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½ Price Luv-a-Duck Confit Duck Legs 500g $7 @ Woolworths


An OzB favourite, these juicy bois are half price again.

They last ages, and personally I have loved them in the past. My way of cooking them is with my air fryer - just put a bit of Chinese Five Spice on, and throw them in a tray that can hold the fat, to soak up all that juicy goodness while cooking.

Can also be cooking in the oven, or, yes - even the microwave. They're pre-cooked, but despite my initial horror at this when I bought them the first time around, the skin crisps up beautifully, and you would never be any the wiser.


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    I like to put it in a bowl in the airfryer - less clean up!

    Great protein to go with Mi Goreng <3

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      Don't forget to use the duck lard (the solidified fat) to roast your potatoes!

      • +2

        Duck fat shoestring fries are awesome

        • Good for reviving 1 day old Macca's ones then..? Or how you do it

      • Top-tip

      • +1

        @pull the lever: For every awkward note on this site you can bet your last dollar to find a smart-butt OzB'er who will nail it. But I'll hand it you you, mate, your nail-down was both witty and straight-to-the-point: yep, that Mi Goreng item is a bit of out context with confit duck legs. I had a really good laugh out of your comment, so - an immediate upvote :).
        @vi9ilante: props to you for taking 'pull the lever 's shot in stride. Another true OzB'er <thumbs up>. Also, I now wonder if your Mi Goreng note was an intentional tongue-in-cheek. In any case, it worked out :)

        Other than that, peace out to everyone. Whenever I feel a bit down and remember to visit OzB in search of smart and witty comments, it never fails to lift the mood. So on this occasion, thumbs up to both vi9ilante and pull the lever.

    • +16

      Talk about rich man’s mi goreng..

    • +1

      What bowl do you use?

      • A cereal sized bowl that is oven safe. It fits perfectly into mine (Ninja Foodi)

    • how long and what temp do you use in the air fryer? Thanks

      • +1

        20 mins 180-200 does the trick IIRC

      • I do mine at 230°C for 14mins

    • +3

      Don't usually find Confit duck and Mi Goreng in the same sentence.

    • +2

      Had to give this a go.

      Air-Fried in a bowl: 11 mins @ 180c followed by 5 mins @ 200c to crisp the skin.

      'Confi Duck Leg with South-East Asian Linguine'


        I was thinking some people might prefer to strip the meat off

  • +9

    This is such a versatile item to have. They freeze/defrost very well, so they can last a long time.

    They make for great 'fancy emergency food' when you are too lazy to cook.

    As alternative to just crisping it the skin and just serve, you can shred up the meat to make a quick duck ragu pasta dish, or just use it in a stir-fry.

  • +2

    500g but a lot of that is duck fat/sauce in the pack.

  • +4

    I tried this, it's pretty average. Not as bad as I thought, not as bad as I hoped I was getting for $14, so $7 seems right on the money.

    • Worth it at $7 esp. if you cook it in an airfryer/oven.
      Remember it's $3.50 each, so two for $7 sounds more like a bargain!

      • -1

        I mean technically 2 for $3.50 would be the bargain, but I see your point :)

  • I love to pull the meat down, give a quick stir fry with some teriyaki sauce. Very delicious

  • +1

    Bought some more today just as we were getting down to the last time they were half price. Bought 12 packs last time ;-)
    Normally reheat in the oven, getting rid of the jelly stuff and keeping the white duck fat to coat the spuds and carrots.

    Best thing is they usually have 3-4 months shelf life as Vacuum packed

    • always curious what is that jelly stuff anyway?

      • +4

        Mainly gelatin, from the bones. You'd refer to it as "stock" if it was in its liquid form.

      • +8

        The jelly stuff is duck juice aka stock so don't throw that out! These are great used in a duck and mushroom risotto.

  • Thanks for the recipe tip!

  • -1

    Showing up as $9.40 for me here in NSW

    • umm, lockdown tax?

      • Nah I just bought it at $7 in Carlingford NSW

  • +1

    Can I use this to make roast duck cantonese style?

    • sure, but it's better to use the whole duck

    • How did you go??

  • +2

    Gonna try this in some steamed bao buns

    • +1

      ooooh great idea, with some hoi sin, cucumber and spring onion. delish

  • What's Chinese Five Spice on? Shows how much I cook 🙄

    • +4

      a spice powder available from Asian supermarkets

      "a common mix is:
      Star anise (bājiǎo 八角)
      Cloves (dīngxiāng 丁香)
      Chinese cinnamon (ròuguì 肉桂)
      Sichuan pepper (huājiāo 花椒)
      Fennel seeds (xiǎohuíxiāng 小茴香)" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five-spice_powder

  • +1

    Tried this from Aldi, sooooooooooo good
    Only I couldn't get it crispy, otherwise sooooooooo good

    • How much from Aldi? Aldi's brand or this brand?

      • +1

        I had the same brand but the 'peking duck' version :D

    • But was it any good?

      • Yes absolutely

  • mk thansk - ima try this - not f#ck dat - duck fat !

  • Are these precooked or just marinated? I tried a different ‘flavour’ once and it didn’t sit well

    • Precooked

      • Yeah jeez. Reminds me of the ‘Bavarian’s’ ‘pork belly’; disgusting

  • Checked my local today ( 19th Aug ) and they are no longer on special there. Back up to $14

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