[Unobtainable Deal] Vans Sk8-Hi Skate Sneaker $10 (Was $130) + Delivery @ JD Sports

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92% off Vans Sk8-hi in black - all sizes available at 8.47am. Wow.

Mod: Orders cancelled and refunded, moved to forums.

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    Just joined the lottery on this one.

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      The sale for this item went up before 630am. So open your wallets and keep 'em open because that money is coming out and back in.

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    yeah sure why not
    edit: 2 minutes in and the websites already down?

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    Got OOS for size 11 on payment page :(

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      Me too, got 11.5 though

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        Yeah went for 11.5 and managed to also get.

      • Thanks mate, went for 11.5 yoohoo, if it's too big I am going to wear a couple of more socks :P

  • We take those

  • Unable to add to cart…?

  • Can't check out

  • Went to paypal and when comes back, there is no button to proceed with order.

    • That happened to me as well, had to refresh a few times and it appeared

    • make sure you've ticked the standard shipping box, worked for me.

  • -1

    OOS on 9 and 10 sizee, just orded at 8:58am for 9.5, 10.5 successfully

  • Got a pair. Thanks OP!

  • Thank you got one pair. Just being a decent guy and leaving the rest of the pairs for others to enjoy. :)

    • +1

      Spoke too early, it didn't go through and now cannot add it back to cart,

  • Took to long researching and missed out on the 11s. Got some 10.5 though, thanks OP.

  • managed to get a pair in my size, thanks Op

  • Worked for me. Size 12

  • Paypal didn't work. I was able to pay using CC.

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      The trick is to pay securely, then use guest account, populate details then choose paypal from there. It works for me. Rather than pay by paypal in the very beginning of payment option.

      • +2

        This is how I did it too and had no issues.

  • Cheers OP! Couldn't get size 11, but managed to nab a 10.5.

  • OOS for Sydney City

  • thanks OP! this is a steal

  • Grabbed 11.5s, All seemed to work

    • Hahah just got a refund :(

  • +1

    Awesome, paid with paypal for speed

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    Ahhhh JD Sports….lol gl everyone, hope it works out this time

  • Grabbed one 9! Thanks OP

  • Unable to add to cart

  • Wow amazing, great school shoes for my daughter, if, you know, she’s allowed back to school before she grows out of them!

    • +4

      Don't you worry. The longer the lockdown the higher the chance of you getting another daughter. ;)

  • Managed to order size 10's. Will see how it goes….

  • websites dying

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Early bird gets the worms. Got 3 pairs of different sizes for the family!

    • +2

      Love the instant negs. Just to make it clear. 3 pairs in total. Each pair in different sizes for the kids. I don't think I was that greedy.

      • +3

        Sounds fine to me. Families need shoes too.

        • <3 thanks. I thought I was being a prk for looking after my family.

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    OOS as I went to pay :(

  • Nabbed a pair for myself, cheers OP

  • Nice one OP - checked out successfully, let's see what happens!

    • Update: received an email confirmation, so looking OK (size 8)

  • thanks OP!

  • +1

    Can't get checkout to finalise.

  • Good find. Just got 11.5s

  • Worked for me size 10 👌 cheers OP

  • Got a pair of 10.5. Thanks OP!

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    I don't think their website was prepared for this!

  • I'm sure this is a price error, I wonder if they won't honour and issue refunds?

    • Why do you say that? These are sub- $100 elsewhere and jdsports have many others advertised for 80+% off

    • There were a few deals in the past from JD. I ordered Nike for $20 incl delivery and received them in two weeks

  • cheers op, grabbed a pair

  • Grabbed 2 size 11.5.

    Hoping it goes through, grabbed 2 vans for $10 each that were awesome 6 months ago.

  • +6

    With JD track record. No one will get anything. Click bait

    • +1

      Yeah, I agree

  • Website seems to be down now.

  • Your Order is Confirmed.
    Thanks OP.

  • Cannot add to cart?

  • +1

    Dont expect anything if the last few deals are anything to go by.

  • worked for me thanks

  • Fingers crossed!

  • Got a pair of 9.5, cheers OP see if they ship.

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    My order was cancelled and paypal refunded already… oops.

    EDIT - Dunno why I was downvoted twice for that comment!?! I ordered size 11… successfully paid via paypal, got a "YIKES! We've had to cancel your order" email 5 minutes later. Probably because I had them in the cart for too long while I was trying to pay (website kept going down), and they run out of stock midway or something :(

    • +1

      I just negated one of the negs. You just can't post the truth when people are felling upset.

  • Went right through for size 9.
    Thanks OP

  • 13's sold out as I was checking out, so I got 12's instead. Lets see how we go.

  • Size 11 gone

  • Got size 8.5 :)

    Only $6 for delivery which is quite good. 8% Cashback using CR.

  • Surely it's a price error, they probably meant it to be $100.

    Anyways I managed to order a pair of 11.5s, see how we go.

  • -1

    Just grabbed a 10, thanks

    • -1

      Broaden ?

  • ffs I was trying to checkout since 9am. Keeps saying forbidden now its OOS

  • Just grabbed a 10 and 11.5
    Thanks OP

  • Just got a size 12 for $16 delivered. Great deal OP.

    • You must have grabbed the last pair in that size! Congrats! :D

  • Size 12 OOS

  • There was a problem and we were unable to update your cart. Please try again.

    I think the fun just ended.

  • Got a 10 and went through. All for $16

  • Thanks op managed to get 9 and 10 in my cart for me and a co worker, then when tried to add more for other co workers it wouldn't add. Ozbargained!!!!!

  • Don't even want them, purchased a 10
    F U Lockdown

    • ill have them :)

  • +1

    I keep getting "There was a problem and we were unable to update your cart. Please try again."

  • I got a size 12 for my brother but can't get a size 10.5 for myself

  • +3

    Might be a front for a marketing details farm

    • That’s shady af for them to do that.

  • ozbargained

  • Product no longer exist :(

  • I was able to get the Vans one but now it shows page temp unavailable. Great deal OP :)

  • Unable to fulfil request. This product no longer exists.

  • Got a pair size 10 a few minutes ago.
    I have got a confirmation email from them for my pair also.
    Fingers Crossed.

  • +3

    Price tempting to buy first - don't miss, but experience forced to read the comments first.

    Sorry. There was a problem.

    Unable to fulfil request. This product no longer exists

  • Q the ACC complaints comment when they cancel the order.

  • +8

    Mates and I always have our orders cancelled by JD. I'm surprised by all the positive votes.

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