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[Klarna] Apple AirTag (4 Pack) $119.21 Delivered (after Waiver) @ JW Computers via Kogan


Apple Airtags seem to be in demand and rarely go on sale, unless you take advantage of a general platform promo like this Klarna x Kogan 4th instalment waived deal .

The market place seller is JW Computers. The model number MX542X/A looks like an Aust version, same model sold by local stores like Bing Lee, HN, Centrecom etc.

The title price take into account the 4th payment being waived by Klarna, and JW's postage of $9.95. I would pay the 2nd and 3rd instalments the same day to speed up the waiver, according to this comment .

Don't forget to stack with this deal 5,000 Bonus Flybuys Points Worth $25 if you have not claimed it.

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    There's currently a couple available at Centre Com for $119.20 Delivered using " iACCESS20". Only about 5 packs so gotta be quick.

    • Thanks mate

  • are these authentic apple?

    • JW Computers is a well know store, you often see deals involving their eBay store.

  • I havent even used mine yet, lockdown and all

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      stick one on the cat or dog and see where it actually goes all day.

  • FFS bought this at Kogan for $159 not too long ago.

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      They're not even that much directly from Apple.

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    Thanks OP- bought one

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    Great find OP.

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  • Did these get fixed? As i thought they got banned as kids can open them and eat the button battery.

    • it was a child safety warning, not banned (weirdly). many stores have stopped selling due to concerns.

  • So what does one do with these? Other then just buy for the sake of having another apple product, has anyone had a real situation where these came in handy?

    • YMMV - I use mine because I’m pretty hopeless with keys. It’s come in handy a few times when I’ve asked Siri where my keys are.

      Just a shame it doesn’t work two ways, if I can’t find my phone I just yell out to play music.. would love if this had a button you could press 3 times quickly to locate your phone. Oh well.

      Pretty happy with mine though!

    • Tracking a stolen scooter with air tags..


    • I follow a guy on Instagram who found his stolen car using airtags.

  • https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/vchain-apple-airtag-4-pack-apl-...

    Same deal but free shipping. $112.50 total.

    • I saw that earlier. Their store description sounds like they are grey importer. No ABN. They also don’t include model number to check up.

    • Product Source: We source our product globally and Hong Kong is the interchange point for our eCommerce trading. We would provide an AU adapter for all products with chargers. All products we sell to AU must be functional an compatible in AU.

      • They're airtags. They have no adaptor. They're such a basic cheap device I'm not that concerned with the extra consumer warranty you'd get on an Australian sold airtag. They shouldn't be breaking any time soon… I'd hope.

        I already bought them so fingers crossed lol. Bought last night and they shipped today via auspost.

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    Thanks bought one :)

  • FYI, Klarna honoured the deal 👍 I paid the 2nd and 3rd instalments same day. Chatted online and requested the last payment to be waived. 3 days later, they marked all payments completed.

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