some benchmarks?


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      I was fairly certain the 6700 XT ran 10% faster give or take?

      • Looks like both cards would be bottlenecked by your 3500x anyway (depending on any OC) , and both look like they'll provide >165fps on High and close to that on Ultra


        Userbenchmark build comparison actually shows the 3060TI benching slightly higher… but real world can depend on a lot of things. I don't think there'd be too much in it.


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          Userbenchmark tends to bias against AMD, my data is mainly from Hardware Unboxed videos and some random game testing vids.

          The 3500X is defs next on my upgrade list but it'll do for now. I'm also leaning towards the 6700 XT because I've heard that it does better with lower end CPUs. I'd definitely take a 3060 Ti if I can get better price to perf though.

          Edit: Seems like the 3060 Ti isn't so far behind. I'll have to look further into it.

        • both cards would be bottlenecked by your 3500x anyway

          I thought that 3500x is a good CPU :O

          I used that "gpucheck" with my PC config and I got "CPU Impact on FPS % -20.0%" for "High Quality Settings".
          But I haven't seen 100 % CPU usage when gaming. What is the actual meaning of this value ?

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            @bazingaa: Yeah I was basing it on that benchmark siteā€¦ not sure how that translates in reality though.

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            @bazingaa: It is but some games (by some I mean like 1/3 of modern games) use lots of threads and the 3500X struggles with them. Notably Battlefield games and most Ubisoft games.

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    I would buy a 3600TI than a 6700 XT, comes with bonus goodies like good driver support, CUDA, NVENC, DLSS etc.

  • Check out good price on 3-fan 3060

    • Should probably update the post. I decided on getting the QICK from PLE for $1079. I scoured through eBay sold items and OzBargain history and it didn't seem there had been much better deals in the past so I figured why wait for minimal savings. The only 3060 Tis I could find were the $999 Gaming OC at Shopping Express which was also excluding delivery and the Mini which was preorder on top of being a loud card.

      • Awesome dude, congrats.

        Also I totally revoke my above comment, in my head I thought it was a 3060TI. Not a deal for a 3060 at that price anyway.

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