What Car Do You Have?

Let’s see what the people of ozbargain drive. Is the cash people are saving off this website enough for some high end cars? Probably not, but let’s hear it anyway. (No I don’t drive).


      • Mine's just a "reliable" 323i which I've converted to a 325i - don't have the money to buy a 335i right now. Those are worse to maintain for sure, but with the latest revision injectors/HPFP (once-off $$$ spend), are relatively reliable. Just need to drop $2-3k on new turbos every 150,000km.

        I still think the E92 is one of the best looking cars ever.

        Surely maintenance on the Cayman is worse? xD

        • +1

          Its my second 987.2 Cayman now actually. These things are pretty much bullettproof, which shows in their strong residual value. They pretty much only need basic maintenance.

          Obviously like all things euro, if something breaks it will be expensive. But the Cayman doesnt really have any parts that are known to break. And any plastics or rubber seals that are used are built to last. Especially the 987.2 cars.

  • S3

  • Honda Civic

  • 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrak
    2014 Holden Cruze

    Dad worked for Holden’s for 40+ years so we got plenty of discount on new cars through that, we had a 2015 Captiva up until recently, no issues whatsoever but it didn’t really work with what we wanted to do (wanted tons of storage space and potential to tow a caravan etc.) since that has all ceased and “Holden’s” as a brand is dead, not willing to buy another so went the Wildtrak earlier this year with low KM’s.

    Plan to run the Cruze in to the ground and possibly gift it to younger relatives down the track, lost most of what we could sell it for already and it’s still running great!

  • -1

    I'm fortunate to drive a BMW M4 ( at the age of 34 ) as my daily drive but definitely had to work the hard yards for it.

    • -2

      Nice flex.

      Let me tell you 'bout hard work
      Minimum wage with a baby on the way
      Let me tell you 'bout hard work
      Rebuilding your house after the bombs took them away
      Let me tell you 'bout hard work
      Building a bed out of a cardboard box
      Let me tell you 'bout hard work
      Hard work
      Hard work
      You don't know nothing 'bout hard work
      Hard work
      Hard work

  • Always buy cars in cash when possible.
    Mine is A3 Sportback

  • Work: 2021 Subaru Outback Touring
    Housecar: 2021 Suzuki Jimny Auto

  • +2

    GR Yaris

  • Don't have one right now but looking to get a new Suzuki Baleno or Kia Rio soon.

  • After reading the extensive responses, I believe there is sufficient ground/example to seek for domestic CFO's approval to a few less mundane cars to the garage. Problem is, garage is at capacity.

  • +1

    Ecoboost Falcon, any other owners out there?

    Fun fact - taxpayers forked out 7k for every one sold

  • Personal car: 2008 135i manual.

    Work car: 2020 Prado manual.

    The BMW is driven mostly as a daily by the Mrs. as I have a lot of KMs to work and back.

    The Prado is a nice drive anyway.

  • +1

    BMW X6 2017 (Myself)
    Lancer ES 2013 (too much sentimental value and wife refuses to sell)
    Mercedes GLE 2020 (Wife)

  • +1

    2017 Mercedes c250 (AMG line edition), wife has a 2020 Kia Cerato, and we have a Navara D40 to cart the dogs etc around.

    Also have a 99 Supercharged VT Commodore in the garage I spent way too much money on as a young man and wish I could part with, but wouldn’t get enough for it. Driven 5 times in 10 years. Don’t know whether to keep it and cross my fingers it appreciates like the older Commodores did, or just let it go to some P plater (Tas) who will probably wrap it round a pole. Wife hates it lol.

    • +1

      Damn, my hopes were up when I saw your pfp haha but merc is cool

      • Oh how I wish haha, the Benz will have to do!

    • i'm impressed your wife is happily driving a kia certa whilst letting you strut around in a c250..

      • Ah but see I claim depreciation for tax as I use it for work, so I’ve sold her on the fact that the more I spend every 2 years, the more we save 😉

    • Should be minimum $5k for a supercharged VT. Is it executive or S?

      • It’s an S pac version, factory supercharged.

        • Cool. $6k in good condition.

  • 2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ It's amazing!

    • -2

      Like all Tesla’s amazing till they are not.

  • 2016 FGX Ford Falcon XR6 (the last of the Falcons)
    2010 Hyundai Getz (the last of those as well i think)

  • +1

    It seems a lot of people are happy/able to spend >$100k on cars here. Is everyone so well off or just got lucky with the appreciating property bubble and low interest rates and are spending their winnings on car toys?

    • +2

      Average income of ozbargain being >$100k would help

      • +2

        100k income is not that much to be spending 100k on a car. Maybe if your household income is at least 150k per year after tax and you have a minimal mortgage and no other major expenses. Otherwise seem like a fair chuck on your disposable income to be putting into a luxury expense that will just depreciate rapidly and have high maintenance cost

        • +2

          I agree, seems bizarre to me. My cars cost me about 15% of our yearly household income.

          I'd love to see the income/car cost ratio for come of these.

          • @brendanm: I understand the benefits of sensibly priced new cars as they can be hassle free etc. Also understand the benefit of high performance sports cars as they can be fun. But buying anything in the luxury SUV category of BMW/AUDI/Range Rover etc just seems like you either have nothing better to do with your money or you are buying it because you think it signals status or whatever. The utility and driving experience is not much different from your sensibly priced SUV. You are basically spending double (or more) for a fancier interior and slightly better performance, which in my opinion gets old pretty quickly (i had access to regular new premium company cars and stopped caring and now drive a 380).

  • +3

    I'm more interested in knowing what people's household income is for those with multiple cars (more than 4)

  • +2

    07 kia sportage

    Yes its a mum mobile
    But its a goddam reliability beast

    7.5-8l per 100k's
    Zero issues in 7 years of ownership

    Trading up to a q7 next

    • Sounds like a decent upgrade ha!

    • q7

      Boo get the Touareg instead.

      • Haha
        Unfortunately the covid tax on touaregs in wa is double that of q7's otherwise i would

  • Hyundai i30

  • Prado gxl
    Jimny manual

  • +2

    2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce
    2021 Mazda CX-5 Akera Turbo

    • +1

      NICE! I absolutely love the Giulia!!!

      • +1

        Yea it's the looks that got me…that and the driving experience, so sharp & responsive! Plus it's uncommon compared it's German competitors which are everywhere these days.

    • +2

      Great choices mate. Exactly what I would choose if I had a growing family.

    • +1

      Nice to see an Ozbargainer with good taste in cars. Love Italian and French cars.

  • 2017 X-Trail
    2016 MX5 ND, whose purchase incidentally was inspired by a forum discussions on OZB

    • The ND is amazing. The only thing that lets it down is that damn passenger legroom and the active bonnet airbag system. Otherwise the car is perfect.

  • Work/Personal/Daily: My boyfriend

  • 2015 Liberty.

  • 2021 Toyota Prado VX. We're a family that likes to drive and this car is perfect for that.

  • 05 Corolla Ascent Sedan Bought @ 155k for $3k and haven't replaced a thing besides the clutch at 200k and it's now at 225k. I love this car and it's the only one I've owned (did learners in it and all).

    Gotta say I'm looking forward to having power windows some day though. 🤣 Maybe a Tesla will do once this dies.

  • +2

    2016 Kia Koup Turbo. Massively underrated car especially with better mags and Pilot Sport 4s. Actually flew to Sydney to buy the cheapest one in Australia at the time, and drove it home.

  • +1

    2010 Mitsubishi Lancer

  • +4

    Alfa Giulia QV, WRX STi Spec-R

    • :0 Love the qv!

    • Giulia QV… respect! I've got the Veloce ;)

      • +3

        Thanks! It's great being different to most and driving something unique. I caught a young guy in a C-class shooting a photo of it last week! But it's not the first time, have seen a few others do it too. Service station compliments are great too! Yolo…..

  • Toyota Prado GXL 2018

  • +2

    1999 camry 2.2l CSI.. I deliver pizzas for a living so makes sense ..

  • Currently a 2007 V6 Hyundai Sonata . . Probably going to get my first new car this year!

  • i30 SR 2016 (with hail damage)
    Tesla Model S 2018
    Rav4 Cruiser Hybrid 2020

  • +1

    2016 Audi RS3. Just sold the wife’s X3 4.0i and will replace with a Tesla next year.

  • +1

    2008 BMW M5
    2004 Holden Rodeo
    2002 BMW M3
    1994 Ferrari F355
    1986 Honda Accord

    Looking for deals and not going out for coffees or smashed avocado toast works people.

    • +1

      Wow! Someone here has a Ferrari! Nice man! Have you considered selling it to maybe upgrade to a newer gen supercar?

      • Not at all. I like the older ones because of the clutch and manual engagement. Also, from an Ozbargainer's perspective, it's good to own a car that goes up in value!

  • +2

    2004 TL Magna
    2013 FG MKII G6E Turbo
    2016 VFII SSV Redline

    Love my Australian cars.

  • +1

    Merc 2021 GLA45S.

    • Very nice!! Can I ask, how do you find the size of it? Is it just right or too small or too bulky?

      • +1

        To me just nice, boot space and rear passenger space is siginificantly better than the 2016 A45, which I used to have. Not too big to make it handle bulky.

    • I would just get the sedan if you want more rear passenger space. I mean seriously, who buys an AMG for more rear passenger space. That car is like a raised up hatchback so you lose out on the perks of a hatchback.


      This sums up the GLA45s

      Plus, as on-paper-identical as the GLA and A are, there’s something intangible about the compact SUV that makes it feel just a little bit muted as you tootle around town.
      It’s almost like the PG-version of the R-rated hatchback. The edited-for-TV version if you will.

  • 2020 cx-5
    Got it last year as a dealer demo with only 16km on the odo for 32k.
    I like to think i got a good price :)

    • depends which model? AWD, Maxx, Maxx Sport, GT, Akera etc

    • +1

      Maxx sport

  • BMW X4 35d.

  • +1

    2019 Honda HRV

  • +1

    i30N manual. Stupidly fun car and makes me grin like an idiot.

    • Have you tuned it or anything

  • +1

    BMW X7 M50d

  • Still driving a 1994 Mitsubishi Colt that’s falling apart.

    Glad to see the OZB population doing well, saving money for bargains while owning exotic cars for kicks.

    • 1994? Mitsubishi didn't release the Colt for that model year in oz, unless your has been imported.

  • 87 commodore (hobby car)
    My18 holden trailblazer (7 seater and set up for 3t towing)
    My12 holden Malibu(wife's cae)

  • +2

    1967 Falcon ute. Supercharged 302. Only car I own.

    Pic of engine in my avatar.

  • +1

    BMW 328i, bought as a replacement for a much loved Subaru Liberty 3.0 spec B as the closest thing I could find in terms of a wagon with decent performance.

    Like most things about it, don't like a couple of things (parts cost, although have been lucky so far, BMW absolutely gouging you for things like satnav updates). Main thing I dislike are runflat tyres which are bloody horrible - harsh and super expensive, and they don't last long enough for what they cost, especially on a RWD car that encourages… spirited.. driving.

    BMW fixed price servicing is actually pretty great overall. A bit quicker than my significantly modified Subaru was with way better fuel economy and rear wheel drive is fun.

    Would buy another Subaru in a heartbeat if they released a non-fugly, non-CVT wagon that moves. But they have decided to make every car look like a 12 year old's drawing of a sweet radio controlled car for some idiotic reason. The Levorg would have been tempting if it was not CVT.

  • +1

    How much do you have to earn for a $100k+ car to be a sensible purchase?

    Do you buy with cash or use finance?

    It isn't necessarily the cost of the car/repayments, but the additional stuff like insurance and maintenance that seems to make it a costly exercise.

    I live in an area with a lot of nice cars, but they don't seem to be appreciated by their owners (rim rash, dents, poor maintenance) - so I can only guess that this money is chump change to them.

    • +3

      Most people tend to over extended themselves taking out loans and finance in order to keep up with the "Joneses" to show off to their "friends" or they have parents with means to help them with down payments and such

    • Most I say are lease vehicles (ie rented), so no intensive to keep in good condition, just trade up when when new lease is over in 4 years. They just pay to rent and are use to that.

      I think its crazy but its their money. See a lot of these end up at auctions and yeah pretty poor condition given the age, waste IMO

  • +1

    I'm the car person in the relationship, my BMW costs x15 my SO's car.

    Mercedes recent high end models look total trash. S class looks like a larger A-class, no distinction.

    If I'm spending 200k, i dont want my car to look like a random A class on the road.

    • S class looks like a larger A-class, no distinction.

      The S Class has always had a plain exterior. Inside is where it shines. All the yuppies at work have one.

      • The new interior is just 1 ipad screen in the middle. I much prefer tactile buttons instead of this Tesla trend.

        Even an e63 looks very conservative to me, nothing special. AMG GT also and their centre console looks trashy.

        The S Class has always had a plain exterior.

        Now they literally have a identical design model across A, C, E and S.

        • +1

          The new interior is just 1 ipad screen in the middle. I much prefer tactile buttons instead of this Tesla trend.

          The buttons limits options. With a screen, the buttons become redundant, especially when most of the buttons you'll press like once in your life. They also save on design costs.

          Now they literally have a identical design model across A, C, E and S.

          If you want a stupid looking Mercedes Benz then I think the GLE/GLC coupe is more to your liking. That's a Mercedes Benz that should be struck off from Earth.

          • +1


            They also save on design costs.

            That's what I mean. If i'm paying for top of the range, I don't want some ipad screen because it's cheaper.

            I hate using them whilst driving, much harder compared to buttons. At least have real buttons for climate control. Also the tactile sensation of a premium metal button just can't compare.

            Best interior out there is Bentley by far.

          • @Orico: Oh and the new AMG steering wheel with those fake cheap capacitive buttons too…horrendous

            If you want a stupid looking Mercedes Benz then I think the GLE/GLC coupe is more to your liking. That's a Mercedes Benz that should be struck off from Earth.

            I actually dig the GLC coupe design

            • @DisabledUser375331:

              I actually dig the GLC coupe design

              Are you (edited) or Arab? Please don't burn me. I'm just genuinely curious.

              Best interior out there is Bentley by far.

              No way man. Rolls Royce is da shit. Everything just feels like a million dollars in that car. Bentley reeks of 70 year old Englishman vibes but I have driven the continental GT once in the STates and it was amazing and very fast.

              • @Orico: Nope

    • So what would you spend 200k on?

      • If my car got stolen I'd probly get an RS7 or RSQ8 although not a fan of their dual touch screns.

      • +1

        GTR35 NISMO EDITION if I had 200k to waste

        • You're still $200k short

  • +1

    2011 Megane RS 250, got it a few months back and love it. Next car is either going to be a Type R, new 86 or the new Z coming out.

  • Suprised to see that nobody has a Pathfinder.
    I know it’s not an ozbargainer car, but pretty happy with my 2018 4WD Pathy :)

    • +1

      Suprised to see that nobody has a Pathfinder.

      OzB'ers generally avoid vehicles plagued with problems, CVT failures in the Pathfinder's case.

      • I also had the same concerns prior to buying. But the CVT issues have been addressed since the R52 series.
        Now almost about to hit 100K mark and no issues so far. May be just luck :)

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