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Nintendo Switch Console Monster Hunter Rise Edition + Zelda Skyward Sword HD $549.99 Delivered @ Gametraders Rouse Hill


Hey guys, 1st post here!
I have just ordered this and thought it was worth sharing, $549.99 with free post
Eb Games has sold out of the console so great chance to grab before they stop selling them New in shops

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Gametraders Rouse Hill
Gametraders Rouse Hill

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    Think most people would be better off with the OLED model at this price

  • This is not a bargain. Maybe to you. It maybe cheaper to get the standard version as the bundle is just overpriced.

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      Try telling that to the thousands of people snapping up Animal Crossing special editions a few months ago

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        True. But this one is a bit plain in comparison, so not as in demand.

      • That’s because the Animal Crossing one was cool as hell..

        • -1

          Was it? Water cooling? Better fan?

  • Not sure why my comment was flagged as an affiliate link… but this is available at Amazon/JB for $539…

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      Does it include both console and game?

      • If you're referring to the Monster Hunter Rise Switch and Monster Hunter Rise game then yes.

        If its the Zelda Skyward sword game then no

        On a side note I scored the Monster hunter rise switch edition console for $280.

        Scored it of FB marketplace used but near new

        • Well if it's $10 more for Zelda then you might as well go with these guys.
          However, it's still too high for what it is imo.
          Sounds like a steal you scored on FB, was the digital game already redeemed? Still great price even if it was

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            @FireRunner: well the funny thing is the guy didnt use his digital code and bought the game separately lol.

  • Cheapest for this console is $539 at jb hifi,
    so you get a $69 game for $10 and free post.
    Great deal as a collector imo

  • Sell the game for $50 -$60 and you get the console effectively for $490 - $500

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      What still very expensive….

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    Monster hunter rise is not a good game. Better off to get the standard version and save some money for more games.

    • For me this is not to play, to keep brand new and store away for years (:

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      What did you not like about the game? Just curious

  • Im holding out for Steam Deck that should be coming out late this year (DEC).

    For those who dont know anything about it, Linus did a hands on demo for ~22min