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Anti-Gray Hair Colour Restoring Treatment (100ml) One Set for $80.43 (Save $80.43) @ Mayraki


Have been looking for this and review are amazing. Not like dye.

Two sets for $133.60 (You save $27.27 )

Mayraki Anti-Gray Hair Color Restoring Treatment Helps to rejuvenate hair cells and re-pigment the hair root to tip with patented active ingredients that boost melanin production and promote the stimulation of blood circulation. This formulation increases the melanin synthesis and boosts the melanin transfer from our scalp to hair, reversing the greying.

100% Vegan – Made from sustainably sourced premium all-vegan ingredients. Excludes any harsh pigments or dyes.
Naturally Restores Color– Naturally restores the hair’s original color rather than cover up with artificial pigments.
Long-term Results – Visible and long-term results with recommended use. Works from the inside out to reverse and prevent gray hair.
No Sulfate | No Paraben | No Formaldehyde – Free of any harsh sulfates and parabens that may damage the hair.

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  • Lead free or free lead?

  • If these people have really solved greying they gonna be billionaires.

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      Next Nobel prize laureate for sure.

  • Surely grey hair will keep growing due to age ?

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    I read that as Myagi

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      I read it as Anti-gay hair color.

      • kool so I am not the only one that read it that way.

  • One of the french beauty companies has identified the chemical expression that causes the follicle to cease producing colour.
    As I understand it they are working to make a product for it but they are struggling.

    Also the details of the science were they can stop it going but not bring it back. So their product would be 'prevents graying'.
    I am suprised these guys have cured it according to their marketing guff.

    And as I always say: if a beauty product had a medical effect the TGA details on the bottle would say so.
    So by definition all beauty products have no medical effect or they are illegal!


    Garnier Labortoire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdHFmc9oiKY&ab_channel=fanvi...

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      "So by definition all beauty products have no medical effect or they are illegal!"

      Just like my 5G from covid vaccine. They lied. Still on 4G.

  • Correction, if it works:
    Yes, like dye.

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    Black hair matter

    • Different product

      • Cheers…..don't know how made that error!