What Car Do You Have?

Let’s see what the people of ozbargain drive. Is the cash people are saving off this website enough for some high end cars? Probably not, but let’s hear it anyway. (No I don’t drive).


  • 2020 Audi Q8 for the wife

    2015 Octavia vRS daily

    2015 GLA45 Stage 2, very convenient track day car as you can carry tires and tool kit in it. Garaged in Sydney so no access to it currently.

  • Ford XF Ghia….. Since 5th March 1994 - Still Drive it…
    Ford Territory Titanium 2014 AWD Diesel Turbo With Some Mods.

    • +1

      XF was my first car dual fuel

      • I also Have gas On Mine

  • +2

    My dad has a top of the range 2005 crv and it's served him really nicely. he's now getting a VW 2019 R and i get his honda as my first car.

  • Do you guys even tow?
    A Colorado and X-Trail. Need something to tow the caravan and boat plus a full row of kids seats in the back ….

  • +2

    Subaru 2013 WRX STi

    • Very nice would love an STI @Pan20

      • Very fun car!

  • X6 that’s collecting a nice film of dust parked in the basement. I just hope I don’t find half eaten fruit when lockdown ends (or be swarmed by fruit flies opening the door)

  • BMW X4
    BMW 428i

  • 2019 Holden Acadia LTZV
    2021 Toyota Yaris ZR Hybrid

    One big car, one small car :)

  • +1

    Subaru Brumby

  • 2014 Toyota 86. Bought the cheapest base model I could find and fitted a sprintex supercharger.

    It's good, but considering going to a GR Yaris or i30N instead.

    Looking at picking up a motard soon also

    • +1

      Gr Yaris is ok. But terrible if you want to modify it. (When compared to the 86)

      • Yeah though the aftermarket will improve.

        If I'm looking at a new/near new car I'd want it to be something I would be happy driving stock or near stock at least for most of the warranty period

  • +2

    Citroen C5 (2013 bought new)
    VW T-Cross (2020 bought new for wife)
    Ford Ranger (2021 son)
    Lamborghini Gallardo (2012, bought secondhand)

    • LAMBOOOO!! HELL YEAHHH! That’s sick man!

  • 2006 BMW 130i 6spd manual (mine)
    2018 Skoda Octavia 6spd manual (wife’s)

  • Between my partner and I, we have a 2018 Isuzu Dmax LS-M, and a 2021 Volvo Xc40 R-Design

  • +1

    1990 hilux 4x4
    2005 hilux 2x4
    2020 honda ct125

    I guess I broke the pattern. Last purchase was supposed to be a '2020 hilux 0x4', but a '2020 honda 1x2' is close.

  • 2008 Mazda MX-5
    2015 VW Passat Comfortline
    2008 VW Polo GTI
    1991 VW Golf GTI

    Top 2 are daily drivers. 9n3 Polo is about to be sold. Mk2 GTI will be the car i'm buried in

  • Kia Cerato

  • 1983 Mazda 626 Coupe
    1989 Mazda MX-6 4WS Turbo
    1994 Subaru Impreza GX
    2003 Subaru Liberty RX
    2008 Subaru Liberty 3.0RB (current)

  • 1992 Toyota Celica. My first car. Owned for 15 years. Sweet pop-up headlights. Nearly 400,000kms. Needs about $10k repairs done on it apparently…

  • 2015 Subaru WRX Premium

  • +2

    A Dual Fuel BA Falcon XT which has over 507,000KM on it. I've had it since I was 18 and I'm turning 31 as of tomorrow.

    • Nice! It's rare these days that people hold on to their cars and get good mileage out of them

  • 2016 Holden Cruze SRI Z

    Fun car to drive due to how quick it is while still being a very practical car.

    Looking for an affordable SUV currently for the wife.