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Ryobi 18V 1.5Ah / 5.0Ah ONE+ Impact Driver Kit $149 @ Bunnings


Was $229 down to $149

  • Ideal for driving long screws and bolts
  • Includes ONE+ charger and 2 ONE+ batteries
  • Rotary impact mechanism generates greater torque for higher performance

Power through the toughest driving applications with the RYOBI Ryobi 18V 1.5Ah / 5.0Ah ONE+ Impact Driver Kit. The rotary impact mechanism produces greater torque and performance than your average drill driver. So if you’re working with heavy materials or driving long bolts and screws, you’ll have the power to get the job done right. Included with each kit is an 18V ONE+ charger and dual ONE+ batteries, so you can get straight into the job at hand. For a tough solution to the trickiest driving jobs, add the RYOBI Ryobi 18V 1.5Ah / 5.0Ah ONE+ Impact Driver Kit to your tool collection today.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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    A 5.0Ah Ryobi battery alone costs that much ($149) - although there's a 5.0Ah battery and charger combo for $149 or 2 x 5.0Ah batteries for $199. This looks like pretty good deal, even if you just want the batteries and charger……. and a great deal if you want/need the lot

    • I'd buy the 3rd party 5Ah batteries from Amazon. I have a few of them to supplement my brand name batteries

      • +3

        How long have you had them? Mine went downhill after about a year.
        I also decided it was not worth the risk of burning down the house in case I got a dodgy one.

        • Ok not That long!!!

        • I've got some 9ah and 5ah third party batteries. The longest I've had for 18 months. No hassles at this stage, in fact I've been very impressed.

          I originally purchased one for the casing and circuit board with the intent of having to rebuild the cells but no need at this stage.

      • What’s good ones off Amazon as my Robbi 1.5 are dead
        Also anyone know if u can recover them?

    • +1

      2x 5.0Ah batteries is $199 RRP from bunnings, cheaper on amazon/ebay, so not really the best comparison.

      • yeah bunnings is really pushing the battery promo, ryobi ends everywhere. 2x5 for $129 would be a better deal though, $100 for a low-mid range brand battery is a bit rich….

    • +2

      I have bought kits before and sold the parts that I don't want on FB marketplace. I give them a copy of the receipts too incase they want to claim warranty.

      • Yep. Do that too.

    • This isn't a good way to work out dollar values on power tools. For example DeWalt battery chargers retail for $139 but I struggle to sell them brand new for $35. 5ah DeWalt batteries RRP $149, yet I $90 is the realistic market value.

      No one pays RRP on skins, chargers, batteries because kits are always so much cheaper, or they offer promotions like "free battery via redemption"

      • great insight thanks, my ancient hitachi stuff has recently crapped it so looking at getting into the ryobi set but will look at some of the other brands and kits thanks to this insight, I dont see ryobi having too many of those promotions lately?

    • Isn't the charger that comes with the 5Ah battery for $149 a compact fast charger where as this one is just a regular charger?

      • +1

        Lithium batteries generally last longer when they're charged slower, an advantage of the regular charger.

  • +1

    Is that the type of tool I need to replace stuck bolts on the mower blades?

    • +5

      a spanner, WD40 and some elbow grease would do the job unless you're going to need/use impact driver for other purposes

      • +3

        Does Bunnings sell elbow grease?

        • I think they might even sell blinker fluid too

          • @USER DC: Just dont get it in your eyes as it will cause uncontrollable blinking

    • I think would need to get an impact wrench, this one is a impact driver to drive in screws/bolts I believe.

      • +2

        This will work 95% the same

      • +2

        You can get an adapter to make it a 1/2" square drive just like an impact wrench… cost about $5 at Bunnings.

        • Edit… but it wont have as much torque like Dog says.
          I was after an impact tool to do wheel nuts and got the Ozito brushless impact wrench (215Nm) as basic level impact drivers dont seem to be intended for that kind of use. Ozito warranty was another reason for the choice.
          The wrench, fast charger and 4ah battery came to $173.

        • Just a note - I have this model impact drill and it came in one of those 4 tool kits. It does come with an adapter (at least it did in my kit) for that purpose.

    • +1

      Not as much torque.

    • yeah, this impact driver was enough for me to get the blades off when they wouldnt budge with a spanner.

    • +2

      remember to unplug the spark plug if you do!

  • +1

    Anybody know if this comes with some sort of carry case?

    • +14

      Given your username you could use the box that it comes in ;-)

      • +14

        Given your username….it's the vanilla response I was expecting! ;-)

  • +2

    The skin only version has dropped from $149 to $119 too, in case someone doesn’t want two batteries for $30 :-p

    • That's a different driver, looks a bit more robust.

    • +2

      The $119 skin only one has 220Nm torque and the one in the kit has 180Nm according to the Ryobi site.

      • +4

        Looks like Ryobi have 5 different impact drivers at the moment.
        The one in this kit is the cheapest at $99 skin only.
        Then there's the one mentioned above which has 3 speed profiles (basically you can hard limit the max speed/torque rather than needing a steady trigger finger).
        At $219 (only available as a kit including a 4Ah battery and charger) there is the new HP (high performance) brushless one Ryang links below.
        At $199 there is the new four speed HP brushless which is their top model currently as well as their older (non-HP) brushless one which at this price I'd probably avoid (although could be an alright deal if it got a $50 price drop?).

        If you want a better quality driver at decent value my pick is the $219 kit but this is very good value if you're after first party batteries.

        • Thanks for the run down on the impact drivers. I was initially going to get the 3-mode impact and 2x 5ah batteries. But the $219 HP brushless looks the goods.

        • +1

          I’ve been waiting for the brushless, but I didn’t notice the difference between the two units. Thanks to you and xywolap for digging into the details!!

        • @alexjb - noob question what is the difference btween brushless impact driver & the normal impact driver as this deal mentioned by OP ?

          • +2

            @dajiska: "Drivers with brushless motors are somewhat more expensive, but also more efficient and powerful, while generating less heat and having longer battery run time between charges. Finally, consider choosing a model with variable speed so you can harness more or less torque depending on how hard you squeeze the trigger."

        • I already have a makita impact driver, which is great enough for me to do the usual screw driving. But it is not good enough for automotive purposes (getting wheel nuts and brake calipers off etc)

          Would the $219 kit you mention be good for that purpose, or getting the $189 impact wrench be the better choice?

        • once you get close to $200 Id suggest you're better off moving to dewalt unless you're already deeply committed to the ryobi system.
          Dewalt 3spd driver, charger and 5ah battery are frequently available for $220 or less. The batteries are better and the tool is built for everyday trade use.

  • Is this a brushless impact driver?
    I'm mainly after an impact driver. Not sure if I buy this or the ozito one posted here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/644049. Any suggestions please.

  • +1

    cheers great deal. Was gonna get the 5Ah battery + a whipper snipper. Now I got a drill too for the same price :)

  • Thanks OP. When looking at this deal I also spotted this - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-one-2-0ah-drill-driver.... Is that also a good deal? And would there be a case to get both, or just the impact driver posted here?

  • +2

    Any deals on drill drivers or a set

  • Noob question but does a 5ah battery deliver more power than a 2.5ah or just power for longer?

    • +6

      In simple terms, 5ah has twice the runtime of 2.5ah

      Think 2.5L bucket of water vs 5L bucket of water.

      For high power devices, 5ah packs a harder punch in addition to the runtime.

    • +1

      It delivers more power, as well as power for longer.

      Some tools like the pole saw and circular saw don't work well with the 2.5Ah batteries.

      • Whats the 1.5ah work with then?

        • +2

          I think the 1.5ah is for smaller jobs and ease of handling. Remember the bigger the capacity, the bigger the battery.

          I saw an impact wrench (which needs hellot more than the driver) kit having 1.5ah and 5ah battery in one kit.

          • +2

            @sh4hp: Yep, this.

            The 1.5 battery is great with the drill, because it's small and light.
            But if you put the 1.5 battery into the circular saw, you'll find you won't be able to cut hardwood - the blade just stops.

            • @Nom: Can confirm, was kindly given a set of Ryobi gear with 2.5 batteries. Circular saw is next to useless with the 2.5 - so keen for the 5ah battery from this bundle.

  • noobie here, can you set the nM on impact drivers

    • Nm yeah. but with the one posted here (or the general single speed ones), the trigger is your controller. The harder you squeeze, the higher the Nm, up to the maximum it can output.

      If overdriving is a concern, get the three speed one. $60 more but higher max torque.

  • Noob question here…. I believe this is used for screws and bolts but can I use this to drill holes on plasters or garage wall?

    • btw I'm now using IKEA one which works ok. Is this a huge upgrade from the IKEA one?

    • +4

      This isn't a drill, it doesn't have a chuck to attach drill bits to. It's a driver and you use standard sized bits like phillips head and you drive in screws, etc.

      • https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/rockwell-shopseries-rock...


        Do you recommend these? What's the difference between the first and the second other than price and removeable battery.

        • +3

          I would not recommend either, as it has a low torque, hence might not get through too hard a material. What's your garage wall made from?

          Why not get this instead?


          It has three times the Nm, and the battery is interchangeable with the other Ozito items, if you decide to get more Ozito stuff.

          • @sh4hp: Thanks for the advice, I plan to use it to drill a small hole at the back of the car to wire a reverse camera.

            • +2

              @htc: Yeah, the ozito will work great for that, and more.

              I usually drill slow (like go in a few mm every minute) and put tape to protect the paint for body works.

                • +2

                  @htc: Any rounded/hex headed bit will work, so yes it will.

                  • @sh4hp: Thanks sh4hp for answering all my questions. I almost got persuaded by the positive reviews to get the supercheapauto drill.

                    • +1

                      @htc: No worries.

                      For what it's worth, the reviews are made by people who got the drill and is happy with it. And at that price point, understandably so.

                      Just that with the choices that is available, getting the Ozito is the better option.

      • You can however get a chuck that goes into this driver to turn it into a drill…

    • +1

      You can, but you'll need a drill bit with a hex shank.


      Or something like this if you already have the normal bits

      GYROS Keyless Mini Adaptor Drill Chuck | ¼ Inch Hex Shank | 0 Inch to .039 Inch Capacity for Micro Drill Bits No. 60-80 | For Cordless Screwdrivers, Drills, and Power DIY Tools (45-01401) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08TB6J7Z1/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

      • Thanks mate

        • +3

          Note that even with those adaptors, this is still not a drill. It won't spin anywhere near as quickly.

          If you want to drill holes, buy a drill.
          If you want to screw things then buy this.

          • +1

            @Nom: I agree. Each tool has it's own use.

            Makes drilling and screwing jobs quicker as well, with two tools.

            But it is a hand tool in the end. Heck I grew up using a drill for everything. Drilling, screwing, boring, polishing etc.

  • Good price, keep in mind the more powerful and compact hp series are hopefully due in australia soon. I've just ordered a new hp impact driver from ebay (us seller) for 140.. good if you already have batteries etc

    • Bunnings appear to have all the HP stuff now, check the website. We'll, they've got all the stuff Ryobi AU say they should…

      • Cheers had no idea !!

  • Noob question, I want to mount a wireless doorbell bracket into brick, but then also be able to drill into interior walls for picture frame hooks, what drill specs do I need to look out for to get the right one for the job? Will this kit do it?

    • +3

      To drill into walls and hang things on walls (assuming your walls are plaster) this will be fine.
      To drill into brick you’ll need a hammer drill.

      • +3

        and masonry drill bits.

      • That very much depends on the brick and how much patience you have. I've drilled many holes in my walls with very cheap drivers. Sure a better tool would be better, but if you're going to use this 95% for it's intended purpose and 5% for drilling holes into masonry then you'll probably be fine.

    • +4

      For drilling holes you should get a drill driver not an impact driver like this post.

      Drill driver: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-one-2-0ah-drill-driver...

      A drill driver can hold drill bits with it's adjustable chuck and can also drive screws with a screw bit.

      For small holes into brick you can use a regular drill, it won't be as fast as a hammer drill but it will work.

      You will need to get masonary drill bits though.

      • +1

        And remember to cool it down every few seconds.

        Dip it in water (no, it won't break it) to avoid overheating during drilling.

        Or, if you have a helper, ask that person to squirt water into the hole continuously.

        It might take a while, and quite a bit of force, but you'll get there.

    • I am doing that too - for the new Nest Doorbell and Nest Cams!

      You need a hammer drill and masonry bits. Apparently the cheap drills are okay but you need to get decent masonry bits. I ordered a cheap corded hammer drill from Bunnings for about $35 and a set of masonry bits for $45. From the reviews, the cheaper cordless hammer drills lack power, so I figured a corded model would be best.

    • If you're not gonna be drilling into brick often a cheap hammer drill will do. I installed a eufy doorbell with a $20 black and decker corded hammer drill from SCA and craftright masonry drill bit set for about $10. Did the job no issues.

  • Stock is dwindling fast. All my local stores are now sold out.

  • I'm clueless when it comes to power tools but is ryobi the only brand where you can switch batteries for other tools? Also can I use this to drill screws/bolts into walls/wood/plaster? How does it work, do I need to buy extra drill bits so I can attach screws (that I'm using to drill into things) to the drill or am I good to go out of the box? Appreciate any tips.

    • is ryobi the only brand where you can switch batteries for other tools?
      No. They all do it now. Batteries are unique to their brand usually. Bosch battery wont work in Ryobi etc..
      Also can I use this to drill screws/bolts into walls/wood/plaster?
      Yes, as long as they are not concrete or brick.
      do I need to buy extra drill bits so I can attach screws

  • -1

    The way i see it, i will only ever need this when changing tyres on my car, chances are that when I do need to change tyres (possibly when I'm on the road) this tool wont be with me, and its likely that it will be thrown in the trash after a few years collecting dust. So why is it that I've already added to cart and my mouse is hovering over the "Pay now" button?

    • Impact wrenches are typically used to undo lug nuts not drivers. These are handy for drilling longer screws etc.

    • +1

      For on the road this is what you need. Read the reviews from 4x4 enthusiasts…$60 delivered

      • well you can get the ryobi 12v car chargers, and the ryobi cordless angle grinder is also sometimes a 4x4 enthusiasts best friend ;), seriously though those ones you linked are kinda crap in the way they work and certainly wont last any where near as long (I know because I have one). They use a type of centrifugal hammer system where it spins up to speed then the centrifugal force causes it to 'jam up' which puts the entire tool under an enormous amount of stress and they tend to break somewhat easily.

  • Nice, my one+ charger just carked it so this is timed nicely!

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