Beem It Not Accepting Bank of China Card as Its Not a Mastercard or Visa

I just received my bank of china card, the GWI debit classic card. It has union pay on it.

I tried to use beem it and it doesn't work as its not a visa or mastercard, its just a savings account.

What options are there to make it better to transfer funds ? Is there another type of beem it that will work ? Any tips using these cards?

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    Move to another bank

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    Not use bank of china

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    Why would you apply for this crap?

    It’s very useful in mainland China, I suggest you consider moving there.

    • Haha looks like moo didn't like the backlash from that comment 😂

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    It needs to be a Visa and Mastercard debit card with eftpos to work on Beem It. It won't work with Union Pay with eftpos.

    Your choices are, get another bank account, or just simply transfer money to a BSB and account number.

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    Was there a particular reason you chose BOC and wanted a UnionPay debit card? It's just not widely accepted in Australia and you're going to run into the issue you're having here in a lot of places, both online and in-store.

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      BANK OF CHINA has rewards till end of this month, $10 cash back , and 10% off amazon online, and 6% off coles tap and pay. So decided to join. Not sure if its ongoing. Maximum cashback $60 for the month. It says take 2-15 days for cashback not like hsbc that is instant. You also have to leave $1000 in there till end of month and not take it out. I have no idea if there other criteria , its more of a trial and error to see if i will get the rewards as most of terms and conditions are in Chinese.

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        its more of a trial and error to see if i will get the rewards as most of terms and conditions are in Chinese.

        LOL I take it you can't read the t&cs in Chinese.

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          I've always wondered how a dispute over non-English T&Cs would play out in court. Australia has no (de jure) official language so would the court simply appoint a translator to interpret the terms?

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        Imagine signing any kind of contract when the T&Cs are in a language you can't read.

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          Certain countries always gives people confessions in native language and tell foreigners to sign it else back to the torture course.

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    Get a free account (e.g. Up) and move your money to an account whose card you can use.

    I didn't create a thread when I was not able to charge my MyKi card (Melbourne) using my Amex.

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    Don't use West Taiwan bank.

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      Semi-Autonomous Region of Mainland Taiwan.

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    China has been working hard on making a closed garden.

    Kicking out miners, rolling out a fedcoin, splitting up big tech, removing apps from platforms, using payment apps to spy, face recognition at every corner, closing down education centres and basically anything that can influence their citizens with libertarian ideas.

    They're turning China into a modern-day North Korea with a splash of nuclear weapons. Totalitarian with the means to start WW3.

    This is just the beginning of an emerging superpower.

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      Reporteded as completely irrelevant to the OP's question……… if it had been "China has been working hard on making a closed garden" so (why would you do this, listed benefits aside!!) you are on your own here…

      • Reporteded you too as completely irrelevant

  • Some of these comments are just pure entertainment.

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    I just received my bank of china card, the GWI debit classic card. It has union pay on it.

    China doesn't want citizens taking RMB out of their closed garden.

    The People’s Bank of China has ordered the country’s banks to stop issuing credit cards that allow customers to transact purchases in dual currencies, in the latest move to plug regulatory gaps and stem capital flight while the renminbi continues to sink to an eight-year low.
    Credit cards issued in China with Visa or Mastercard must be replaced with those issued by the country’s dominant currency clearing company China UnionPay Co when they expire, according to a November 23 report in the Communist Party’s mouthpiece People’s Daily newspaper, citing a recent undated meeting called by the central bank with Chinese lenders.

    “These moves appear to be part of the continuing clamp down on capital outflows,” said Keith Pogson, a partner in EY’s financial services practice in Hong Kong.

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    OP did the OzBargain thing by trying the card because it offered some useful sounding benefits and it brought out the nasty side of others here with their racist stuff. All he asked was if anybody knew it didn’t work. I see the politicians are doing a great job in their anti China vote catching smears. For the record I am a neutral on China BECAUSE of the pollies. I get the human rights stuff and the Hong Kong broken promise but I think it’s a bit of a double standard when nearly every home in Australia is filled with made in China merch and the economy through the pandemic has been supported by exports to China. I don’t hear any criticism of that. Maybe some people check their brains at the door when they enter this debate.

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      The ban on the card is the responsibility of the Chinese government. The comments point out that the Chinese Government bank card is only useable in the way the OP wishes to use it in China, a property that is a direct and intended affect of a decision by the Chinese Government. I can understand why they would do this - that is an "internal affair" central to the economic integrity of a nation that has made enormous strides despite, rather then with the rest of the world, rather than a universally rejected ambit claim to an Empire constructed of those portions they may have ruled over or desired in the past. [although not at the same time].The OP is asking what they can do about it.

      The responders are offering the only solution that works.

      There is also criticism of the Chinese Government in some of these comments. That is something we can do in Australia. We can also criticise our own bunch of carpet-bagging charlatans and self-assessed elites.

      You may dislike criticism of an Administration engaged in blatant genocide that demands its edicts have universal application over all groups that are not Chinese groups accepting of their rule, however it's as ironic as claiming a dislike of Apartheid policies would be a racist attack on Boers.

      • That noise you heard was the point flying over your head. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of the Chinese debate OH and OP asking why Beemit didn’t work with his card. On the second point Beemit doesn’t work with all banks especially all the new neo banks that are nothing to do with China as far as I know.

      • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC 55 member Islamic countries (some very pro Western ) in an investigation concluded the genocide of Uighurs is a lie.

        Note the Chinese Islamic members of ISIS were all Uighurs. A number were released from Guatanomo by the USA. A small number were allocated to Australia.
        We passed the buck and sent them to Pacific islands nearby and paid for their upkeep

        OIC found there were few staunch anti China support. The economy totally depends on China.

        The US has banned importing textiles from Xinjiang but who is being hurt?

        China has over 50 large minorities, many are Islamic. Why should she pick on Uighurs only. Xinjiang has many minorities itself.

        Some would say China treats the minorities better than we treat our aboroginals.

        We cannot deny there are attacks on Chinese migrants coming into Xinjiang, We do the same here.

    • People aren't against china, they are against the CCP. Also, just because someone doesn't like something, doesnt make them rAcIst BiGotS. People are against the CCP because of what they do, not because of their race. I know it's a convenient way for you people to try and stop any sort of criticism of anything by crying "racism".

      People also speak out against other governments, and our own, don't see you complaining about that.

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    Bank of China? Are you mentally disabled? China is THE ENEMY and you're actively investing into a COMMUNIST REGIME and YOU seem to think that's OK? Get a grip on reality mate. Nobody thinks you're smart for doing this, quite the opposite I should Imagine.

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      Unfortunately the Australia economy depends on China. According to PwC, if China stops importing from us, our unemployment will rise by 60 percent. All the stoppages eg seafood barley etc is being now imported from the USA.
      They can get tough with us but not with USA. USA will help us politically but not economically.

      We are totally dependent on China. They still need us for iron ore but they are switching to owning mines in Africa and Brazil. This will take some years but when that happens our politicians now enouraging anti China bias, will be on Chinese companies board of directors in Australia.

      Just be better informed.

      PS That does not mean one should use a Bank of China card. It is useless in Australia

  • PayPal

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    THANKS for the information which i wasn't aware. I have gone in and closed my bank of china account today.

  • I received the offer by email and also a link, but cannot but cannot read the T&C of the offer due to poor image resolution.
    Is there anyone who can provide a higher resolution copy or link? Link provide by BoC

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