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20% off Garmin Fitness e.g. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro $459.20 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


20% off Garmin Fitness. Targeted email for the 20% off coupon if you are on the email list.
e.g. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Sports from $574 now down to $459.20 with additional 20% off making it an absolute bargain.
Excludes Garmin Venu, Vivofit Jr.1 & Jr.2.

Mod: Do not ask for codes in the comments, use the Code Request Megathread to ask. If you have a spare code, please consider giving it to a user who has requested it there.

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    • Redeemed :0(

    • how many people used that code?

  • anyone know how many times the code works? 3 people (that i know of) including myself already used one code.

  • Hey everyone, if anyone has a spare code, would really really appreciate one.

  • What a bargain. I was itching to pull the pin at $574 over the weekend, thank you OP. I used the money saved to purchase the chestnut brown leather strap from elsewhere, essentially getting it for free. Bring it on!

    • You got a spare code M&M's?

    • Can u post code as they seem to work for a few minutes after!

      • +1

        I used the code given by another user, here it is (just incase, though doubtful)


  • -1

    No Sapphire = no deal

  • need a code, thx

  • FYI The codes can be reused a few times so might be worthwhile pinging around I was able to get one working.

  • Codes work for 3 items - whether in one order or many. Good luck! Bargain price.

  • Anyone used a screen protector on these things? yay/nay?

    • Yay.
      Clipping the screen at the wrong angle can crack the glass and it's essentially time for a new watch if you do (hard to get repaired), know a few people who found out the hard way.
      I have used the type glass based screen protectors on a Vivoactive 3 and it has saved the screen a couple of times and is barley noticeable if installed right.

      • -1

        Get the sapphire version of you're worried about the screen

    • +1

      Yep. I’ve had one one my Fenix 5 plus since I bought it. Purchased from Amazon. Just make sure you order the right size.

      After a couple of years with the Fenix 5 plus, is offer is too good to pass up. Will sell the 5plus and it’ll be about $200 worst case changeover. Having a glass protector on should help resale.

  • How does the Garmin compare against a polar? I have a polar with a chest strap. Weight lifting sees quick sharp changes in heart rate, and the watch (polar) is too slow so I use the chest strap more more accurate bpm readings

    • No idea about weight lifting, but you can use ANT+ chest straps with the watch also. Have paired up mine from the garmin 830 pack for runs. Using the strap I believe is better and you can also track heart rate variability this way.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if we can purchase and return it if it isn't the right feel on the wrist? Not super excited about going into a store at the moment to test it out.
    Also - anyone who has purchased the 245 Music and has a review? Cheers

  • BTW Express Delivery came up as $0.00 for me

    • Any chance the code you used hasn't been through the full 5uses?

  • +1

    I had 2 emails registered. Used 1 to buy Fenix 6 pro.
    Here’s my spare code :


    • it's working thanks mate.

    • Any chance to try the code you already used?

  • Looking for a spare code

  • This is great, managed to purchase via 5% discounted voucher on top of this for the total of $437 :) The voucher was through SmartSpending work benefits..

  • For those interested in the FR245 with music. I spoke with a store in Vic on Sunday, they price matched Amazon’s white for $309. I instead got the black, used gift cards and therefore got it for $293

  • Anyone with a code I can use? Thanks!

  • Thank you! Got the Fenix 6 Pro. Hope it is not too big for my wrist.

  • +1

    Thanks so much OP & OzB community for the code! I just scored the Fenix 6 Pro for $460 :)

  • 9206DCGW4IG8RZ

    this code is still available, cheers!

    • Thank you cinema !

  • 92KN76UBWRHYS3
    Hope it's not too late

    • Thank you so much brother. You are a legend.

  • +1

    Sorry just noticed this for anyone who wants my code


    • Thanks so much!

      • Just curious, what did you buy?

        • Fenix 6 Pro. I have 2 Garmins already … But couldn't resist!

  • +1

    Here is my code: 92TPLKVK1RXLLW. Thanks.

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