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Box for Android - 50GB Cloud Storage FREE for Life


From Gizmodo, as they sum it up nicely:

Box just updated its Android app, and if you get it in the next 30 days, you’ll get 50GB of cloud storage for free. Forever. That’s totally great and you should get it right now.

The forever part is crucial here, since it’s not some gimmick offer that’ll turn into a lemon after a few months of use. The space is yours to keep. Plus the file size limit gets a bump to 100MB, up from 25MB, if you get the app before March 23, 11.59pm.


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  • Thanks OP

  • just saw this - awesome….

  • +2


    i had 50 GB from my HP touchpad, and when i just logged into my android, it didnt update to 100GB. So I guess its meant to only bring people up to 50 GB. Ill stick with Dropbox still :)

  • Grabbed this when the iPhone app had the same deal. I'm assuming that the free 50GB account still doesn't sync like Dropbox?

    • Hypothetical situation; If I use my iPhone upgraded Box account (50Gb) on an Android phone (when I upgrade next month), will I still have access to the 50Gb?

      The reason I ask, is I tried to do the sneaky and log in to my Mrs Box account (shes on Android) on my iPhone to upgrade her (when the offer was on) but it didn't work..

      • Should do.

  • thanks!

  • +1

    no dont think it has syncing, it's seen as a 'premium' feature…

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    Synching is the only downside to Box.net. If you want it to sync like Dropbox you have to pay extra. :-/

  • Good 50GB and service except box.net will delete your files completely time to time without notice if they think the material is copyright protected

    • if that's true then you don't have privacy to your own data (that you uploaded)

    • Zip it up, password protect it, or change the file extension to something completely different.

  • Thanks, I'll try it out. I assume you can link it to the PC version?

    • Yep!

  • +2

    its attractive that they are giving 50Gb. But Do you still think that you will go for it leaving Dropbox? I mean, its so simple and easy sync with dropbox that I won't go with this one. It would also be a waste of time for me to register for account.

    I shall only go for it if it works as good as dropbox.

    • +1

      It doesnt. Thats why I use drop box. I tred uploading like 30 gig worth of files and their crappy system failed. With Dropbox i can upload photos from my phone, and whatever i want with the sync. Much easier. Until box offer something similar without the price tag, they suck.

      • Ive always wondered, can you use Dropbox without downloading their program?

        • -1

          I don't think so lol. How come?

        • +1

          Yes you can use Dropbox without the app.
          You just log into the Dropbox webpage through a browser.

        • +1

          yes you can upload and download via their website still

    • +2

      Yes signed up this morning for the 50GB storage, but was a bit disappointed when comparing to Dropbox

      • No desktop sync — need upgrade.
      • No URL to direct access the files — need upgrade.

      I actually don't need desktop sync much, but I much prefer to just copy and paste someone an URL and they can just use that URL in their applications — rather than going to a website and download the file. Nice offer though for the storage, but I'll stick with Dropbox for now.

  • +1

    "But don't abandon your Dropbox or SkyDrive accounts just yet. Unlike those competing online storage services, Box doesn't offer a free desktop sync tool, so users can't automatically back up their local files online. Box's desktop app is only available for professional accounts, which cost $15 per month.

    Another catch: unpaid users are still restricted to the lowest file size limit of 25 MB per file. Users can upgrade to a 1 GB file size limit for $10 per month."

    Taken from this article http://www.pcworld.com/article/250556/box_offers_50gb_of_fre...

  • +2

    Good deal but it doesn't support SSL for free accounts like Dropbox or SkyDrive so I wont use for any private stuff.

  • Many thanks.

  • good for secondary I guess.

  • Awesome OP thank you.

  • So I can register via PC (and get the lower, regular quota) and then log in via the Android app before the due date to get the upgraded quota?

  • Just made an account but it is only giving me 5GB rather than 50GB -what is wrong here?

    • Did you use the Android app?

    • After making account.
      Go to Market place in your android phone. look for box and then install it on your handset. Sign in and you will get 50GB
      It works… :)

      • I downloaded android app, then on the desktop I signed in…maybe wrong way round?

        • Fixed it…uninstalled the app, downloaded again, re-installed, logged in, then "Congratulations 50GB message".

  • Did anyone who already had dropbox on their phone install this and suddenly get an extra 3gb of dropbox space?
    It happened to me about 20 mins after I installed box, and I got an email saying it was because I was now a dropbox guru, but I thought I had done all of the guru stuff ages ago?

    • Hi Mate,

      I register with box and install box android app in my phone… i sign in and got a popup message " you receive 50GB ".
      It works

    • I got the bonus 3gb on dropbox a few days ago not sure if it would be related to this, have you referred anyone recently?(it said it was only for 12 months though)

  • Just got my 50GB…. YAY !

  • +1

    sweet deal - thanks op! now to fill my new 50GB with pr0n.

    • As long as the files are under 100 meg ;) no HD :(

  • Sweet azz deal! thanks OP

  • Could someone please confirm … since there's no free desktop sync, does this mean the only way to transfer files using a PC (for free) is to use a web browser?

  • is there any data encryption for all the stuff you upload?

  • thank you. downloading now. :)

    edit: downloaded but could not register, keep failing :(
    guess everyone is downloading it… even trying this on the website

    Your Box account is temporarily down — but you shouldn't be — because we'll be up and running soon.

  • +1

    Want to Sync?

    Go to 'Computer' and hit the 'Map Network Drive' button (may be hidden behind '>>').
    In the 'Folder' option, copy this in 'https://www.box.net/dav'
    Choose any drive letter and hit 'finish'. Put your details in and check 'remember credentials'.
    Download a backup program (I use Notron 360) and backup to that drive.


    Edit: Actually, just found out about a program called 'Social Folders' (http://socialfolders.me/). That should also work.

    • -1

      Have you actually got this working (mapping a drive) using a free account, because it sure doesn't work for me with my free account. Authorisation fails whether mapping a drive or using browser access.

      Also, the box.com faq states "Box does not currently support WebDAV or FTP connections to your account. To find out more about the synchronization services we do support, please contact our Enterprise Sales line at 1-877-729-4269 ext. 1"

  • Just wondering, what is this useful for?

    • +1

      Any form of online storage really. It's similar to Dropbox, however it's essentially limited to a web interface without desktop syncing.

  • +1

    Installed and then uninstalled. Not comfortable with the permission:


    Your personal information
    read contact data
    Allows an application to read all of the contact (address) data stored on your device. Malicious applications can use this to send your data to other people.

    • +3

      Really? This is what's wrong with not understanding permissions that an app requires and defaulting to paranoia. If you want to share a file/folder with your colleague or a friend, do you think Box will perform some programming magic and telepathically know which contact you want to share the file/folder with?

      That's the reason it needs to 'read' your contact data so when you share a file it can show you a list of contacts and let you select which contact to share with. It doesn't mean that that installing Box.net will send mass emails to scammers, spammers and other dubious third parties to take full advantage of your personal information.

      It's the same reason that Gmail, Google Talk, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc request this permission so they can scan your contacts to show you which contacts of yours are already using the service.

      Please, guys. Use common sense.

      • +3

        I did not want to use box for sharing files that's why I am not comfortable. Dropbox does not require this permission. Probably is just my personal preference. I don't mind the app getting my personal information but don't want them to know all my friends contact details.

        • +2

          You're just repeating what you said earlier. It's not them getting your details. It's about them being able to show contacts to select to share or collaborate with. It's the same permission that is required by almost every social app. Dropbox doesn't have the share with contact feature in the app therefore it doesn't require that permission.

          I'm not defending Box. I prefer Dropbox myself but I'm just saying that your reason for rejecting the app is wrong. If you use that as a reason then you must also not want to install any apps I mentioned including Gmail on an Android phone.

          EDIT: What do you think about Dropbox's latest permissions:

          Allows an application to perform operations like adding, and removing accounts and deleting their password.
          Allows an application to use the account authenticator capabilities of the AccountManager, including creating accounts and getting and setting their passwords.

          Oh noes! Dropbox can get all my passwords!

      • -1

        The old trust me line. Along with please ignore the facts, we all known its common sense. Isn't that why we believed the world was flat.

        • Wait, what? How is that even connected to what I said. It's not about trust. It's about understanding what the permission required is for and using logical reasoning. Box.net has been around from before Dropbox, it's not some startup that launched yesterday.

          It's like people who install a Torch/Flashlight app and flip out that it requires camera permissions or people that install Facebook and flip out about location permissions when Facebook has a check in feature. I mean how else will those apps work? I shouldn't have bothered. Continue believing what you believe me.

          Oh and your analogy. You're the one that believes the world is flat. I'm trying to prove that the world is actually round with reason and you're just rejecting it saying, "Nope."

        • @ ragflan, access to your address book is not required for sharing from an app - that is what the Android intents system is for - broadcast a share intent, and offer the user a list of all installed apps that can handle the intent. Internalising functionality like that by requiring access to the users' address book is a daft duplication of system-wide functionality.

          Your comments regarding Dropbox's access to system accounts are pretty facetious - it is requesting permission to register itself as a system-wide account, and then modify that registration as required.

          I think in the aftermath of the negative press that Path received for their address book antics, it's not a bad thing that people are paying attention to this sort of thing - at least on Android they get the chance to weigh it up. Pouring scorn on their concerns is not the way forward.

      • +1

        OS should be designed to prompt users to ok the access (personal firewall) style when first used (with a checkbox to always allow it for convenience). Users would then understand the context or never see it if that function/privilege isn't used.

        • These same apps are available on iOS and WP7. Thoses OSes give you no information about what you're allowing an app to do. Granted, there's more potential for damage on Android considering that it is open source. Which is why permissions are displayed so you can understand what they are required for and reject apps accordingly. But they are often misunderstood.

          More control would be great but that'll be a developer's nightmare. Users will start rejecting required permissions, breaking apps and leaving 1-star reviews. That'll not encourage devs to code for Android.

        • Agreed, but if an app/OS designer can't explain to the user in plain English what it is needing permission for then they still don't get interface design ;-)

    • thanks for the heads up.

  • Saw the 50GB and definetely a catch. Just signed up.

    Well worth the +ve

    Thanks mate.

    I was hoping I could use this to save my phone backups but the file limit size is a show stopper.

  • Forever

  • The forever part is crucial here, since it’s not some gimmick offer that’ll turn into a lemon after a few months of use. The space is yours to keep.

    My only concern with this is that forever takes on a different definition in the cyber world. Forever may only mean "as long as their servers are up". The experience of megaupload.com would suggest that forever might be truncated by external parties. I understand that many parties who were legally using megaupload for legitimate business data storage are no longer able to access their private files and had no notice that their access would be cut. Please correct me if I am wrong here peeps.

    Please do not read me saying that Box (or any other like providers) are engaged in alleged illegal activities which Mr Dotcom has been charged for, I am just saying that forever is a pretty wild statement to make in our highly volatile and ever changing world.

    "There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered at will." — Albert Einstein, 1932.

    • +1

      True but no difference to any business closing down (bricks or virtual). At least with digital items you can (should) take a backup just in case regardless of where the data is stored.

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