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Book Eligible Flight, Get Qantas Status Extended for a Year (Silver Tier and above) @ Qantas


Qantas has announced it will again help its top tiered Frequent Flyers retain their highly valued membership status by extending status support for members who are facing a possible tier downgrade between now and June 2022.

The airline made the same offer in November last year for members facing a possible tier downgrade (such as Platinum to Gold, or Gold to Silver) in 2021. There are five membership levels in Qantas Frequent Flyer from Bronze up to Platinum One. The higher the tier, the more member benefits.

With Australia’s international border still closed for now and domestic lockdowns currently making it challenging for members to earn the required Status Credits to retain their tier level, Qantas Frequent Flyer will throw them a retention lifeline.

Qantas is extending the current offer so that all Australian and New Zealand based tiered members (Silver and above) with a membership year ending in or before June 2022 will be able to maintain their status for another year by booking an eligible flight prior to their membership year end, for travel until June 2022.

Once the offer is activated Qantas Frequent Flyer will also roll over eligible Status Credits that members earned this year into their new membership year.

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  • +7

    hopefully virgin follows!

    • +11

      I won't…

    • +5

      Is there any point to VA status anymore? I'm platinum and don't think there is much value now

      • Yeah there's now the ability to upgrade to business class with elevate bookings. Used to be only Freedom tickets eligible for upgrades.

        • Is this for all bookings tho? I used an upgrade in June - but on another occasion in March my request was declined (both fares were Getaway) … just seemed inconsistent and confusing. I don't see any benefit for domestic travel apart from free economy X seats …

          • @db2k: Economy X is the only benefit that interests me too.

            Without international, there is less chance of me reaching platinum again anyway

      • I don't know. Everyone at my work fly's Virgin so I status matched from QF and I must say I was fairly underwhelmed. The new lounges are nice but the Qantas ones generally feel more comfortable. Baggage allowance is more flexible on Qantas as well. Haven't had an upgrade on VF yet but have flown business on them a few years ago and it was about the same as QF so if you are flying pointy end exclusively the onboard is about the same, the lounge is better at QF.

        • I just decided to stake crypto coins and I'll get airport lounges free.
          They don't in cure Qantas ones, but I m curious to try the os ones as they have showers, etc in them

          • +1

            @FredAstair: Qantas domestic lounges have showers I have used many times on the way home from a day trip. I don't think Virgin do. And Virgins bar selection isn't as good generally either!

            • +1

              @blade1981: Looks like @FredAstair doesn't actually use Qantas Lounges.
              Having said that, minor locations like Broome don't have showers.

    • I hope so too, I've had multiple flights canned this year which means no chance of maintaining Silver status. I need the extra baggage allowance. Not fussed about anything else.

      • Do you fly for work or personal? If for work try get them to pony up for Qantas Club or pay yourself and claim it back on tax. That will get you the extra baggage allowance and a few other little perks also.

    • Virgin extended my Platinum to Oct 2022 but I don't know how much I'll actually be using it.

      Mostly fly International (pre COVID of course) but the recent change to Delta SkyClub access is a real kick in the teeth for me…

  • Nah only Elevate and Freedom fares. Still more affordable than paying for Freedom fare just to get the upgrade.

  • +1

    Damn, just out of the range… my status expires July 2022 D:

    • Same here (WP)

      Hopefully they will extend

      • +3

        Me three - made P1 at a huge stretch with a massive status run a few years ago and have been pretty stoked to keep it for this long. Although the only use it's been is the awesome phone line to cancel and endlessly change flights.

        • Same. My P1 expires in July. Just missed out. Oh well

  • +3

    Details yet to be posted on the status support page.

    But the press release is up:


  • +2

    Do you need to book direct? I have AMEX credit I want to use

    • Keen to know this too..

    • +1

      I get this offer when I login and the terms and conditions it links to are from the previous time this was offered:


      How can I pay for the new booking?
      Eligible bookings can be paid with cash, Qantas TravelPass, Qantas Flight Credit, Qantas Gift cards or with Qantas Points (via a Classic Flight Reward or Points Plus Pay). Bookings can be made directly with Qantas or through a third party such as your preferred travel agent.

      I guess AMEX counts..

      • +3

        Thanks - I guess we need to ask Bangkok Lunch to make a consensus

    • So BangkokLunch sent me a dm and they have updated the terms and conditions and they are the same.

  • Can a booking be made (say via points) and then subsequently cancelled? I note it says you need to book to retain status, not fly.

    • T+Cs say it won't work if the booking is cancelled

      Full info available here if signed into your account >

      • These are the ones for last time around. I can't find the T&C's for the latest extension

        • yay. they updated it.

  • +2

    So what’s an eligible booking?

    • -1

      A booking that satisfies the terms and conditions

  • Hope they extend the fast track to gold status as well

    • Would be nice if virgin did this as well. I know they did one at the start of the year, but I completely forgot to take advantage :(

    • Damnn I missed it, seems too late now!

  • Has anyone had their existing status extended yet from their previous offer? I am up at the end of November and booked and completed several flights earlier this year when this was originally published, but my status is still showing "need to earn x points by 30 Nov 21 to retain…."

    • +2

      Your status is “updated” once your current status runs out..so you will only see if after Nov 2021…

      • Thanks, just thought I would confirm what others are seeing

    • +2

      Yes. It was updated on the last day of my status expiry.

    • +1

      Yep as Chicken said, day after it updates to Gold and you get email confirming you've retained

    • Good to know although it would be nice to have some other way of confirming that this will happen ahead of time…

      • +1

        Call them. They say not to but (profanity) it just do it.

  • +1

    It's a shame, I've lost my gold status as of this year and will presumably lose silver status now as I have no plans (nor does my company) to travel anywhere by air. I'm surprised Qantas has allowed this to happen given their frequent flyers are grounded through no fault of their own. I wonder how many travelers would have previously paid the slightly higher air fare just to grow their status credits (like I did) and now will no longer have that loyalty to Qantas. Seems very short sighted to me

    • Why would you need a status if you don't plan to travel anywhere?

      I'm happy with the way Qantas is handling this. They automatically extended for a year in 2020 (my anniversary is in April). Then they gave away lots of free status credits last year, and this year there was already a possibility to extend the status with just a single booked flight. This offer now is for yet another extensions the same way.

      I already extended my status for one year with offer in April with a single domestic flight, and now I can (once I can fly again out of SYD) renew for another year for another domestic flight. So that's a total 3 years extension for having 2 domestic flights. What else would you expect Qantas to do - I reckon they did quite well?

      • I completely agree here with Jef Tino. If you can't justify a single flight last year then do you really need the status? You just needed to have one flight booked. I think it's crazy that you'd let go of your status because you couldn't find a single flight to book, but hey if you don't have any plans to travel at all then sure it may not be worth it.

        But you can hardly complain here. I think Qantas has been extremely accommodating and I'm glad I've retained my status last year with a nominal amount of travel (2 return flights domestic) and will get to do it again this year with (god willing) a single return international flight. In economy.

        Retained status until March 2023 from one economy flight? Cracking good news for me.

  • Still waiting for confirmation of Qantas flight credit for flights that I couldn't make because border closure. :( Having to deal with eDreams and they won't contact Qantas to arrange flight credit. Any pro tips? Lol :(

  • And of course this offer happens 2 days after I booked a flight… same thing happened last year :(

    • "The booking creation date must be between 23 November 2020 and before the member’s current status end date of between 31 March and 31 December 2021. The flight must be booked to travel before 30 June 2022." - for my particular membership date, but the same principle applies

      • From T&Cs

        If I have already made a booking before 11 August 2021, will it still contribute towards the one booking condition?
        No. The booking creation date must be on or after 11 August 2021 and before your status end date as per the table above.


        The booking creation date must be made on or after 11 August 2021 and before the member’s current status end date of between 31 January and 30 June 2022. The flight must be booked to travel before 30 June 2022.

        For this offer.

    • Free cancellation? Cancel, immediately rebook?

      • That's actually what I ended up doing. I had to call to cancel another booking anyway which wouldn't cancel via the website. So while I was on the phone, I got them to cancel the flight and issue a voucher. Then just used the voucher to rebook the same flights again.

  • Do you actually need to take the flight, or is booking it enough? If the latter, couldn’t you just book one-way to Hobart or something and just not get on the flight?

    • You don't need to take the flight. Just book it as far out as possible and then change it to a time when you actually want to use it when that time arises

      • Correct - just make sure you book a flexi ticket and pay the extra - they will return it to you as it's 100% refundable.

  • Would Jetstar flights also be counted as eligible? Or Qantas only?

    • Not Qantas domestic.

      • Any Qantas operated flight with a QF flight number, or
      • Any Qantas Points earning Jetstar international booking with a JQ flight number including Jetstar flights within New Zealand (JQ), Jetstar Japan (GK) and Jetstar Asia (3K) flights. Jetstar domestic flights within Australia are ineligible.
  • Does classic reward booking count as an "eligible booking"?

    • +2

      Eligible bookings can be paid with cash, Qantas TravelPass, Qantas Flight Credit, Qantas Gift cards or with Qantas Points (via a Classic Flight Reward or Points Plus Pay). Bookings can be made directly with Qantas or through a third party such as your preferred travel agent.

  • +1

    I'm surprised that Qantas is not extending the current status automatically. Before the pandemic I used to be a very frequent flyer and also enjoyed the Qantas status. Now they downgraded me and since I'm not flying anymore due the pandemic it will happen again next year. This opens up the door for other airlines. Next time I will check other airlines since I have no special status anymore. It would have cost him nothing to extend it again. Really don't get it. I will certainly now shopping around when I start flying again.

    • Why didn't you have it extended this year?

  • +1

    flight to quarantine center

  • -1

    Is there anybody out there that is still on Silver or above??

    • Platinum here due to the status support schemes they came up with. No issue from my side in having it retained. Great program from them.

  • Thanks,

    I'm am on track to move up from silver to gold. My silver was set to expire October. If I move up to gold does this mean I get gold for a extra year?

    • You get it retained for 12 months afterwards as per the standard program without any assistance. So not an extra year, but yes you will have gold until October 2022.

      There may be more support packages coming out next year anyway so I wouldn't worry too much.

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