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Edifier S3000PRO $689, Edifier S2000MKIII $389 Delivered @ Wireless 1


Edifier S3000pro $689 and S2000MkIII $389 seen to be on sale at pretty reasonable savings at a few places like Kogan and Wireless 1.

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    ShopBack 3% cash back
    Same price sold by Wireless1 on Amazon, ShopBack indicates 7% cash back.

  • Looks like amazon got it for that price too atm https://www.amazon.com.au/Edifier-S3000PRO-Lifestyle-Bookshe...

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    seems too hard to beat themselves….


  • Are those speakers good? What is the difference between them?

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      Good for what? I replaced my soundbar with the s3000pro and haven’t looked back.

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        Silly question, but if my TV doesn't have Bluetooth, would that make these redundant?

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          No, these take a number of inputs, I use optical in. These guys are designed to go with your TV.

          "Line In/Balance/Bluetooth/Optical/Coaxial/USB"

          • @onlinepred: Thanks 👍🏼

          • @onlinepred: are there any Edifier products that have HDMI-ARC?

            it's a deal-breaker for me, as i need to be able to use any remote (say, for Google Chromecast or the Sony TV remote), and it will turn everything off at the same time for me.

            • @adrianhughes1998: No it doesn't, I use a TP link power adaptor to turn it off when I ask google to turn the tv off, it also turns the power plug off. Also you can leave the speakers on as they run incredibly cool.

              If you are after arc, then you will need to buy an amp and bookshelf speakers that satisfy. I was looking at Klipsch The Fives as they have earc and review very well, but they are much more expensive and after trialing for 2 weeks, the audio didn't suit the TV IMO. Way too bassy, and also not enough low end, and not enough high end.

              You aren't getting these for convenience, you are getting them for value and sound, you can get more convenience the more you pay.

              • @onlinepred: ah ok thanks for this, yeah as long as it doesn't draw much power when the TV is off, and speakers are on. I too have a smart plug that is connected to the powerboard on which the Sony TV and Yamaha soundbar are on

                this might work well then for me i guess. I have a crappy YAS-108 soundbar, that does have a tiny subwoofer so guessing that either of these Edifier speaker set-ups will be a huge step-up.

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                  @adrianhughes1998: Yea, you do need to position it correctly, ensuring the tweeters are around ear level, and point them slightly inwards. They sound incredible though, it was really weird going from Samsung 7.1.2 to stereo, but overall I love it. You get actual stereo which soundbars can't do, and the pure sound ability and volume that these produce is amazing, I was just listening to music, watching movies just to hear what they sound like. It handles it all so well that you just forget about them. With soundbars I would constantly notice issues or have to adjust them to hear voices/ music etc. You can place sounds and voices so much better too, and it opens the soundstage up a lot as a left/right/centre.

                  • @onlinepred: will look more into it and keep an eye on prices.

                    still can't find anywhere on internet about power consumption figures though :/

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          My Sony TV using optical connection to it, and my PC using USB connection. Both are quite convenient.

          But I found one headache thing, Sony 9000H TV optical output can't adjust optical output volume. I have to use S3000 pro remote controller to adjust it.

          It's really annoying. My old Sharp TV doesn't have problem.

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    i have the s3000 pro's love them

    amazing price!

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      I think close to $500 is an amazing price, I paid $540.

  • I bought the S3000pro second hand (with official stands) a few weeks back — absolutely fantastic.

    The clarity and definition are amazing for the price range, punching way above their price range.

    Tip: if using on a PC, make sure to connect via USB cable, that's the best possible sound quality you can get out of them.

  • Finally got some… I prefer my 2.1 logitech setup :( … s3000's need to be like in a exact sweet spot to be able to hear the long-throw bass.. not a fan!

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