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[Back Order] Seagate 14TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive $301.78 + Shipping (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Very likely a listing error — return postage to Amazon UK is at your own upfront cost.

Cheapest ive HDD's for a while now at $21.55/TB
Im unsure if this amazon listing is correct as the technical details say 14TB but also shows details for a 6TB HDD.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Could you shuck this?

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      You can shuck me anytime. ;)

      • Winner, winner

      • obby

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      Yes:Exos X16 7200rpm 256MB inside

      • so this is ideal for a NAS then?

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          The Exos line is more than ideal for a NAS, they're enterprise grade.

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          You only run Exos drives as a standalone drive. It has no NAS features in the firmware. It was designed for enterprise datacenter stuff. But it can also be used fine for home use which is why Seagate shoved these into these external enclosures. Just be aware that these Exos hard drives are loud. Kind of like how the WD Black 3.5" hard drives are loud. It's factory fine tuned for file access performance.

          The Seagate Ironwolf drives is the one designed for NAS.

        • No it's terrible, you want a 5400rpm in a NAS. 7200's run hotter, for what reason? Slightly faster.

          NAS is about big, reliable, cool, quiet box you hide in the house, 7200rpm disks are redunant now, get an SSD for speed.
          Used loved 7200's before SSDs were invented, now it's just silly, noisier, hotter.

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            @hamwhisperer: NAS are about whatever you want it to be. If you don't mind the noise or slightly higher temps (not that it would affect things much anyway, the temps would be more sensitive to case airflow anyway).

            One solid reason for faster speeds is in the event of a disk failure, high speeds means faster rebuilds and less time in a vulnerable state.

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    Item model, STKP6000400, is 6TB. Order it, and you'll receive a 6TB model.

    • Title mentioned as 14TB
      Anything wrong with expectation would probably go refund process.
      Guess nothing to lose but only time to hold your fund if it goes in such way?

      The best you get a 14TB

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    Comes up as 6TB if you search up the ASIN number on Amazon UK

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      ‎Item Model Number STKP6000400 also indicate 6T version

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    And remember with Amazon UK, if you need to return it's at your cost and when they receive it they will refund. So be prepared.

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      If the item is not the one described, isn't the seller responsible for return post?

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        Another poster has said that they got a NSW postage address so I think it's changed as mine went to the UK directly. You probably can get a pre-paid label now but will still need to wait for the return to complete before getting you $300 back.

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          That's fair. They need to check you actually sent the item back not just a couple blocks of wood.
          But they shouldn't be charging for return post if the item is faulty or a different product to that described.

          • @FireRunner: My previous hdd return label wouldn't scan at post office so Amazon told me to keep it.

        • I recently returned a AN1500 to Amazon UK, which is another constant error.
          Amazon Au provided a Auspost return label for free lodgment it will post to a NSW address. then Amazon will relay it to Amazon UK fulfill centre. Then you got your full refund. but in my case, after 5 weeks, it was still in transaction… So I email Amazon AU, and then released the refund, as this passed some 4 week return period …

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    This has been happening a lot lately with graphics cards as well. What the hell is going on? Is it a scam?

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      Worker protest?

  • Also out of sto ck.

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    Search by model, you get 6TB + 14TB Showing up. Search by ASIN, the 14TB shows up. Title says 14TB but description says 6. Probably an error on their side, and probably not worth jumping on it.

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      esp since its not delivered from Amazon AU but UK

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    Phew, thanks everyone for checking! Would've hit the bullet just by reading the title.

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    I'm tempted to give it a go because the headline says 14TB, surely if the wrong thing arrives consumer law would cover us? An incredible price if you do get it…

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      You let us know how that goes, yeah?

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      Yeah, that's not how consumer law works. It would only protect you as far as it's the incorrect product and they would then refund you. They don't have to send you a 14Tb drive.

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        Sorry, I might have been unclear - that's what I meant. If the 6TB version arrives (which I admit is more likely than not), I could contact Amazon, point out that the listing said 14TB, and return the drive to them for a refund.

        I haven't seen a drive this large for a price this good for a while, so I wonder if it's worth the risk (knowing that I might have to do a return)? @tm001 below was told by Amazon support that the drive is 14TB?

        Surprised at how easy it was to get negs! Thought OzB was into chasing the risky price error bargains :p

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          The last time I needed to return to Amazon UK, I needed to pay the postage and it was refunded when the package was received. That may have changed, but just be prepared to pay for the return postage.

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            @jaymzrsa: That's a good tip. I'd be willing to fight for free returns under consumer law but it looks like I'm almost guaranteed both a 6TB drive and then spend a lot of time fighting, so I'm losing enthusiasm…

            • @tombarbera: It is, they will refund the return, once they receive it in good condition.

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          You will get a 6TB and you will have to return it and wait for about 1 month time to get your money back. I've done couple of times and lessens learned.
          Amazon use ASIN for product identification and the one on that page is 6TB model

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            @Ca1vin: agree, another Amazon ASIN error.

      • +1

        Heading says 14TB. Capacity described as 6TB. Not sure how ACL would support you.
        And yes 14tb for $300 is sooo preChia

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    Bought and then canceled it. Not gonna play the return game.

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    Just got off the chat with the Amazon support - They confirmed I should receive 14TB HDD. If not, I will get a refund. Will see.

    • Do you need to send the item back to get refund ?

    • Thats promising, you might get a 14 TB drive out of it even if they send you a 6TB, since you have the proof. Let us know how it goes.

      • Received 6TB HDD. Called Amazon, got a return label, return it (no cost to me) and got refund plus $10 voucher.

  • My last 14TB was a WD for the same price. I think I’ll pass this time.

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    You will get a 6TB and you will need to return and get refund. You can argue with the customer service and you will get a $20 amazon credit as compensation.

    • I don't think it is worth it as not guarantee you will get the credit and it may harm your return rate.

    • You were absolutely right - I ordered three, received them today - all were 6Tb. Amazon sent me a return label.

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    UK return is a hassle as others mentioned. The return label is NSW address but have to wait for it to get to UK. Had trouble at post office in getting the tracking scanned and once they finally figured out how there was very little in tracking details, so you don't get to track when it finally arrives back in UK.

    I am pretty certain that it is 6TB based on Amazon UK page with the same ID - https://www.amazon.co.uk/SEAGATE-Expansion-Desktop-External-...

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      This is good detective work! This is perhaps more compelling that Amazon chat support, who I don't have much faith in..

      • +3

        Thanks, I am not going through the hassles again after this one, lol - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/630850

        Another thing that helps is when looking up on the Amazon UK page is to set address as UK address so you can see the seller/price details correctly.

        Amazon AU really need to add the "Report incorrect product information." to product pages like they have on some of their international sites.

  • -3

    What do we need so much space for these days? Cloud services, streaming,etc isn't working?

    • +10

      Linux distros

      • Please explain. Thanks

        • +3

          "Linux distros" is code / an internet way of saying torrents (e.g. TV, movies)

    • +6

      4K videos…

      • +2

        4K VR videos…

    • +5

      Plex Server

    • +3

      Cloud services are not free, and upload speed (especially on FTTN/B) is not that fast. Having a home server provides a convenient way to offload things like photos, backup devices etc.

      Also great for home Plex server if you're into that sort of thing.

    • +2

      Cloud Services? The day I'll be using them is when hell freezes over.
      Streaming Services? See Cloud Services.

  • Personally I don't store anything on cloud services. Less risk of account/data breaches that way. Also I don't do much in the way of streaming, instead I keep everything stored locally on a couple of NASes. Hence the need for so much space.

    • +1

      I was in the same boat. I am still doing secondary backup to Onedrive from my Synology. You can encrypt your data using Synology cloud sync.

    • What happens to your data if your house goes up in flames?

      • What happens to your data "in cloud" if you forget to pay?

  • I am thinking to convert my old laptop to budget nas with 2 x 4TB 2.5" sata. Are all the shuckable hdds are 3.5 or some of the models are 2.5? If so can anyone point out the good model? Thanks

    • ~I don't know of any external drive that doesn't use a regular internal drive inside, so it's all shuckable. Only thing to ask is, can you put it back together if needed and will whatever machine I am using have the correct voltage to power the drive without having to do any pin shenanigans with the 3.3v rail. Some external drives have the new 3.3v rail and if you are using an old machine it might not be able to turn the drive on. ~

      Edit: Actually, looks like quite a few 2.5" solder the USB-Sata to the drive. I take it all back :-)

      • Cheers mate, I'll dig into bit more to find shuckable 2.5" hdd

        • All 4TB 2.5" are 15mm thick drives.

          • @DainB: So of I shuck let say STEA4000400, does that mean it they won't fit to laptop's slot? I am not using the attached keyboard anyway, I can live it that

            • @Cpt Archer: I don't know if 15mm drives fit into your laptop slot or not, I'm just saying that they're thicker than standard 9mm drives. The highest capacity 9mm drive you can get is 2TB and they're not exactly good for any mirror use.

              • @DainB: Thanks, I wasn't sure about standard thicknesses of 2.5" disc's

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    Ok after some detective work, I think this may actually be the 14TB model.

    Model listed STKP6000400 (hence 6TB HOWEVER this is an older model that has been supersceded, see next)

    Newer 6TB is Seagate STEB6000403 6TB listed at only $185

    Now there is another 14TB drive listed as STKP14000402 at $498

    This might suggest the older version likely STKP14000400 has been discontinued and hence reduced.

    All in all, I still wouldn't risk the potential was of time/postage funds in case it is a grossly overpriced 6TB older drive.

    • +1

      You got it backwards

      STEB6000403 is the older model, Amazon has it listed as first available in 2018. It also has the old triangle pattern on the enclosure. Data sheet from Seagate has a 2018 copyright.
      STKP6000400 is the new model with the stripe (matte?) enclosure. Data sheet from Seagate has a 2021 copyright.

  • +2

    Damn, was excited for a sec. What happened to 10tb+ external prices, been waiting for afew months for decent deal, use to get them every few weeks.

  • -3

    thanks op ordered 30

    • You greedy checks Amazon will not give refunds for that many quantity

  • Damn. Out of stock at moment. Was excited to order one.

  • This or NAS, which one is better for storing pictures automatically, files, plex etc ?

    • Nas is good for using while storing
      Otherwise if only storing then any disk is good

    • You'll need these for your NAS

      NAS means 'Network Attached Storage', it's just storage you can access from the network. You can plug these into your Windows box and turn on file sharing and could call it a NAS (I guess) — but ideally it's a dedicated box, maybe with a nice interface, and you've got them formatted ZFS and with some redundancy so when you inevitably lose a drive you don't lose all your data.

  • very cheap

    • +1

      Link? The listing is showing as out of stock.

  • im interested to see what people actually receive in a weeks time

  • +1

    Just checked the listing again, as suspected it is a 6TB which Amazon has now updated. Someone also confirmed in the review section that they received the 6TB one.

  • +4

    Hi, all

    I ordered three, they arrived today and….they were ALL 6Tb drives! See https://imgur.com/a/QQdZtsG

    Amazon gave me a return label, so at least I can return for a full refund and am not having to pay return shipping fees. It was worth a try!

  • Just out of curiosity
    How would these returned stocks from UK be treated?
    As we could find the news of waste by Amazon, do they really ship these HDD back to UK…?
    Or how would they do on these returns…?

    Anyone from Amazon AU can explain? XD

  • Can anyone who received 6tb instead of 14tb confirm whether or not '14tb' was listed on the invoice? My invoice states 14tb and I've been assured that's what I will get — obviously that doesn't mean much!

    • +1

      I think everyone who made the order for 14 tb (that is 14 tb stated in the order history) got 6 tb. I’m waiting for mine which just got shipped. Based on what I heard from everyone, i’m prepared to return them.

  • Got my drives today and they are all 6TB in size rip have to send them back now not worth it

  • Received ine today, 6TB drive like everone else has confirmed.

  • got HDD today and asked for / was given a return label. no postage needed.