What Car Do You Have?

Let’s see what the people of ozbargain drive. Is the cash people are saving off this website enough for some high end cars? Probably not, but let’s hear it anyway. (No I don’t drive).


  • I had a MG ZS 2019, but it was written off as a Lexus hit my parked car, and destroyed both cars.

    I am currently driving a Mitsubishi Asx.

    I do want to get the MG Zst Vibe!

  • M35 Nissan Stagea. Bargain import performance wagon. However, it has forced me to improve my skills as an ameteur mechanic. Good stuff to know.

  • 94 Toyota Aristo. Goes fast in a straight line, handles like an actual boat, and drinks fuel like an actual boat.
    15 Mitsubishi Challenger. Goes slow but a great value 4wd that my wife dailies

    • Aristo I thought would be good I love my RS with the AWD handles like a go kart man

      • Yeah its good for what I want, which is a big 4 door 90s JDM car haha.
        Has had lots of work to it, so keeps P platers with 30k loans in check haha.

  • 05 X5 4.4i 133,000 2nd owner

  • 2018 Honda HRV

  • 2019 toyota corolla hybrid
    great fuel economy as you'd expect and the hybrid option is cheaper than you think

  • 2007 SAAB 9-3. 1.9TDi, 6sp auto, full leather, climate control, power everything, <6L/100 on highway trips…. <$3k buy price.

    Built when SAAB was owned by GM, so the engine's also in an Astra and a few other things, and has GM part numbers… so parts are not euro-expensive.

  • +2

    Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition (Toy)
    BMW G21 330i Touring (Wife's Daily)
    Alfa Romeo 147GTA (Toy)
    Alfa Romeo 159 Ti (My Daily)
    Honda CRX Gen 2 (Project)

    • Alfa man! Love it…I used to have a 159 now I have a Giulia Veloce. Those that have driven one get it. Too many boring cars out there!

      • +1

        Thanks buddy. I’d love to upgrade the 159 to an Alfa Red Giulia Veloce but they need to depreciate lower than $50k!

  • '09 Subaru Liberty Wagon > Sold
    '14 Mazda 3 Hatch > Current
    '20 Volvo XC90 > Current

  • 2019 Skoda Octavia wagon - didn't care much for the wagon variant but it was the one in stock and a great price too with lots of extras… don't regret not getting a hybrid as this one gets 6L/100km regularly. The wagon actually came in clutch on many occasions with furniture.

  • 18 BMW M3 competition
    15 VW Golf

  • +2

    2021 Tesla Model 3 (Performance)

  • 2010 Honda CR-V Manual

    Picked it up for $15k with 75,000 on the clock in December 2015

    Glad I didn't buy something extravagant as we barely drive nowadays.

  • +1

    Honda Integra 1995.

    • +1

      Now that's my kinda vintage! I'm still rocking an old 1992 Celica.

      • Nice! How many kms on the clock? Mine has 166k

  • +2

    I too have just jumped on to the Elon bandwagon with a Model 3 Long range. Loving it!

  • Cars
    2002 Nissan S15
    1994 Honda Civic EG - B18 swapped

    2018 Yamaha R3 - daily
    2008 Daytona 675

  • Renault Koleos
    VW Golf Hatch
    Mustang GT

    21 Gear Giant Bike
    Xiaomi Electrical Scooter

  • Currently a 2014 Ford Ecosport Titanium with the 1Ltr turbo Ecoboost engine. 5 speed manual.
    Great on petrol, ~5.7 L/100km average right now.

  • 2006 Subaru Forester XT
    2003 Corolla Ascent Seca

  • 2016 SR5 Hilux (work car provided by my employer)
    2021 CX8 Touring SP (wifes daily drive)

  • +1

    Toyota GR Supra (weekender/track)
    Jeep Wrangler 2dr (off-road weekender)
    Mazda RX7 Series 6 (race only)
    Jeep Grand Cherokee (daily)
    Jeep CJ7 (project)

    OzB is a necessity so that I can afford my car habit, haha

    • +1

      Nice! What colour on the supra?

      • +1

        Downshift Blue

  • +1

    17 Lexus IS350

  • I would imagine a lot of ozbargainer drives Telsa since it always makes the front page whenever the deal comes out 🤔

  • +3

    2002 Corolla - 280k on it and still going strong, serviced every 10k km at the local mechanic. Going to ride this shortage out and buy a Kia/Hyundai when new cars come back in stock. Kicking myself for not buying a Cerato GT last year when one was on the floor for 32k.

    I'm a tight arse at heart and just couldn't bring myself to to part with the cash even though I saved it specifically for a new car purchase….

    • The Corolla will keep going and keep. Mine is up to 300k and done Melbourne -> Perth and back.

      Had the Cerato GT in mind as well but went with the GR Yaris. Almost sold the Corolla but ended up keeping it as an IKEA, Gardening run around.

      • Which year model is your Rolla?

    • User name checks out

  • 2012 BMW 335i
    2017 Land Cruiser VX

  • +3

    2000 N15 Nissan Pulsar SSS

  • locally :

    • Not sure if I buy this, any proof?

      • what proof do you want ? and I have nothing to prove, not here for clout.

        I guess my non local garage will make you spit and curse then hmm :S

    • +2

      locally :

      thats quite a toy :O
      and from someone who cooks their own rice for takeway :)

      • +1

        sometimes , it's better to cook it yourself as you know how you like it

  • -3

    Porsche 992 GT3 Touring 1̶:̶2̶8̶ ̶D̶i̶e̶c̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶e̶d̶i̶t̶i̶o̶n̶

    • buy me a prius

  • +1

    VW Scirocco R :)

    • loved the curves of that car. How is it going reliability wise?

      • +1

        Never had a problem with it so I'm very lucky.
        127,000k's and just maintenance. The most expensive part is the tyres!

        • ah right. I'm stuck with 2008 mk5 gtd for now, got it at ~120k, now on 170k. Only one major issue so far, ignition lock died. So keep an eye on it!

  • Geeze, there are a surprisingly amount of car enthusiasts on here. Love reading through everyone's garage contents with much jealousy.

  • +1

    G63 (my daily)
    X5M (wife's daily)
    Huracan Performante (coz lambo)
    991.2 GT3 (track toy)
    On order - 812 GTS
    Kia Sorento - family "beater"

    • what happened to your Tesla Model X P100d?

      just a small list of what? ~$2 million bucks worth of cars ;)

      • -1

        replaced the tesla with the X5M…tesla boring as bats*it in comparison, especially for the money. Honestly I prefer to drive the Kia as a 7 seater

        As you can tell, I like my cars to make a bit of noise :)

        • nice
          I'm suprised the 1%'ers visit ozbargain though ;)

          • @SBOB: You'd be surprised. Most people don't make money without going through a period of extreme tightarseness! I've been on here from before I made a bit of coin for myself and when the only car I had was a 97 Mitsubishi Lancer.

            Old habits die hard

            • @bobolo:

              a bit of coin

              understatement ;)

    • -2

      Calling bs unless some sort of proof?

      • +1

        call it whatever you like I'm not here to prove anything to anyone

        • Did you need to buy any previous ferraris to get the 812 gts?

            • +1

              @SBOB: Ok boblolo what was the ordering process like?

              • @DisabledUser398528: umm…walk in a dealer, spec it, pay a deposit? Oh and drink a lot of sparkling water

                Wait is around 12 months which is the most painful part - few months in already. Thankfully I have other toys to play with

                • @bobolo: Let’s hear the spec

                • @bobolo: did you get invited to the Competizione launch ? (which was suppose to be in Sept in Melb)

              • -1

                @DisabledUser398528: Someone's very butthurt over an anonymous car list on the internet.

                • +1

                  @brendanm: Hey I mean i would love to believe it but as you say it’s “on the internet”

                  • @DisabledUser398528: So who cares either way? If the guy has one, good on him, if he doesn't, well it doesn't really affect anything.

                    • +2

                      @brendanm: True but lying is not good

                      • @DisabledUser398528: No, but what can you do. Every single person on this thread could be lying, and we just wouldn't know, hell, I lied with the cars I listed 😂

    • Seems like lottery winner to have millions of dollars worth of cars WOW

  • +1

    Tesla model 3 and Harley Davidson Road King…. One extreme to the other….

  • I Drive a w166 ML350, very nice car. quiet, spacious, reasonably powerful, good milage, tow cap 3200kg.

    I also have an S15 Silvia adm, that I purchased in 2005, I rarely drive, I never got around to selling and it turned into a P plate hero car. I got lucky.

  • 2015 Toyota Crown Hybrid - Camry Reliability and RWD fun
    1991 Honda Beat

    • How do you go dealing with the Japanese language on the display? I’ve always wondered if it’s much of an issue on these imports where you can’t easily swap out a head unit.

      • +1

        On the Toyota imports at least from 2013 and newer, there's a menu option to simply switch the head unit to English. On vehicles from 2015 and up you can even change the vehicle information display to English as well.

  • +1

    ‘99 JZX100 Chaser Tourer V Manual with 79k
    ‘16 Hilux work bus
    ‘21 Massey Ferguson GC1725M - not a car, I know.

    • 99 JZX100 Chaser Tourer V Manual with 79k

      Very cool.

  • 2019 Kia Rio S. Surprisingly big inside and perfect for a couple

  • 2007 Toyota Corolla

  • 2013 Hyundai i30 (mrs)
    Lexus LS430

  • +1

    Hope OP doesn't call me out asking for proof.
    2013 prius. 2011 mk6 Golf R and 96 charade (unregistered)

    • gonna need proof of that Charade sorry mate, can't go posting supercars in this thread without evidence

  • Merc, C Class 250d Estate (Wagon)

  • +4

    2000 Toyota Corolla Hatchback (daily - about to hit 300,000km and still going strong)

    2020 GR Yaris (almost went the 86 - but after owning a GT4 Carlos Sainz though would be a nice follow up)

    • The GR Yaris is such a cool car. Devo I didn't buy one with the pre launch pricing

      • Yep it's a little beast. Still miss my SW20 MR2 - wasn't super quick but the go-kart handling was fun, except in the wet weather.

  • We have never bought new cars. We currently own a 2014 Honda Jazz and 2015 Pathfinder 4x2.
    Not long ago we had a Nissan Micra (switched to the Jazz 2 years ago) and a Cerato (recently sold to upgrade to pathfinder, we didn’t know that covid would hit Sydney so bad so we haven’t gone anywhere with it).

  • I walk, driving is too expensive

  • gen 2 prius

  • A 2020 Mini Cooper

  • BMW 520d diesel x 2

    • +1

      this thread is for you

      and 520d diesel?
      is that like ATM machine?

      • Yeah I like to have redundancy :)

        Fuel economy is amazing, bought them just before covid, I've only filled up about 5 times, for both, in total.

    • Why do you drive a diesel in Sydney?

  • STi Bruh!

  • +1

    Commondore ZB RS V6

  • Mitsubishi Triton is my daily drive

  • 07 9N3 polo Gti
    99 Toyota Century

    Two very different cars great at very different things.

    • Loved my 9N3 GTI when it was running properly!

      • +1

        I've had it nearly a decade now and I love that thing. 141kw at the wheels as of its last dyno tune means it always puts a smile on the face. Though it currently has an electrical gremlin between the alternator and battery that requires solving.

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