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[Back Order] Asus GeForce GTX 1660 Super-O6G-GAMING VGA Graphics Card $523.28 Delivered @ Australian Warehouses


Looks like a decent few people have already bought these before I posted this and now on Backorder

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Australian Warehouses

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  • +17

    Cannot believe it's still this expensive. $699 6600xt should be better.

    • +4

      I really miss them being around the $300 mark :(

      • Doubt these will ever go back to that price with LHR cards on the market. These along with 5700s will be worth their weight in gold.

        • why these and 5700s in particular?

          • +2

            @xrailgun: 1660S can generate around 27M h/s mining eth, and the 5700XT = 50M h/s ($120USD a month). The RX580 is another great card for mining so every miner in the world is looking for these cards right now because unlike all the new NVIDIA cards they're not LHR and all the new AMD 6XXX series isn't amazing eth stats for the purchase price.
            Bottom line is: you won't find the 1660S on special anytime soon ;)

            • @icarus255: Does that cover your electricity bill and having your PC on 24/7?
              Lower power, quieter cards are always more favourable right?

              • +1

                @G-rig: Yea definitely more favourable and yes, it more than covers the electricity bill. Electricity costs $0.27 - $0.35 per kW/h in Australia.
                Plenty of sites too that will help you work out your profit ratio but if you want to do the calcs yourself just go to Bunnings get a plugin power consumption meter for your PC and get the kw/h measurement and then you can figure out how much power you're drawing and multiply by cost electricity vs the hourly/daily profit from your mining.

                Obviously with solar panels it's even more profitable but a bit harder to calculate because of the opportunity cost of selling your excess power back to the grid and because of the variability of energy throughout the day.

                • @icarus255: Yeah nice. Not sure how much difference the gfx card really makes unless you are getting free power at an airbnb or hotel.

                  POW crypto will be a thing of the past, most projects understand how bad environmentally that is, so they are moving to POS

    • +1

      Shouldn't have returned this in 2020, could have got a good price now.. (was $250)
      ASUS RX580 8GB Dual OC PCIe Video Card DUAL-RX580-O8G

  • +1

    Only if you cannot hold

    • +1

      how long u planning to hold out? im getting blue balls here

    • Even if you can't hold, much better off with a 6600 xt. It's $100-$150 more for ~50% more 1080p performance.

  • +12

    i'd rather just not play games tbh

    • -9

      Yeah PC gaming is just not worth it.

    • indie gaming is where it's at.. Slay the spire, Hades etc. No need for anything spectacular hardware wise.

  • +3

    They’re really not that powerful.
    I previously owned this and a 5700XT, the latter wiped the floor with this card… As mentioned for this money you can get something that performs better

    • How much do you think a 5700XT is worth these days?

  • how much faster is the Radeon 6600XT over this?

    • ~40% faster according to techpowerup

  • +7

    … Lol when a $520 1660 Super is an ozbargain deal we know the market is crap.

    Bought of a few of these back in January for $199 shipped.

    Just wow, the prices are actually ridiculous.

    • +5

      pretty sure you're thinking of the 1650 super that's at $189-199, 1660 super was ~$299-319 in Dec/Jan

      But yes, $520 is still an absurd price compared to what it was.

      • +1

        $309 on December 2019.. that’s almost two years ago, this price seems silly for something that hasn’t aged well either

      • I was tempted by those $299 Super Ventus deals during the time, but couldn't justify it considering I had just upgraded to a 570 the year prior. If only we had known how bad it'd get, ah well.

        Having said that, you truly must be desperate to go for this now, especially on back order. Just looking at that price tag is nasty.

      • ….Right it's a 1650 Super not a 1660S, I was legit going crazy like WTFF how do people think 1650S for $500 is a good deal lol. Makes so much more sense haha.

  • This card is around the same power as a 1070, a 5 year old mid range card. Nearly double what it was going for before COVID and on back order.

    Also never heard of "Australian Warehouses".

  • +1

    is that a scam site ? are they legit any idea?

  • I know you cant go back in time but I bought an rtx2060 for 489 this time last year and I didnt even got it in on a discount.

  • +2

    NO DEAL!

  • +1

    Ridiculous how the graphics card market has gone. Bought an entire build with one of these cards (TI version actually) back in 2019 for not much more than this.

    But atleast the market is going back the right way now.

    • have you checked btc this weekend ?

      • What do they sell?

        • bruddah, btc = bitcoin
          He's saying have you checked the crypto prices because that's what people are buying these cards for.

  • Gross.. this is really considered a deal 🤢🤦‍♂️

    • +1

      People were bulk buying this for $750 each 3 months ago, so it is a significant price drop

  • +1

    Simply NO, maybe $200.

  • Damn serious just pay the $1100 for the 6700xt or similar, like this is the equivalent of needing to be a bin chicken.

  • +2

    Too close in price to 6600XT

  • +1

    6600XT for $100 but for almost 50% more performance.. lol

  • wow lol
    happy getting my 2060 super off a mate for $490 when i did

  • +2

    No deal given the recent drop in prices.
    Pretty bad price to performance compared to 6600XT

  • +2

    such an abysmal 'deal' when the 6600 xt was sold for $530 just the other day

  • +2

    Come on this is not a deal.

  • Sooner people are willing to accept market price and benchmark against that, everyone will be happier.

    Not sure if it is COVID, virtual "currency" or inflation. Many things cost more, cars, housing, GPU, electronics (sound bar etc).

    Such first world problem.

    I feel sorry for those living in Venezuela… waking up the next morning and cost of bread multiplied.

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