Purchased an Item Online, Picked It up from Store and It's Been Incorrectly Listed on The Website

Hi guys, here's another fun one for your Sunday arvo.

So I'm building a new PC and purchased a few items online from a local retailer. Order was confirmed and I went and picked the items up.

However I noticed the DDR4 memory I received was different to the listing I had paid for. I went back into the store and was advised someone had simply put the wrong picture on the listing and I should have been more observant of the item SKU.

While I understand mistakes happen, I feel the situation was handled extremely unprofessionally. The staff offered no resolution to the matter other than speaking to the manager tomorrow.

I've decided to just move on as looking elsewhere it was still a good price, either way, the listing picture is clearly different to the actual product.
The listing clearly shows the RGB version, while the SKU is for the non RGB version.


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    The business should honour the mistake
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    It's just a mistake, don't worry about it
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    It's your fault, you should have cross referenced the item SKU


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    Take screen-prints of website before they change, incase you need it later

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    They can't expect consumers to monitor SKU numbers, surely?

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    if the description is accurate and it's just the wrong image then it's your own fault.

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      if the image clearly has information about the expected product, the fault should be the sellers.

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    You prob need to check the image against the description.
    If the description is of X, but the image is of Y. You will need to see if the image is for illustration purposes or not.
    Assuming that's what's happened here, it's a $#17 situation, but I think you will find the retailer is unfortunately not doing anything unlawful and you cant do much about it. It won't be classified as false advertising.
    Doesn't excuse the agents 'unprofessional' manner, should that have been the case.

    Perhaps take the item back, get a refund for what you did collect and reorder from another supplier that has the one you want for a more suitable price (if you can locate it).

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    and I should have been more observant of the item SKU.

    Name and shame, thats phuqt.

  • Please alert us of the store?

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    what are the two different products ? or is it the same product just different specifications ? if so i think the onus is on you to read both the advertisement and look at the picture before making a choice and to bring any questions up prior to purchasing.

  • Nowhere on that page does it mention it has RGB, in fact in the description it literally states "-black".

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    Looking at that page, no where do I get the indication that the RAM is RGB. Even looking at the picture I might be inclined to say it's green but with the description saying black I'd either verify with the store before purchasing or look it up elsewhere to confirm.

    More importantly why are you buying 2666Mhz ram? B series board on Intel?

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    They actually did you a favour and saved you from awful RGB LEDs.

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      Just upgraded recently, went to pick up my ram and they only had the RGB version in stock…

      Short story short, I now work in a night club.

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