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30% off 200g Bags Limited Edition Blazin HOT Beef Jerky $21 (Was $30) $8 Shipping @ Viking Jerky


Finally, your prayers have been answered - We have created BLAZIN HOT

It is somewhere in between Geronimo Jerkys Blazin and Flamin arrow.

After a bazillion emails requesting we do Geronimo's extra hot flavours, we have acquired the key ingredient from overseas and have a limited supply of 150 200g bags of "BLAZIN HOT".

Offer is 30% off all 200g bags using codeword **lockdown30" VikingJerky(vikingjerky.com.au) with flat shipping rate of $8.
This also gives you discount for our other flavours.

Odins Original (traditional jerky)
The Kraken (cracked pepper) aka BuckShot
Berserk Barbeque aka Spicy Shaman
Valhalla Habanero aka award winning Sidewinder

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    Free shipping and I'll bite

  • +5

    Haha the timing of the post.

    Think you'll find some apprehension for jerky posts for a few weeks dude

    • +1

      Yeah I'm still waiting on mine, apparently it's on the way…

  • +3

    …oh god. way too soon for another jerky deal!

  • Ozbargain sure loves a good jerky deal

  • Postage time on this one? I am feeling so burnt on Jerky deals after that Doctor Procter deal…

    • What happened with Doctor Proctor?
      We will be using Sendle and all orders will be booked out to leave Wednesday.

      • +1

        They took too many orders and did not fulfill them in a timely way. I cannot remember how long it has been exactly but I am still waiting for my Jerky about a month later…

        If they had said it would be so long instead of implying it would be quick I would not feel so burnt.

    • Good question … my first order took more than a month …I put in another order as soon as it arrived after assurances my experience was uncommon … 2 weeks now and no advice on shipping.

      That’s fine, but most other organisations communicate with their customers in a more timely manner.

      I think they need to be clear about fulfilment times and work to keeping them.

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    protein 69.1% per 100g
    Sodium 750mg per 100g
    Sugar 0.4 per 100g

    Higher protein is a great indication of quality of meat.
    Lower protein levels in other jerky's indicate poor quality of beef and fillers being used.

  • Is it halal by any chance?

    • +1

      The beef provided to us is halal

    • +1

      Racist ozbargain downvotes a bloke simply asking if he can buy the product for religious reasons.

  • +1

    No offense, but even with your discount, it is still very expensive. You charge more than $10 per 100g, and that does not take into account shipping, and you don't have any reputation to make it justified. There are no reviews on Google, just your handpicked reviews on your website.

    • +1

      No offence taken Mistredo,

      We have had great feedback from ozbargainers on our facebook and instagram accounts as well as emails.

      Our product is expensive, but it is also proper jerky using 100% Australian beef. You can tell we use a great quality, lean cut of beef not skimping on quality just by the protein 69.1/100g Viking Jerky is also all natural with no artificial preservatives or flavouring and using less salt than most other jerkies.
      3 kilos of Australian Beef reduces down to 1kilo of Viking Jerky. A lot of beef jerky business’s say it is jerky but in a lot of causes it is just biltong.
      Look at other beef jerky business’s-Look at their nutritional panel and check out the protein, sugars, salts, carbs and all the extra items that you have never heard off.
      I could go on with labour, packaging, ingredient, power, leasing and so on…..
      We don’t want to cut corners and give you a cheap inferior product, we will leave that to other fly by beef jerky business’s that only last for a year 😊
      We plan on staying for the long haul………….

      • +1

        Thanks for your reply. Maybe, my point was you have no Google reviews, you have only six reviews on Facebook. There are no pictures of the actual product. There are not that many responses in your previous deal except one mentioning a sore jaw. I guess that explains the high amount of protein as it must be very dry. So it is not very convincing. The only part where you could be convincing is price, but you are charging what the industry is charging. I could justify the price if the product is really good, but at this point, there is nothing that would convince me, sorry.

        • +2

          Thank you Mistredo, Hopefully anyone that has tried us will come forward and make comment.
          Have a great weekend. :-)

          • -1

            @VikingJerky: Ozbargainers can be pretty fickle and quite vocal about it. It's a decent deal and a lot of people on here have zero idea about business and how (shock) some people have overheads and actually want to make a living.

            You handled it well :-)

            • +1

              @krunchymoses: It is Ozbargain not Ozbuying. If you're a new business most people understand the benefits offering cheap prices to attract long term customers.

              Geronimo has a reputation on here for quality when they existed not Viking.. yet maybe we'll see stronger deals in the future.

              • @RoeJogan: Have some love for a business trying to get by. Everyone's all about supporting small business until they have to get their credit card out.

                But I see your point.

              • @RoeJogan: I miss the stampede flavour from those guys so much

    • That's why the doctor one got sold out and was very popular despite the postage time. At the end of day, most consumers if not all look at the price, receiving a bit late probably doesn't hurt that much at the end. Definitely will try this one if there are further discount. I'm sure other ozbargainers will try if insane prices were offered even without the reviews.

  • +2

    I do appreciate opinions and feedback, it is how small business's grow and during these really hard times it helps us better serve our customers.
    @Mistredo, I didnt read your comment before it got unpublished but I do understand what you are saying previously. We do want to bring a quality service as well as a superior product to everyone and hope feedback will come overtime on our google page.
    Have a great weekend.

    • It was the same comment I left above, it was duplicated.

  • -1

    I just want to give Viking Tony a big shout-out for his amazing effort on those perfect jerkies, I bought some BLAZIN HOT and some VALHALLA HABENERO, it really hit the spot for me, it's not only perfectly replicated the recipe of the geronimo jerky but it tastes lighter and not as salty! I am very thankful and happy and I found this jerky or maybe the jerky found me.
    I have to say, consider small craft kitchen the cost of making those jerkies ain't going to be cheap, so the retail price is not cheap but it is worth it!. I hope the business can one day scale up like D.jays jerky where with more customers things gets cheaper.

    but I will be a return customer to Viking jerky time and time and time again.

    I am associated with Viking Jerky and not paid by them to say this. just a honest jerky fan want give some good Feedback to a great starter business.

  • Two weeks since I ordered - how long is everyone else’s order taking?

  • @chops Most orders are out and final ones leave tomorrow. As mentioned in email we are scaling up and have invested $$ in a packing machine that once assembled will do what 3 workers pack in a week, in four hours.

    I must admit I was not aware of the power of ozbargain and how many orders we would get. I will next time have precooks so we will have an abundance of supply instead of trying to have it super fresh for you. I precooked Blazin but we received a huge amount of orders for everything else.

    Thank you, Tony

    • Still not sure you get it Tony … the long lead time would not matter so much if you simply communicated with your customers in order to set realistic expectations … claiming that orders have gone out, when they haven’t is not a good look and destroys customer faith in your service. Talk to Mark Hoyle, he was an expert in avoiding customers and it ultimately killed Geronimo.

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