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[Pre Order] Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (128GB) $599, Z Fold3 (256GB) $1599 with Port-in to Telstra $69/M 1-Year Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Very good deal for these two phones. Both also include bonus Samsung earphones. Port-in customers only. In-store at JB Hi-Fi only.

Pre Order Bonus Offer!
Pre Order the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and get a bonus pair of Galaxy Buds Live or choose your bonus gift up to $258rrp via redemption!

Pre Order Bonus Offer!
Pre Order the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and get a bonus pair of Galaxy Buds Pro or choose your bonus gift up to $299rrp via redemption!

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  • +4

    In the lockdown I can go nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can this be in store only!!!!! Sad…

    • +10

      you have until the 9th of September, might not be helpful if you are NSW though…

    • +1

      Phone is essential. We need it to check the exposure sites, see the covid updates, checks in, etc.

      • +3

        The phone is essential but going to JB is not as they closed down all JB store and pickup only in NSW.

    • +13

      Don't be sad, there will be always a better deal in tech. There will be thousands of other deals waiting for you. Stay safe.

  • +1

    According to the Samsung website, the bonus gifts on the Z fold 3 are as follows:

    1. Galaxy Buds Pro


    1. SPen Pro, universal stand, Trio Universal keyboard.


    1. Cover with SPen, Trio Wireless Charger
    • +1

      yeah i saw this too, wasnt sure if it was applicable to the JB deal or not though.

      • I think you can claim any of the three via redemption.

        • I also think the samsung offer can be claim via redemption, but just want to make sure if anybody confirmed this with Jb hifi?

  • I'm still over here waiting for a good s21 ultra deal.

    • I think the $949 s21 ultra deal is the best well get for a while. Samsung has adjusted their trade in prices already since they gave out too much value in the last few deals.

    • how was the S21 Ultra for ~$800 with trade in not one of the best deals in a long while?

  • How do you claim the Galaxy Buds Pro?

  • When will they arrive?

    • +1

      Samsung website says Ships 9 Sep.

    1. Can I add the 1 year contract onto the 1 year contract I bought through JB in March with the $500 gift card? (JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys
      Mobile BYO Plan $69)

    2. I have $250 left on gift card, can I use that to pay for device?

  • $10 per month Telstra credit?

  • +1

    Half the nation can't go instore!

  • +1

    Very tempted to go for Flip3 deal.
    How does flip 3 compare to S21 plus ? Is it better?

    • The cameras aren't even on the level of the base s21

      • Honestly most wont even know or even care about the cameras, they'll go with the Flip hype and the deal is so good for the Flip3 128gb one can probably get there money back selling it on eBay under a years time, though how is the $300 JB gift card used or applied, what its taken of the price of the Flip3 to bring it to $599 or you get the gift card on top and can be used to bring the flip3 price further down? anyone?

  • Can't be an existing Telstra customer though

  • +1

    Can you get the free 4K tv with this deal ;)

  • I'm with Telstra right now, but out of contract - think it's possible for me to port out now and still get this in time? If yes, what's the best/quickest way to port out and keep my number during a pandemic in NSW :O

    • +2

      usually it takes a month to be properly port out, but you could sign up with a new number and then ask telstra to transfer the old number onto your new service.

      • Does this always work?

  • Fold 3 supports Spend ? Dual Sim ? SD card ?

  • Will the telstra offer of free TV be better?

  • -1

    is $599 correct?
    or is it a pricing error, how can it be $599 for a new released phone?
    + 69 per month
    - $300 gift card when you sign up to a new telstra plan.
    = $299 for the phone?

    or you cannot get the gift card offer?

    • +2

      There is no $300 gift card. The discount is essentially replacing the gift card.

      • If you sign up for porting the number over, get a Gift card. you may be able to use it on purchasing a phone

  • -3

    Isn't this the phone that ends up with that screen crumpling at the joint where the phone is supposed to open up? Or was that fixed?

  • +2

    Well done Jbhifi marketing halfwits for offering a deal most of country can’t have….

    • +1

      I don't think that's good for the longevity of the battery

      • its 2 x 60w. which means its the same. as any other battery life span. theres a huge myth going around its bad for battery. all it does is charge 2 x 60w batts (think of charging 2 phones at same time, it does not have anything to do with longetivity)

        • I'd think twice about making those statements.

          Look into battery longevity + Fast charging; You'll find heaps of things contradicting your argument.

          This also applies to everything electronic not just phones.

          • @dnguy76: There's a lot of contradicting articles as well. Real time usage there is no significant impact as of yet (been using for months). Black shark is 2 x batteries. I don't know about other phones (I assumed if it'd a single battery it might be).

            But u should know it fast charges for the first x % then it slows down for battery health, as I said no significant changes at all in real life usage. Benefits outweigh any cons.

  • Optus offering free buds and a watch4 for similar 12month plan price

    I think JB also supplying a $300 gift card also

    • people saying its not, can someone actually confirm this?

      • Just signed up. Can confirm that you don't get a JB gift card. You get your free gift from Samsung.

  • Anyone know if you can cancel the contract after a month?

  • Anything on whether similar discounts apply on the JB $99 plan?

  • Telstra is throwing in a 43" Samsung TV with their pre order…

  • +1

    Vodafone is doing a deal where you can trade in your phone for 300 and they give another 700 bonus on the z fold making the total cost at 1538.76. https://www.vodafone.com.au/hot-offers/samsung-galaxy-z-seri...

    Any reviews on Vodafone's service ? Does it still suck ?

    • Seems like a great offer.

    • But this is only if you commit to a 36 month contract on Vodafone, correct?

      • Customers who pre-order Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G between 12/08/21 and 14/10/2021 (unless extended) will receive $700 Bonus Credit amount available to Vodafone postpaid customers who (i) sign up or upgrade, and stay connected to a Vodafone in-market consumer postpaid voice plan (‘Eligible Plan’) over 12, 24 or 36 months on an Mobile Payment Plan (‘MPP’), (ii) purchase Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, and (iii) trade-in their Eligible Device by 31/10/2021 .

        According to voda, for $700 dollar credit, it doesn't really matter which plan duration you take. On the other hand, the 300 credit one is a little confusing. Should call customer service to check if this applies to all plan duration.

        • Thanks. Sadly I'll be moving overseas so I can't even commit to a 12 month plan :'(

          Trying to find the cheapest possible deal on this Fold phone is doing my head in

  • The Telstra offer with the TV is alright. I'm only comparing 12 month contracts to match JB.
    But if you spread the Telstra plan over 24 or 36 months, it may make the monthly repayments more easier to swallow.

    JB HiFi deal
    1599 +12×69 = 2,427
    Plus $819 for Appliance Central price for this model TV.
    Phone plus TV total is $3,246

    Telstra offer with TV.
    On the 65pm plan, this gives you 5g and same 80gb data as JB plan.
    273.25x12 = $3,279.

    If you go on the cheapest 55pm plan with 40gb data and 4g only.
    263.25x12 = $3,159

    • I usually take of $45 per month on the plan side to calculate, well take it as an average per month if ones gonna use one of the big 3x telcos unlimited post paid plans, well I'm sure most would port over anyway and I'm currently paying $80 per month with Optus on a similar unlimited 80gb plan, I would've went with the Fold3 but I cant justify the $1000 difference with the Flip3 128gb

      Edit: why you adding $819 for Appliance Central price for this model TV no mention of a TV on JB website

      • That's the cheapest price I can find on that model TV.
        Bing Lee sells it for $895.
        So if you go for the JB plan, and buy the TV separately.
        Comparing that to the Telstra deal, the telstra deal is better as you only need to pay the monthly instalments. And not phone and TV upfront.

        Anyway I'll be getting the JB deal, as I have no need for the TV.

  • How is the $300 JB gift card used or applied if you go for the JB Telstra $69 per month plan,, what its taken of the price of the Flip3 to bring it to $599 (The price advertised) or you get the gift card on top and can be used to bring the Flip3 price further down? or used for other JB products?,.. anyone? The deal is great as it is but another $300 gift card on top even if only can be used at JB will certainly make this an awesome deal

    JB website states minimum cost Flip3 128gb phone + 12 months $69 per month plan = $1427

    $1427 - 12 mths x $69 p/m i.e. $828 = $599 cost of Flip3

    So my feeling the $300 JB gift card is on top

    • I believe the $300 gift card is if you get the plan only, with no phone.

    • I'd like to know this too, is the fold 3 upfront cost lower because it already deducts the usual $300 JB gift card?

  • +1

    so far i felt buying phone only with Optus looks better option for Fold 3.
    Refer the link for comparisons https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/110427/90632/fold_3_op...

    • The JB plan is only over 12 months…the total minimum for 12 months is $1427.

      So for less than the retail cost of the phone you get 12 months phone plan with 80 GB data, and own the phone. Seems unbeatable unless you need a galaxy watch from Optus or a TV from Telstra.

        • I've been looking into the best deals as well,
          I reckon you could buy the phone outright from Telstra and get 1 month of the $65 plan to get the tv than get a prepaid plan;
          = $1290
          Just mobile tho

          • @Zilox: i believe 1599 outright is for 256 GB. Can u reconfirm?

            • @manchanahari: I think so. Sorry, I meant 599 upfront and 69 a month for 12 months for the plan. That table was throwing me a bit

        • It also has the outright as 1599 instead of 599 on the JB deal.
          Apparently if you pay 699 outright you can get the 256 GB version

    • Except Optus 2 year contract on my s10 was agony, poor signal and data speeds even in Docklands near melb CBD. Never again. Some say Optus works for them, but it was terrible for me.

  • +1

    anyone checked if it's possible to add a bit more monthly and get more data?

  • I'm on boost.. if I port to Woolworths mobile, can I then port to Telstra? Woolworths mobile isn't on their exclusion list…

    • you have to wait a month

  • My wife finds the Samsung S20 FE too big for her so this feels about right. What's the best way to trade-up from that into a Flip if we have access to the Edu store? Looks like it's to sell the FE separately and then sign up to this plan..

  • +1

    Ordered the 128gb flip with the $69 plan. Can confirm on my 2nd attempt that I got the $10 port-in credit per month from Telstra via live chat.

    This means that total cost over 12 months is $1,307 for the phone, 12-months of the Telstra plan and the bonus gift(s). Great value imo.

    • Can you tell me more about the port in credit? Any tips for getting it based on your experience?

      • Via live chat, I just said the person at JB told me I would be able to get a port in credit of $10 per month so just following up.

        It was rejected for some arbitrary reason the first time and then the second time the operator just did it. Didn't really do anything different.

        I'd just try every day until they do it.

  • Can I get a new number instead from Telstra straight away? Just to save the hassle of getting a new Prepaid from Optus or Voda.

  • Anyone know how to get this is Sydney.
    All JB stores are closed except for click and collect.
    And this is in in store only offer to do all the ID checks

    • try calling a a store, i'm sure they can do this over the phone as per Telstra deals.

  • No luck after a couple tries in QLD for that $10pm port over credit via Telstra. Tried to confirm when walking past a telstra store in the shop then later on via online chat. This is before purchasing the phone. On the plus side they said they weren't able to get anywhere near JB Hifi's $599 upfront price, so still a great deal at $69 a month for a year.

  • Guys , I am not sure when we are supposed to claim the bonus pack. So the offer expires on the 9th, but we will probably only get our phone on the 9th. It would require imei number to claim the bonus pack, which we won't be able to do before the 9th because we haven't got the phone yet. Am I missing something?

  • Guys, has anyone in NSW/ Sydney been able to signup to this deal?
    I called the Penrith Store, they advised they are unable to process the order over the phone and told me to call the call centre.
    The Call centre told me the same thing (call the store), so it's an infinite loop we're stuck in !!!! :P

    • I've had the same issue - the call centre said that head office have not cleared them to process over the phone. Apparently they need a code from head office in lieu of IMEI (due to pre-order) that allows them to process in their system.

      • I personally ordered mine from Telstra and they assured me that this date only requires the phone to be ordered before this date. They said that i promotion can be claimed after the date.

        • Are Telstra matching JB's offer? I couldn't see any similar offers. Could you point us in the right direction if they are? Thanks!

          • @glambat: Telstra includes a amsung TV and the bonus pack (earphones/case and charger).

    • Wasn't able to signup for this offer at JB in NSW….

      Lets hope the Pixel 6 Pro might have a similar offer and we all are not in lockdown….

      Gonna continue to wait to upgrade….

  • Just went instore and the guy offered me the same deal but with a $10 discount on the 12m plan bringing it down to $59/month. Can confirm it also comes with the Samsung Ear buds live (or you can choose to get Samsung credit to use towards something else). Deal is valid until the day before release.

    • Are you in QLD?
      Here in NSW all stores are closed….

      • :((
        Yes in qld

    • Any secret to getting $10/month discount? I tried today and got nowhere. Going to try a different store tomorrow so hopefully I have more luck!

      • +1

        Not really, I think I was just lucky, the guy I talked to was the telco dept manager in the Bris CBD store. Good luck!

  • A banner on the landing page says that their phone plans can now to ve brought over the phone, wondering if it works for this phone too, don't see why it won't when they are able to do other plans with vouchers.

  • -1

    I want to sell mine if anyones is interest got a deal will sell at a loss it's too heavy

    • fold or flip?

      • Fold

        • Where are you located?

          • @Pham Nguyen: Fold here too but she's an expensive baby 👍😁🤣

            • @Italkdigital: Haha how much?

              • @Pham Nguyen: But great discount here with this deal for both the Flip and Fold, also for the Fold3 one should calculate this has a high-end built-in tablet,.. what to buy a standalone high-end tablet like the S-series Samsung tablets close or over $500 I think

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