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1200mm Jack Off Canopy, Powder Coated Black 2.5mm Thick, Flat Plate Aluminium $2,299 (Was $2,599) Delivered @ OZY Toolbox


Use sign-up bonus code CHECKOUT10 for $2,069.10 delivered.

Ozy Toolboxes have a range of Premium Aluminium Canopies built to withstand the toughest of conditions. Whether you’re storing tools, machinery, camping gear and anything in between, our full seam welded units made from high grade aluminium, combined with the composition of whale tail compresson locks for optimum security, make our canopies perfect to suit your storage needs. Plus, our cushion seals ensure a weather and dust resistant canopy to keep your belongings secure and dry. These canopies not only look great but they are Durable, Reliable and extremely Affordable.


High Quality 2.5mm Flat Plate Aluminium Black

Locking System:

4 x Whale Locks




Full Seam Welded Toolbox

Rubber Seal:

Curved Dust/Water Seal

Gas Strut:

4 Gas Struts


4 Keys


Full Length Stainless Steel Piano Hinge

Box Size:

  • Length: 1780mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Height: 850mm

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  • +27

    A f**king what canopy?

  • +9

    Oh my, what an unfortunate name for a product. :|

    • Absolutely not, it's free engagement. Look at how many comments this completely uninteresting piece of hardware is.

  • +3

    Now that's a canopy I'd get

  • +3

    Useful for a quickie during smoko

  • +5

    ok .. made me click .. lol

  • +5

    Came for the comments…did not leave disappointed.

  • +2

    I really hope these are cleaned before being sent out.

  • +1

    The whatnow canopy?

  • What's the weight of this? Fully loaded these setups have a tendency to go over GVM

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