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[Pre Order] Galax NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti (1-Click OC) 8GB LHR Graphics Card $899 + Delivery @ PCByte


Another decent deal on a dual-fan Galax 3060 Ti at PCByte.

There is more 3060 Ti's coming in-stock recently and we'll only see more at even lower prices if we hold the line. If you really need a new GPU though, consider this deal.

This deal is while stocks last!

Update: There seem's to be only 4 left in stock as of 22:10 AEST Preorder now.

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    Here we go…. HOLD!

  • +2

    Another one!

    If we all stop buying, will the price go down more???

    • +7

      If we all stop buying, retailers won't be able to move inventory so they would have to drop prices to attract more customers. So yes, prices will go down more if we stop buying.

      • Ok.

        HODL! :)

      • +1

        Now all we need is for people to not be willing to overpay for cards.

        oh man 4000 series msrp is gonna be wild.

  • Could this be the stock meant to disrupt the 6600xt launch?

    • Possibly, though I would've imagined the stock that was meant to drop on launch of the 6600XT would be released on the same day.

      I'm not too up-to-date with the 6600XT though. From what I've read, it's MSRP is inflated far above it's performance. Not that MSRP is accurate in today's market but still ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

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  • Just hold…I dont understand why people pay so much money for the CHEAP version of good cards.

    • +2

      Because it is cheaper??

      • Youre saving $50-100 for a louder card with less thermal headroom and less resale value later down the track.

        With how much power these cards draw its more important than ever imo.

              • +1

                @furiouswilly: This can be a bit complicated but usually if the card has a FHR, the LHR needs to be on the box or mentioned in the name. Otherwise u need to look for serial number

                If the card is all LHR then they won't always come with a LHR label (3070ti, 3080ti etc)

              • +1

                @furiouswilly: I think the Z's are LHR

                I owned gaming x trio early 2021 and the z didn't come out till later. i think it has a higher clock speed but because it came out later it should be mostly LHR.

                VENTUS is a lower tier model for MSI

                Ventus<Gaming<Gaming X< Gaming Z< Suprim

  • This model is worse than the asus mini one. It is in the red category…

    If i were u i would rather pick up the asus one. better resale value due to Asus brand name

    • Yes true
      This card should be priced under 800

    • +1

      Do you have a source for that?

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N4_dMHpu1I

        u can see the asus makes it just in the orange zone while the galax is in the red zone

        • +2

          This card isn't even reviewed.
          Its the KFA Galax card.

          Plus this is not even a primary source, he's just copying other source.

        • +2

          I think you should take those rankings with a grain of salt like the author of the video himself tells you to in the video.

          • He didn't test anything himself. He just compiled numbers from various reviews he found online.
          • His final rankings are based on power limits, VRM quality and cooling performance.
            • Gives a lot of weight to power limits and VRM, but doesn't show any OC results.
            • He could only find data on thermals and noise levels for 13 of the 49 cards so for the remaining cards 36 cards he ranked them himself based on number of fans, fan size and his knowledge…

          A lot of speculation in that video.

          • +1

            @HomeAlone: Thank you, my thoughts assembled in a much better format!
            He is not a primary source of information, he has just compiled sources and added in his own opinion. Not very objective.

        • +1

          His analysis might be right 10 years ago but the oc headroom is very very small nowadays even you have a lot of spare power limit headroom. You may end up getting 60MHz higher on the max boost clock (real result between my budget 3070 and my friend's high end 3070) but you won't notice the extra 2% FPS gain when you are playing a game.