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Morning Fresh Dish Washing Liquid 900ml $3.75 ($3.38 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Morning Fresh Dish Washing Liquid 900ml $3.75 ($3.38s&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    We have been using Morning Fresh for years but recently switched to Fairy and found Fairy is better.

    • I changed from Palmolive to Morning Fresh as I thought it was an improvement. What makes Fairy better in your opinion?

    • The UK or German fairies are superior, the Philippines fairy are atrocious.
      I tried and ordered the morning fresh ultimate. Not on sale but apparently the best out there. So will see how that performs

  • aldi tandil is apparently the same stuff and cheaper at 1.59 for 450ml

    • Yep, tendil is far better than others

    • I tend to use Tandil as well

    • it's very 'goopy' for me, in the fillable stick sponges it barely comes out, even when I mix it 1:10 soap to water. Just doesn't want to mix and get foamy with the water properly (fine on a normal sponge though), so in those cases I would recommend morning fresh. There's been a few comment threads on this and others have said similar things.

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    $3.75 in Coles this week if you happen to be doing your normal shopping there.

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    Top tip, add a thimble full to the bath and you'll be grease free and lime fresh for the day.

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      Or you could use soap. I doubt detergent is ph adjusted for use on skin.

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    I buy whatever is cheapest.

    Detergents are made of surfactants and enzymes that are bought for fractions of cents per litre, diluted thousands of times and then sold to the customer usually accompanied by some message claiming that it's magical for some reason.

    • Correct and some colour added.
      Every manufacturer wouldn't make it from scratch

    • So the $1 home brand essential dish washing liquids are just as good? They don't produce any foam for me.

      • You get what you pay for
        They just add more water for the cheap stuff

  • Aldi branded dishwashing liquid is cheaper and miles better.

  • For me, the raspberry and crisp apple fragrance is heaps good! Definitely buying morning fresh from now on just for this scent.
    makes washing a much more enjoyable experience (if 'enjoyable' is even the right word to start with lol)

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