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Desktop PC with Intel Core i9-9900KF, Gigabyte Z390 Motherboard, RTX 3080, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD $2799 + Delivery @ BPC Tech


First post so please be gentle.
Looks like a reasonable for a today's standard "budget" full build for a 3080.
Might be worth reaching out to upgrade the motherboard and to a 240 AIO.
Kraken Power RTX 3080,i9-9900KF,Gigabyte Z390,16GB DDR4 3200,1TB NVMe SSD, Corsair CX750F White 80 Plus, Corsair iCUE 220T case $2799

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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    Solid deal

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    It's is a LHR card btw.

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      The target audience for a prebuilt pc isnt exactly crypto miners..

      • -13

        Why not?

        I bought the last BPCTech 3080 deal and am mining on average 23.5 hours a day/7 days a week whilst I'm not gaming with it.

        Has netted me $8-10AUD/day in capital gains so far, after electricity costs.

        • Can you still get non LHR models in 3070 or even 3080 and can nvidia just throttle the HR with driver updates?

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          Dayum nice returns. Mining Btc? Have you tuned your system?

        • Just out of curiosity, roughly how much in electricity costs per day?

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          Pretty large compromise to buy a high end gpu only to be able to actually use it for gaming for 30 minutes a day… lol. Those ROI's are easily achievable with any mining rig especially due to the second wind in the crypto market where i assume most of your gains are from. My point being, people who are actually mining crypto seriously will not be looking for something like this.

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            @leehyun: It’s great if you’re only a casual gamer who otherwise couldn’t justify the cost of any gaming PC if it wasn’t for the ability to pay it off through mining. For the small amount of gaming I do, I get to play at ultra settings at essentially no out of pocket after a few months of ownership. It does help if you have solar which I do

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            @leehyun: I play league of legends mostly and can actually play it with no change in performance while still mining

          • @leehyun: It's an "average" of 30 minutes a day. I might only game once a week for 3.5 hours. That's still an average 30 minutes a day.

            It's not a large compromise at all.
            It's free money.

            I had a mining rig with 8 x 3070s plus 3 x 3080s and sold most when the second hand prices were at their peak.

            Spent over $14k in GPU, sold all 3070s and kept two of the 3080s - which were essentially free.

            The only negative votes are from people who didn't think to do the same themselves.

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          Capital gains? Um

        • +5

          All the hype about mining, and for only $8-10/day? Hahahaha

          • @BoundedRationality: $10/day on a $2800 investment is 0.3% daily return, let me know where you could get that return

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              @ln28909: The above 0.3% relies on being able to shift your used hardware, not having anything break down, the electricity price staying current, having to find a place in your house to run a PC 24/7, wild fluctuations in the coin pricing, tax, etc etc… not to mention environmental impact aspects that I still can't fathom how people can look past with a good conscience. It's happy path stuff to 0.3%. And $8-10 is chicken feed, let's be honest. And as for scale like that clueless guy was banging on about last week, yeah, where you gonna stick 100 of these in your house and not blow up your wiring, dedicate a room to, etc.

              Oh, and 0.3% isn't compounding either.

              Maybe I'm just lucky enough to have bought Apple shares in 2011, Microsoft in 2013, Netflix in 2015, etc. so not overly excited about a return that would pay for a sandwich each day on a good day.

              • -4

                @BoundedRationality: shift used hardware: yes very easy
                not having anything break down: yes, generally doesn't break down
                electricity price staying current: i think so

                0.3% can be compounding, you can mine on ethermine, get deposited into polygon, stake it in a liquidity pool with APY above 50%

                those shares you mentioned may be amazing in normal finance, but it's pretty meh in crypto, for example apple share only went up 15 times in 10 years since you bought it

                ethereum is already up over 20 times since 1 Jan 2020

                • @ln28909: Again, all happy path stuff. Crypto bounces around daily, so your calculations will be wrong tomorrow one way or another. And those companies at least have business models that make sense, Crypto still doesn't have mainstream adoption, no matter what the crypto ideologs want you to believe. Try getting a home loan listing your coins as an asset without having to cash them in first (and then, hello ATO!) lmao

                  And as for your compounding, that's a lot of effort with a lot of variables. I have 2, the share price and the fx rate. Oh, and most of those pay dividends in USD in the mean time. 0.3% a day, or even a week, on my investment is compounding.

                  You're really missing the point anyway. You may may short term gains better than traditional finance, but there's so much more effort and so much more risk involved. Some of the stuff being posted here is just laughable and all for what? $8-10 a day?

                  • -1

                    @BoundedRationality: Lol, see that's the difference, we don't need home loan, just buy outright

                    There's no risk with crypto, it may be up and down in the short term but it will always go up long term

                    I'm just laughing so hard here on some guy bragging about buying Apple shares and gain 15 times in 10 year in a crypto discussion

                    • +2

                      @ln28909: Dude you're missing the point. Until you cash out as a crypto person, you're sitting on an extremely volatile "asset" that could be "worth" half tomorrow what it is today. Aside from the last 2 weeks, crypto has pretty much been in the toilet for the last 6 months and now there's a bit of hope again, you're all crowing. Xi or Joe sneezes and it could cut in half or worse pretty much instantly. My asset base, that's not going to happen, and yep, it won't fluctuate up like crypto can either, but I'm pretty happy with an 18% gain (net of CGT) in the last 8 weeks, with none of the risk crypto has, and I get dividends too.

                      Regardless, invest as you like. But, I can guarantee if you're here defending $8-10/day gains, you're not buying a house anytime soon with your crypto profits though LMAO

                      • +3

                        @BoundedRationality: dude you're missing the point, mining making $8-10/day means i get to dca into an exponentially growing asset by investing $8-10/day

                        i know plenty of miner starting 3-4 years ago, that just cashed out this bull run to buy a house and profitability was $1-$2/day back then, so i guess with this mentality of it's only a few dollars, i don't know how to compound, so many foreign risk,dont invest is why you still talk about home loan

                        • @ln28909: My solar panels produced electricity and sold back to grid for about that amount a day. It is green energy and more reliable than data mining which is not only uses hefty electricity but more hardware required and used out by date. It became un efficient and out date from last year and all government shut down mining machines and illegal cyber coins.
                          I am using my i7 RTX3070 for work office and not online games, I am still enjoy the latest technology had brought on us.

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                    @BoundedRationality: Crypto miner here. I bought 8 x 1080ti's back in the day for just hair over $8000 AUD. Within 7 months I had paid back that investment with Mining profits.
                    The rig has been going ever since, steadily chugging away in the background of the spare room. Thing has netted me over $40k.
                    I'm now looking into crypto backed loans to be used as collateral, no cap gains either.


                    It can be done, just need to be patient. HODL and don't day trade

                    • @splitatom: Out of curiosity, where are you keeping your wallet online or offline/hardware based?

          • +4

            @BoundedRationality: $8-10/day is $240-300/month, or circa $3k p.a.

            $8-10/day multiplied by however many cards you have.

            When you consider that I've made over $5k in net profit over the last 6 months from mining, $8-10/day for each card isn't such a small sum, is it?

            Only small minded people can't see the bigger picture.

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          Dont know how you miners sleep at night knowing the damage your doing to the enviroment for a measily $10 a day lol

          • +2

            @nnolan: What damage to the environment?

            The electricity consumed by my mining rigs were generated by solar panels on the roof during the day, and from the battery that stored that solar charge during the night.

            • -1

              @CrushJelly: mining is about as dumb as Kardashians - some ppl like it, others dont, you chose

            • @CrushJelly: You sure you have a battery to store that power? If you're not just talking out of your ass then maybe you've just conveniently not take into account the $20k you spent on the battery that you have to make back with your little crypto mine? And tell me, how long is that battery going to last? That $20k isn't a magic number I pulled out of my ass like you did by the way. Got a few quotes from a few solar companies just last month.

          • @nnolan: How about you and all the other environmental fundamentalists go on a China boycott? Since nearly everything is made in China and they are by FAR the biggest polluter in the world, with (unapologetically) no signs of slowing down. If you seriously think miners in Australia, let alone around the world, are bigger contributors than all the industry from Asia, you aren't basing your assertions in real world data.

        • +1

          "Crypto is nothing but the invention of a new regime for cloaking graft and fraud in a perpetually mutating narrative of libertarian ideals, technical snake oil, and phoney populism. All with the singular purpose of wealth transfer from the gullible to the greedy."

          • +5

            @qvinto: Cool story, nice cut and paste. It’s ok to admit you don’t understand blockchain.

            • @realist123: That is the typical response from the cult. How would you know what I understand about blockchain? Anyway, enjoy the casino but don't pretend it is anything more that that

              • @qvinto: Have already cashed out $5k from the casino in six months.

                AUD cash, not crypto.

              • @qvinto: Are you the software programmer from london or are you just appropriating his stuff without referencing him?

        • I'd genuinely like to know if GPUs are more prone to fail prematurely because of the constant high load.

          • +1

            @Sendthegoods: GPU temps are at a constant 40-45 degrees (depending on ambient temps).
            Hotspot doesn't go above 60.
            There is no swing in temps because the load is constant.

            Load is not what kills cards. High heat and constant high heat/low heat cycles is what fatigues and fails cards.

            I guarantee you a mining card that has been undervolted and overclocked appropriately will outlast any GPU used for gaming.

        • $8-10AUD/day seems hardly worth it.

      • +4

        I beg to differ. Bought Alienware R11 build in May. Paid about 1/3 of it off from mining

        • +4

          I calculated that I’d made negative profit with mine after elec. My elec bill was eye watering and 100% of your ‘profits’ are capital gains. So I sold the PC and just bought $2800 of ETH instead. It’s currently worth $4500 and I’d only have to pay CGT on $1700 of that.

          • +3

            @cc23: If you were making negative profit with a 3080 then you were doing something wrong. Running the correct voltage/underclocks there’s no way you’d be making a loss mining ETH in the past year.

          • +3


            negative profit

            is it untrue that you do not mean 'a loss' ?

            • +1

              @lk0811: If you don’t sell it’s not a loss ;)

          • @cc23:

            100% of your ‘profits’ are capital gains

            Literally the definition.

            • @Peepers: Yeh but you know what I mean, if you bought the machine to mine, then you’re in the hole 3k-ish before you start.

          • @cc23: True, but given that it's winter and you'd likely be using electric heating to heat your house, "wasted" heat energy from your PC doesn't totally go to waste…

          • +2

            @cc23: How the hell are u losing money?

            I have 6 gainward 3080… They are pulling in at least $9 aud a day revenue.

            Power is about 1.2kw x24 x 0.29c thats $8.352. It can be much lower if u have solar and battery like me.

            6 x 9 = $54
            54 minus elect cos of say $10 is $44 a day. $308/week for doing nothing other than the occasional cleaning with my ozbargain blower from banggood.

            • @acetth: Amateur "miners" are losing money by not understanding how to OC and undervolt their cards lol.

    • +1

      LHR can still mine other coins without being nerfed… I think thise coins are still $5 usd a day compared to around $6 usd for ethereum.

      • +1

        you appear to be correct btw mate, unsure why people aren't noting this, I suppose many may be direct mining eth and holding but you could still use nicehash and hold btc as payment

    • I don't think we can expect any non LHRs for while.

      • i dont think they will produce ever. LHR = gaming and non LHR = mining cards only going forward.whatever we are seeing are probably earlier stocks. i may be wrong though.

      • +1

        It's just smart business for Nvidia unfortunately.

        LHR = "It's for the gamers, we're doing it for you guys!"

        While they sell mining specific cards for more money, even though it's exactly the same card.

        • The mining cards they sell have no display output on them so they could be faulty graphics chips on them but still good compute cores. Nice way to turn a profit off bad productions.

    • So if this was $2.8k for a non-lhr, would it still be worth it? I don't get it.

  • +6

    Not too bad considering u probably paying $1800 for 3080 at today's market. But for someone need a 3080 they probably don't want 9th gen Intel mobo….

    • Pc itself without gpu is not worth 1k

      • +2

        9900K - $579 - Mwave
        Gigabyte Z390 UD Intel ATX Motherboard - $159 - Amazon
        16GB DDR4 HyperX Fury RAM - $119 - Scorptec
        Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow White ATX Case - $119 - Scorptec
        Cooler Master Hyper H410R (120mm air cooler) - $39
        Crucial P2 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD - $99.95 - pclan_online ebay store
        Corsair CX750F White 80 Plus Bronze Fully Modular ATX Power Supply - $149 - Mwave

        Best prices I could quickly find online - Totalling $1,263.95


        • +2

          Who pays 580 for a 9900k? lol

          • @Dienk: I sold one recently for $425

            • -4

              @SirMurduck: Good for you? I could sell a RTX 3090 for $100, doesnt mean it's worth $100

          • @Dienk: people that need that socket, that many threads and clock speed for their use-case? Pretty much any other major site has it listed for $600 except for BPCTech's Ebay store where you can get it for $474.05 with an ebay coupon. Regardless, still more than 1K overall and is therefore a deal

      • And that isnt't including shipping for all these different places…

  • +3

    Pretty meh for right now, especially as lhr

  • +15

    Whilst this is by no means bad per se, I feel like this is borderline value for a some products that they're tryna get rid of.

    A 10900k and basic Z490 mobo would've set you back $700 this March, along with $130 for an ssd, $140 for the 220t, $150 for a RM750X, $130 for 16gbs of ram and $50 for a twin tower cooler leaves you a $1500 Rtx 3080. The BPC deal comes with a 9th gen i9 and a z390 mobo from 2019, both of which are technically discontinued.

    Once again not bad as 3080s are bordering 1.8-1.9k, but I feel like this isn't exactly amazing either for anyone willing to spend $2.8k on a PC.

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    Yeah nah my 4790k and 1070ti can still HOLD

    • +6

      I'm still holding with a 3770k and 670! I manage,

      • +1

        A GTX 670! That was my last card, how is it holding up?! 1080p or 1440p? Had mine for 4 years before the 2GB VRAM was not enough, great to hear that they're still useful (It'd be 8 years with that card if I still had it, so if that's you, that's incredible).

        • +1

          Yep I'm currently using the Dell 165Hz 1440p screen but this 670 is too old for 165Hz, currently maxed at 144hz, I've obviously sacrificed good quality gfx for framerate but its holding up well. It's been 9 years for me.

          • @TNTomer: Well good on you for keeping it as long as you have. I went from a GTX 285 to a GTX 670, and from 1080p to 1440p, and the upgrade felt 'alright'. Yeah at low settings you're more CPU limited but a 3770k, especially delidded, with a good CPU cooler, you'll get quite a bit more performance out of it.

            • +1

              @conza: Yep got a noctua d15 and it works wonders while virtually silent compared to case fans and GPU fans.

      • +1

        I was surprised when I sold one recently and got like $90, I thought they would be worthless but people are still needing budget cards

    • Same! 4790k with 980

      • I5 750 OC’d to 3.8 with a HD7970 …. with a AW3821DW 🤣

      • I just turfed my 4790k and 980ti for a 3600/3080. Stoked.

        Can't believe i sold the 980ti for $340 after all this time. It only cost $500 second hand to start with (and that's when they were current cards.. Got lucky)

        • How is the 3600 combined with 3080 like coming from 4790k and 980ti? that is my plan build too

          • @froddoog: Well, I only do gaming. At 4k and I'm not fussed on refresh rates. So no content creation or video editing etc.

            For gaming it's fantastic. The 3600 and 3200mhz ram is fine. Even the stock cpu cooler is fine (haven't tried any cpu intensive games). It's all about the video card for me.

            But my old pc had some undiagnosable issue meaning I never really used my 980ti so anything seems good vs that.

            • @justtoreply: Nice! good to know. I will probably be going to build one by the end of this year if I can find a good price for all the parts.

              I'm starting to feel the pc is kinda slowing down and doesn't perform as well as when I got it then.

  • +13

    Bundle a gpu with anything and it will sell these days, even an exploding psu.

    • Giggity.

    • +2

      GN videos are priceless.

  • +1

    How is this a budget build

  • So cheap

  • +11

    $2800 "budget" build. Someone has a bit bigger budget than I do. This is a reasonable deal and very tempting, but my budget is waiting for these sorts of machines to hit sub $2k still.

    • Budget in the sense that the other items to support the 3080 are pretty tight on price. If you were less price conscious a similar performing build could easily be $3500-4000 with newer components, more RGB etc.

      I agree it's a lot, I spent half this on my rig, but the description is apt.

  • Solid build.

  • I wished these builds came around when 3080s first came out lol

    Solid build for a 'decent pric'

  • while this thing looks sexy, it isn't exactly a budget pc

  • So tempting…

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