This was posted 9 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Weekend Access to 7000+ Technology Skill Courses @ Pluralsight


We’re unlocking our technology skills platform and making our 7,000+ expert-led video courses, 30+ interactive courses and 20+ projects free for one weekend only.

So get your work zone ready for some serious skill development. It’s time to take advantage of our Skills platform free for three glorious days. 

Your free Pluralsight Skills access will expire Sunday, August 15at 11.59 p.m. MT

(Monday, August 16 at 03.59 pm AEST)

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Referee gets 50% off 1st month or 15% annually. Referrer gets 1 month free.

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  • +6

    Is it just me or is it really difficult to find out what these courses are without having to sign in first?
    I won't have time over a weekend to complete any course but am curious to find out what is offered without giving up email address.

    • +1

      Yeah it seems like a marketing stunt. No one (even with lockdown going in some states) would be able to finish a course over a weekend.

    • Throw away Email address works

  • Same problem. Just tried Google “ pluralsight courses” and found

  • Content and presentation is bad

    • not worth it ? pls elaborate, thanks.

      • +1

        Content seems patchy. They were good when they were TrainSignal. I prefer CBT Nuggets. More expensive for full library access USD 599 per year. Worth it if work pays for it.
        Awesome trainers with Lab access where required.

  • $199USD per year isn't too bad I spose. Seems like some decent courses

  • +1

    They had a free month last year. Did a couple of courses. Thought the presentation, explanations and content were good. There were also suggested learning paths through the stream you were interested in, if I'm remembering correctly. So say, compared to udemy, it's more professional and structured and you can understand what they're saying. And it doesn't seem like they've just ripped the content from their uni course or web.

  • For those who have a free account, you need to activate the offer to access all areas for free.

  • Lockdown goals

  • I looked through some of these - they won't teach you more than a book on the topic would.

  • They make it such a pain in the ass to even access 1 video. Sign up, fill a bunch of shit, then wait to active the offer. Active the offer and it still doesn't work. Back to udemy I guess

  • Did a full C++ course, thank you!

  • Expired? getting "The link is not valid at this time."

    • Still working for me… but it won't be long.. it's due to expire in 80+ mins

      • Yeah I know… Wanted to take advantage while possible. Bummer.

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