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20% off Garmin Fitness e.g. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro $459.20 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


20% off Garmin Fitness. Targeted email for the 20% off coupon if you are on the email list.
e.g. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Sports from $574 now down to $459.20 with additional 20% off making it an absolute bargain.
Excludes Garmin Venu, Vivofit Jr.1 & Jr.2.

Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

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  • +1

    Please share the code! Chances are it’s generic

    • +3

      Code I received is 9222DPVKS6GBT8. I bought the Fenix 6 Pro last week and loved it but I think I would've loved it even more if I saved another $100.

      • +1

        That code is different to mine. Might not be generic afterall?

      • Where did you buy it?

  • +2

    I was also going to post this but quickly put my order in first.
    I had a garmin 2 & 3 in the past, then moved to apple. The apple is just lacking the fitness features and no offline music annoys me.

    ps, had troubles with chrome checkout, but worked fine in edge. Paid $5 extra to get it delivered today by a jb worker.

    • Can you share what you found lacking on the Apple Watch?

      I have one but I keep seeing talk this Garmin is better, pretty curious if it's worth swapping over (integration with any phone doesn't matter, I don't take my phone).

      • +2

        Just little things that add up.. no offline music is annoying. Garmin had a feature, which calculated all your vitals and recommended when you're next workout should be, so you don't burn yourself out. It could've been a placebo affect but it actually helped me a lot. It had a versus mode which could compete against your past runs. And other things for outdoor adventures which I cant get from my apple watch (fishing high-low tides, offline maps, super long battery life etc)
        Also, my apple watch is impacting the notifications on my phone (50% of emails no longer alert no matter what I try).
        I intend to keep both and change depending on the purpose.

        • Hmm they are little but certainly useful, VS mode is appealing, it's very annoying glancing at your watch to see if you're beating pace on a prior run.

          It's likely Apple will bring out more feature but they're just so glacially slow, you always have to wait a full year for each OS update to get anything worthwhile. It's positively ridiculous and they almost never do smaller features or experimental features. Not to mention gating features behind the newest model, which improvements in health almost always are.

          Yeah I'd probably be running with both watches on, pretty luxurious but eh, running is keeping me sane.

        • that workout calculation is pretty crap, tells me to do 30 min easy run all the time, I prefer to go in more hard :)

      • 1 day vs 10 day battery life is why my wife switched.

        Apple screen was amazing. But my garmin can tell the time without having to flick my wrist around.

  • +1

    Code appears to be unique, mines different..OP might want to remove his!

    • +2

      Happy to leave my code up for anyone to use as I purchased my Fenix 6 Pro last week :)

      • +2

        Buy again with the code and take the new watch back for a refund with the old receipt?

      • (edited) i have sorted it out. thank you anyway

      • Many thanks for sharing. I gave it to a colleague who purchased a 6 Pro for their partner :)

  • Is it worth getting the Fenix 6X pro over the 6 pro besides the battery life?

    • +2

      You didn't mention it so in case you missed it the watch face is bigger on the 6X so it also comes down to personal preference. I have a tiny wrist so a 6X looks ridiculous on mine.

      • +1

        ya could wear it around yer neck gangsta styling

      • 6x is better if you need to use maps and ride for eg, cant see how you can follow a map on a smaller watch then this as I have trouble with 6x as is

  • +2

    Just used code from post. Thanks for sharing.

  • code not working unfrotunately, thanks anyway

  • Code is targeted, just tried and got "Coupon has already been redeemed".

  • +1

    Here's my code, I won't use it 92I3WLY86RV6Y2, just comment here if you use it so nobody else wastes their time trying it

    • Cheers! used it. Thanks

  • Also used code from post, thanks OP.

    I already have the Fenix 6S Pro but it looks a bit small on my wrist so upgraded to 6 Pro, can't resist at that price!

    • I'm very tempted to do the same!

    • Are you planning to sell your 6s pro?

      • Yep am selling. Will PM you.

    • any idea of selling the 6S Pro?

  • +2

    Here's mine, have at it —> 92VBUWU0I8GSCB. As above, if you use it, let others know.

    • Used, thanks oxblood

    • Worked for me too, appears you may use the same code multiple times (or within a certain window?)

  • 92QKBLFJPZKQOI - my code

    • +1

      Merci! Used!

      Pax for President!

      Hugs and kisses

    • Thank you! Have used this code!

  • Here's another code 922F3GAMZLVMS8

    • error :/ i think someone used. thanks for posting

  • Feel free to use mine: 92554UUBDC20P3

  • +2

    I purchased 2 days ago for 550$? Any chance I can get a refund? Or price protection claim?

    • yeah they dont rly care if u return and get new price

      • But I am already using it? It's already open

        • yeah used to work at jbhifi theyre generally ok with you coming back into store and getting new price

          • @lecuck: Yeah just called them and he said when lock down opens I can get new price. Thank you again

            • @DisabledUser249845: I purchased one yesterday. I wouldn't mind the new price too. I'm subscribed to their mailing list but never got an email today. Without that email how would I go about getting the new price?

              • +1

                @Statman28: I just told them new price was 449$ on their latest offer online. He just said ok no problems will sort it out when I see him Next. I used one of the codes to check the new price and took the screenshot in case manager wants to see it but he never asked for it.

  • +2

    Someone can use my code also: 92V1JDKMIXTQBE

    • I was meant to thank you earlier but had problems on my mobile. So, thank you!!!

  • +2

    Damn. Thought I got a good deal with Amazon @ $499. This is surely a steal?

  • +2

    Not sure what this Garmin watch really is but loving so many ppl are sharing the code, good work.

  • Fenix 6 Pro, is too big as the ladies watch ? or 6s

    • +1

      yeah get 6s. 6 pro is 47mm 6s is 42mm i think

    • I am selling my 6S Pro if you are interested PM.

  • You got me spending OP !!!

    Used Afterpay to get additional 10$ off :)

    • +1

      I have it thanks

      $450 is really good price for fenix 6 i reckon

  • This is amazing

  • Just bought a Forerunner 245 music for $279, RRP $579. Thanks for the heads up OP

  • +1

    Here is mine. Would like a 6x but too poor


    • Someone has already used it :-(

  • +1

    I found this link on Reddit- Garmin Fenix 6s Pro vs 6 Pro-vs-6x Pro. It's very comprehensive


  • hmm I have TicwatchE3, shall I buy this one too?

    • +1

      I just finished the 18 day challenge with ticwatch . I liked the fast response of the watch but it lacks lot of fitness features and software is crap both mobovi and wear OS . I own a forerunner 235 for 4 years now , never missed a beat with 1 week battery life

      • thanks for the feedback

  • Thanks OP was waiting for Rebel cashback offer to buy it from Rebel but JB hifi price is amazing , used it with the prezze gift cards offer from the other day and other jb hifi gift cards - bought for $386 final price :-)

  • For some reason I cant access the code request thread.

    Here's my code - 92NNZCLUDJRJ7C


    • Someone has already used it again. That's twice now I've had no luck :-(
      Thanks for your kindness though

  • How do you get a code?

  • Does anyone have experience with this vs Forerunner 245 music? The 245 is substantially cheaper

    • +2

      Fenix pro series is more adventure oriented. Has expedition mode with long battery, more adventure sports modes, maps built in, garmin pay.

      For normal sports (running cycling swimming) and just music, the forerunner 245 music (if you want music) is fine.

      Source, I have 6 Pro, mrs has Forerunner 245 music

    • yeah just depends on how serious your are - casual runner etc, 245 - if you want more battery, maps (which is a pretty great feature) then 6x (pro)

  • So the 6x pro ($849) has much cheaper RRP than the 6 pro ($1149)? How come?

    • 6x pro has incorrect RRP on JB. Correct RRP is $1,249.

      • Cheers!

  • Need the size of the 6x pro… Wished both had a deal!

  • -1

    Ah shit nevermind. Bought the 6 Pro a week ago at $574. Great watch, loved it so far - checking and I didn't receive a code anyway!

    • +1

      Yeah, I bought one yesterday after prevaricating for a week. Should have waited one more day…

  • Insane price! I paid 699 in Jan which was 40% off then.

    What a deal, nice one OP!

  • Damn, that's less than I paid for my 245 Music <2 year ago. Nice!

  • These are like Kathmandu jackets, you'd be silly to not wait for these massive stacked sales to buy one.

  • I’m not sure if anyone’s said this yet but if you want a better price, call up a JB Hi-fi store and ask to talk to sales and ask for their best price. They will send your phone a link with a better price. You can then apply the extra 20% off coupon on top of that to save a bit more money.

    • have you tried calling them yet, and did you price match with a store?

    • I tried this just now and not only did they not budge - they quoted me the full retail price and couldn't see 574. It was so cringey.

      • hahah wtf

      • Try it with a different store/person until they do it for you. Sometimes sale item price doesn’t change from normal price on their PDA though and you’d have to try a price match.

  • Wanting to get the S2 scale. Posted in the classifieds for a code, many thanks :)

  • Has anyone owned both the fenix and forerunner? which one do you rate the most for sports and running?

    • Read my comment above

    • I have both the Fenix 5 and Forerunner 935. The Fenix 5 has crap GPS, which I believe is due to the metal chassis. The 935 is plastic, so has much better GPS. I always run with the 935, and use the Fenix for general wearing. If I need the maps function on a run (which I have used once in 3 years) then I would wear the Fenix.

  • the instinct solar is at the lowest price, remember to purchase 5% of gc to make it even more cheaper

    • Love mine.

      You know ozb is bad for you when you start contemplating a 6X Pro whilst having a perfectly functional Instinct Solar that does 90% the same thing.

  • +1

    PM if you need a code

    • -1

      can you pm me plz as i cant do it as new user

      • Sorry I have given to another user

  • This code had worked for multiple users:


    Thanks to @MadTacoWarrior

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