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Further 20% off Sale Items ($0 C&C or $10 Delivery) @ Hype DC


Orders $130 or more receive free shipping. need 10 words.

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Hype DC
Hype DC

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    Wtf the ub 21 were 129.99

    Now it's 159

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    Price increased from couple of days ago. The Nike Waffle One were $99 now $129.

    • Price increased since yesterday lol. Bought UB21s for $129.99 now they're up to 159.99. Taking the 20% off they come to 127.99 now, but you'd have to buy something else to get free shipping.

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    hmm … everything I was watching is more expensive now….

  • Agreed all the prices of the ultraboost went up 20% from yesterday.

  • I'm not hyped for this

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    Dodgy price jack

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    Price jacked so after the further 20% off the price is the same as before….

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    jacked. needs 10 words needs 10 words needs 10 words

  • this is even worse than the last 'normal' sale.

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    Well there goes me ever shopping at hype now that I know they jack their prices.

  • yeah noticed that jack was here

  • Not the way the game should be played Hype DC. Shame

  • absolutely terrible… never liked shopping at Hype DC anyway this cements it!

  • Thanks OP, not all prices are jacked.

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    Under $130 sale was finished since 2 days. Stop complaining, this is still a good deal.

  • +2

    Not a deal at all.

    editi: sorry OP, nothing against you, more HYPE. appreciate the post all the same :)

  • https://www.hypedc.com/au/adidas-zx-2k-boost-core-black-clou... for $80 + delivery/cc

    I bought them when they were $99 but found the tpu plastic overlay on the toe box a bit restrictive.

  • Ordered a pair and they invoiced for it. Then got informed today they do not have stock and "will" refund the amount. This deal seems fake.

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